Tbilisi with kids: 7 fun kids’ activities

A city trip to Tbilisi with kids is fun! You have enough fun children’s activities in Tbilisi to keep you entertained for a day or two to three. For many families with kids, Tbilisi will be the arrival point when they go on a tour of Georgia, in which case Tbilisi is certainly a great place to start your trip. Based on our city trip to Tbilisi, we list the best activities in the city for families with kids.

#1 The center of Tbilisi

Tbilisi is a nice city to walk through. Old Tbilisi has many small streets and also very many restaurants with cozy terraces. Many places sell cups with fresh fruit that our daughter absolutely loved. We notice that there are many tourists. There are also many stray dogs. They do not look unkempt and (as far as we have seen) are all chipped. You can tell this by the little yellow tag through the dogs’ ear.

You have a small waterfall in the center of Tbilisi that you can walk to in a few minutes. In addition, in the center (on the side of the river where the cable car is) you have a very nice long street with all the restaurants. Here you have a nice seat and can grab a bite to eat and a drink for not too much money.

Tblisi with kids
Tblisi with kids

#2 Cable car Tbilisi

One of the most tourist attractions in Tbilisi is to take the cable car up in the middle of the city and enjoy the view from there. Down at the entrance you buy a ticket for the cable car. A return ticket is about 3.5 euros and you get a pass that holds the tickets and you pay about 80 cents for that.

The hike up takes less than 2 minutes but is very beautiful. You already have a great view of the city in the cable car. At the top, you can take a nice hike. If you turn right, you will come to a large statue of a woman looking over the city. This sculpture is called Kartlis Deda. If you walk down a bit there is also a nice terrace with a beautiful view of the city.

If you turn left you will come to a castle ruin. You can also walk all the way back down into the old town via this side. We see some people climbing the ruin but it is really at the risk of their lives over the boulders.

Tblisi with kids
Tblisi with kids

#3 Zipline Tbilisi

If you take the cable car to the top and walk straight ahead (towards the botanical garden) you will see the entrance to ZipinTbilisi. This Zipline takes you to the botanical garden below in one trip. The three of us can go down the zipline side by side which makes it very fun. Sophie does go a little slower because she is much lighter than we are. She does find that very unfortunate 😉 .

Fortunately, she does just come across the street. The zipline is unlike any we have ever taken before. This is because you sit in a kind of fabric chair instead of a harness. The view from the zipline is beautiful and so you arrive at the botanical garden.

From there you can very easily walk back into the old town (down) or back to the start of the zipline (up). We recommend taking the cable car to the top and then down the zipline and walking back from the botanical garden to the old town (saves you an uphill climb). Moreover, downstairs in the botanical garden there is also a fun playground for kids.

Zipline Tblisi
Zipline Tblisi

#4 Gino Waterpark

After reading the reviews, we were not sure if we should visit this water park. Indeed, the reviews were not the best and were about the poor food, the long wait for food, the large crowds in the park and the unfriendly staff. We decided to take the gamble anyway and took a cab to this water park (we paid about 4 euros for an Uber for a ride of over 20 minutes).

Arriving at the water park, there was no line at the ticket booth. So we were quickly inside and could immediately start exploring the park. We were there an hour after opening time. What struck us were the clean changing rooms and restrooms you have to go through if you want to go to the water park.

The water park has a wave pool, two panoramic pools where you overlook the Tbilisi sea and lots of slides. There are plenty of fun slides for both young kids and adults. Sophie is allowed on almost all the slides with her 8 years and 1.30 meters height(it is unclear what length or age restrictions are applied. This is also not indicated anywhere. So the lifeguard decides 😉).

We entertain ourselves for a whole day in this water park and also eat a pizza here. The pizzas were good quality but unfortunately did not come at the same time. There was an hour between the1st pizza and the2nd pizza. So really cozy dining was not.

Overall impression of the this water park is good. The pools are clean and the slides are fun and there are plenty of loungers to relax on. So it is a great destination to cool down on a hot day in Tbilisi with kids.

Tblisi water park
Tblisi water park

#5 Mtatsminda Park

During our stay in Tbilisi, we also visited Mtatsminda Park. This park is on a mountain and can be reached by the funicular (a streetcar that goes up very steeply). At least, we did. You can also just take the city bus up and you’ll end up all the way at the top of the park. The advantage of this is that you can visit the park from top to bottom and therefore do not have to walk up during your visit. You can then take the funicular down again at the end of your visit (saves you a climb).

The park itself does not require you to pay an entrance fee. You pay per attraction. You cannot do this in cash but must put money in advance on a pass that you buy at the park entrance or at the funicular (the pass for the funicular is the same as the pass you use to pay for the attractions). The attractions cost between 1 and 4 euros.

Among other things, they have bumper cars, a haunted house, a small roller coaster, a Ferris wheel and a carousel. They also have some bigger attractions like a roller coaster that goes over the top and a water ride, but kids as young as 12 are only allowed in those.

In Mtatsminda Park, there are plenty of restaurants and terraces where you can have a bite to eat or a drink. In addition, from the park (especially near the Ferris wheel) you have a great view of the city. Because the park is located in a wooded area, there is also plenty of shade for cooling off.

Tblisi amusement park
Tblisi amusement park

#6 Air Balloon Tbilisi

In Tbilisi, you also have a hot air balloon from which you can get a great view of the city. You can find this balloon near the entrance to the cable car up in the center of town. The balloon is attached to cables (so you remain connected to the ground throughout the “flight”).

Please note that the hot air balloon will not go if there is too much wind, so please keep this in mind. Also, you can’t move around in the balloon, so you can only see one side of the city and not have a 360-degree view.

#7 Fabrica

After many good stories, we decided to visit this part of town as well. It is about a 35-minute walk from the old town and on the other side of the river. Fabrica is a part of the city where you will find many murals/graffiti. It is a trendy place with many cafes and restaurants.

We ate something at a games cafe here. In itself it is nice to visit for a while but for us it was not worth the long walk there and back. In retrospect, we would have been better off visiting this part of town by cab, but at the time we were not aware of the cab app, which allows you to order a cab spotlessly cheap.

Fabrica Tblisi
Children's activities Tblisi

Where to stay in Tbilisi with kids?

We ourselves slept in Tbilisi at the Betlemi hotel in the city center. A very spacious room, walking distance to downtown and a very good breakfast in the morning. As far as we are concerned, though, a really nice and family-friendly hotel in Tbilisi.

 You have a balcony with a sitting area, where you can have a drink at the end of the evening when the kids are asleep and then you can see the city (see photo below) from your balcony very nicely. For more information on the Betlemi hotel, take a look here.

Of course, there are plenty of nice family-friendly hotels in Tbilisi where you can stay with the family. If you want to see all the family-friendly accommodations in Tbilisi at a glance, check out this overview of family-friendly hotels Tbilisi

Family-friendly hotel in Tiblisi
Family-friendly hotel in Tiblisi

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