The Moselle with kids

Many Dutch tourists visit the Moselle area with kids every year. The area partly surrounding the Moselle River is known for its vineyards, quaint villages and towns, its castles and has a great Roman past. The area runs roughly from the town of Koblenz to Saarburg, and by car you drive from north to south in about 1.5 hours. From the city of Utrecht, the Moselle region can be reached in about 3 hours, so it is quite possible to visit the area during a long weekend or short vacation. We list the best activities and sights of the Moselle with kids for you.

the Moselle with kids #1: cochem

Cochem is one of the most beautiful villages on the Moselle and is located fairly centrally in the Moselle region. It lies about halfway along the route from Koblenz in the north to Saarburg in the south. This tourist village has plenty to offer for families with kids.

So you can visit the castle of Cochem with your kids, you can take the cable car up the mountain, there is a nice family park in the village and there is a beautiful indoor and outdoor swimming pool with multiple slides available in the village.

In addition, the village has a nice town center with beautiful colored houses and many terraces. You have a historic market square here and many half-timbered houses to visit in the narrow streets of the downtown area. The center of Cochem therefore resembles a vivid postcard. For more information about this village, read our extensive blog Cochem with kids. In that regard, Cochem is an ideal base for exploring the Moselle region with kids.

Cochem with kids
Cochem with kids

the Moselle with kids #2: Trier

The town of Trier is all about its Roman history. Most attractions in this city are related to this. In that regard, you can see many of the sights of this city in just one day. The old town of Trier is pleasant to visit. You also have plenty of cozy terraces here to grab a bite to eat and a drink.

In Trier, you can visit several sights from Roman antiquity such as an ancient city gate, an ancient amphitheater and ancient bathhouses. If your kids are not super interested in Roman history, we recommend seeing one or two of these sights and alternating with, for example, the fun playground in this city’s city park. There is also a viewpoint, where you have a nice view of Trier and the surrounding area.

Following our visit to this city, we wrote the comprehensive report Trier with kids, where we elaborate on all these sights and activities in this city.

Trier with kids
Trier with kids

the Moselle with kids #3: saarburg

This city in the Moselle region is also fun to visit with the family. There is also plenty to do here for kids. So you can visit the town’s castle, you can take a cable car up the mountain, walk a barefoot trail and the most fun activity in this town is tobogganing. On this toboggan run you can reach speeds as high as 40 kilometers, but you can also go down at a snail’s pace. Young kids are allowed down only when accompanied by one parent. This toboggan run attracts many families with kids to this place and is one of the top activities in the Moselle area with kids.

The center of the city is cozy and in the middle of the center you have a waterfall located. All around here are all kinds of terraces where you can get something to eat and drink. You can also go to a raptor show in this town, there is another nature walk to a lookout tower and there is a water playground. For an extensive report on this place, read our comprehensive travel blog Saarburg with kids.

Saarburg with kids
Saarburg with kids

The Moselle with kids #4: Burg eltz

The Moselle region is known for its beautiful castles to visit, and the most beautiful castle in the area is Burg Eltz. This castle is a 25-minute drive from the village of Cochem. At the castle parking lot, you have two ways to reach the castle. You can ride a shuttle bus to the castle entrance or walk.

If you go hiking, you can also choose whether to walk to the castle via the road in about ten minutes or walk the route through the forest towards the castle in fifteen minutes. If you don’t have too small kids, we recommend walking one route out and the other back, as both routes also give you a nice view of the castle along the way.

You can see the courtyard of the castle for free, but if you really want to take a look inside the castle itself, you should book a guided tour. They sell discounted family tickets for these tours. A tour of the castle takes about 40 minutes. Tours are in English and German, and you can get a Dutch sheet with information about the castle at the box office for further information.

There is also a treasure room in the castle that you can visit independently by showing your ticket from the tour. It is also possible to have something to eat and drink at the castle’s restaurant. For more information on opening hours, entrance fees and photos of the castle, check out the castle’s Dutch-language website.

Of course, you have plenty of other castles and ruins of castles in the area. Burg Metternich is a short 15-minute drive from Cochem, and here you can tour the ruins of the castle, but that’s not what most tourists come here for. The view from this mountain is fantastic over the Moselle River.

the Moselle with kids
the Moselle with kids

the Moselle with kids #5: suspension bridge geierlay

One of the longest suspension bridges in Europe can be found in the Moselle. The Geierlay suspension bridge is located near the town of Mörsdorf and is a whopping 360 meters long. You should not suffer from vertigo here because the bridge is a whopping 100 meters high. Admission to the bridge is free. Just keep in mind that the bridge can be quite crowded. The bridge is not very wide, so sometimes it is still difficult to pass people who are approaching or taking pictures.

To get to the bridge, you do have to walk a bit from the visitor center parking lot in Mörsdorf. This route is great to walk with kids and with a stroller. While this parking lot can fill up quickly, you can also park in the village itself. Especially if you wake up early with young kids, it is advisable to visit the bridge early in the morning as it is a lot quieter than in the middle of the day.

the Moselle with kids
the Moselle with kids

Where to sleep in the Moselle with kids

Since the area around the Moselle is quite large, we have selected here a number of hotels in the central and tourist town of Cochem. For hotel around other places, click on the link with the whole list of hotels around Moselle.

Budget hotel: Gästehaus Ziemons

Mid-range hotel: Hotel Traumblick

Luxury hotel: Hotel Weingut Dehren

To search for other hotels in Moselle with kids click here for the whole list of hotels.

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