Stuttgart with kids

Is it fun to visit the city of Stuttgart with kids? In Stuttgart, you can have a good time with the family for at least two days. The city is a six and a half hour drive from Utrecht, making it an ideal stopover in this regard for Dutch tourists vacationing in the summer, for example, to northern Italy, such as Lake Garda. The city is about halfway along this route from the Netherlands to Italy. We list the best sights and activities in Stuttgart with kids for you.

Stuttgart with kids #1: stuttgart zoo

In the northwest of Stuttgart just under 20 minutes by public transportation is the Stuttgart Zoo. It is a fairly large zoo where you can easily entertain yourself for half a day. The zoo has many of the well-known large animals such as the elephant, giraffe, zebra, tiger, rhino and also several monkeys. In addition, there are plenty of other smaller animals. You can also admire the polar bear here.

The zoo is quite green and sometimes it seems like you are walking through a park. Thus, the zoo also has a botanical garden, an aquarium, a terrarium and a greenhouse with butterflies. The park is also very well kept and the animals generally have spacious enclosures. In addition, the zoo has a playground in three places with quite a lot of wooden play equipment, where the kids can climb and clamber.

Zoo prices are a lot lower than those of Dutch zoos. Kids up to the age of five have free admission to the zoo, and it is also possible to buy a discounted family pass with the family. There are plenty of catering establishments throughout the zoo for something to eat and drink.

Stuttgart with kids
Stuttgart with kids

Stuttgart with kids #2: Killesberg city park

City Park Killesberg is Stuttgart’s largest city park and by public transportation you can get here within 20 minutes. The city park has two fairly large playgrounds and also a water playground. Especially in summer, this is a great place to be in Stuttgart with kids.

You will also find in this park a petting zoo, several eateries where you can sit outside on a terrace and an outdoor swimming pool. This outdoor pool is highly recommended in the summer. Here you can lie in the sun on a large sunbathing area and, especially on a hot day, it is great to spend an hour or two cooling off here.

In addition, there is an observation tower in this park, where you can get a nice view of the surroundings. The 42-meter-high tower looks cool from the outside and you should not be afraid of heights to climb the tower. In fact, the tower is quite open. Admission for the whole family is only a few euros. It is also possible to take a tourist train through the park from May through October.

Stuttgart with kids
Stuttgart with kids

Stuttgart with kids #3: Mercedes Benz museum

This museum is located in the northeastern part of the city and can be reached by public transportation within 20 minutes from downtown. The museum is obviously dedicated to the Mercedes Benz car brand, and the museum is housed in a futuristic building. In the museum you can see the history of the automobile and at the beginning of the 20th century Mercedes also starts producing its first cars. Of course, you can see many of these old models in the museum. But new electric models can also be found in the museum, as well as, for example, other types of vehicles such as buses, fire engines and racing cars.

The museum also has something to offer kids, despite this could be better. There are not that many interactive elements in the museum and, of course, the information is mostly in German and English. However, there is an area where kids can do crafts at the museum. Kids up to 14 years old can visit the museum for free. For information on opening hours, admission prices and exhibits, check out the museum’s website.

Also, in Stuttgart you have Porsche’s museum located. This museum actually has a bit of the same setup. This is another fun option if you and your kids like cars.

Stuttgart with kids
Stuttgart with kids

Stuttgart with kids: exploring the city

There are several ways you can explore the city of Stuttgart with the family. We list the best ways here.

#4 Walking through downtown: the most famous square in Stuttgart is Schlossplatz. Two castles (the new castle and the old castle) sit on this large square. The plaza is spacious and there are some nice fountains. It is a great place to sit on a terrace and have something to eat and drink. From this square you can walk right into Stuttgart’s shopping street (Köningstrasse), which is the longest car-free shopping street in Europe. It is a great way to get a first impression of the city.

#5 Hop on Hop off buses: if you are short on time and want to see much of the city of Stuttgart with kids, these buses are an ideal solution. You have as many as three different routes the buses take through the city. The blue route runs a 100-minute round trip, stopping at 9 spots in the city. The green route takes about an hour and stops at eight different places in the city. There is also another wine route, which is somewhat less suitable for families with kids.

#6 Bike Tour Stuttgart: You can also explore the city of Stuttgart with kids by bike. The Dutch company BajaBikes organizes bike tours of Stuttgart. These tours last two hours and you go on a guided tour of the city’s main attractions. The company has bikes for children as young as 6 years old, and it is also possible to reserve a bike seat on the back of your bike for your kids.

Stuttgart with kids
Stuttgart with kids

Stuttgart with kids: other kids’ activities

You still have a number of children’s activities to do in Stuttgart. We briefly list them below!

#7 Fernsehen Tower: if you want a great view of the city of Stuttgart with kids then you should definitely visit the city’s television tower. This television tower is 217 meters high and you have a viewing platform at the tower and also there is a restaurant. From the platform and restaurant you have a 360-degree view of the city of Stuttgart.

#8 Ludwigsburg Castle: this castle is located in the north of the city and by public transport it takes you a little over half an hour to get to the castle from the city center. You can take a tour of the castle and there is a separate children’s area in the castle. Here, kids ages four and up can learn about how things were in the castle in the past in an interactive way.

#9 Sensapolis: If you are looking for an activity in Stuttgart with kids when the weather is not so good, this is definitely a good option. This is a large indoor hall (10,000 square meters), offering all kinds of things for families with kids. There are climbing equipment, a fairy-tale castle, slides, a pirate ship, a go-kart track, a water park, a spaceship, a climbing park, a climbing wall and much more. You can easily enjoy a whole day here with the family.

#10 Kindermuseum Junges Schloss: this museum is right in the center and admission is only a few euros. Kids can play and explore here, and they have ever-changing exhibits and themes.

Stuttgart with kids
Stuttgart with kids

#11 Natural History Museum: this museum can be reached by public transportation in seven minutes from the center. You will find many stuffed animals and also some skeletons of dinosaurs. A disadvantage of the museum, however, is that much of the information is in German. This is really a museum, which your kids must be fans of, otherwise feel free to skip the museum during your city break. 

#12 Das Leuze Mineralbad: This large pool has an indoor and outdoor section and can be reached from the center in twenty minutes by public transportation. It doesn’t have particularly spectacular slides, but is a great pool to spend half a day in Stuttgart having fun with kids. 

#13 Amusement Park Tripsdrill: if you really want to visit an amusement park near Stuttgart then this is a very nice option. The amusement park is a 45-minute drive from Stuttgart and is Germany’s oldest adventure park. The park consists of half an amusement park and half an animal park. 

The amusement park is open from April through October, and the animal park is open year-round. It is also possible to stay overnight at the park and for a reduced rate you can go to the park for a second day. 

The amusement park has plenty of attractions for young and older kids. The animal park has mostly farm animals, with some other animals such as the wolf, for example. There is also a nice large wooden playground at the park, where kids can climb and scramble. Check the park’s website for admission prices, opening hours and a map of the park. 

Stuttgart with kids
Stuttgart with kids

Where to sleep in Stuttgart with kids

Budget hotel: B&B hotel Stuttgart-Vaihingen

Mid-range hotel: Hotel Azenberg

Luxury hotel: Aparthotel Cosy

To search for other hotels in Stuttgart with kids click here for the whole list of hotels.

Stuttgart with kids
Stuttgart with kids

Further information Stuttgart with kids

Christmas market Stuttgart: Of course, you can combine a city trip to Stuttgart with kids with a visit to the Christmas market. The Christmas market starts about a month before Christmas and ends on Christmas Eve. In total, you will find 280 beautifully decorated Christmas stalls in the city, and for kids there is a living nativity scene and a kid’s land, where they can craft, paint and make candles.

Stuttgart card: the Stuttgart tourist office has a card for sale that gives you free admission to all of the city’s museums and also gives you discounts on other attractions and activities in the city. You can purchase the card for 1, 2 or 3 days, and you can choose whether the card includes or excludes free public transportation. Take a look in advance at where you all want to go with your family and then see if the card offers enough benefits for you and your family.

Environmental sticker: if you are visiting the city of Stuttgart with kids by car, you will need an environmental sticker. These can be ordered from the ANWB website and will be sent to you within 5 days. To do this, you need to enter the car’s registration number and report code (found on the registration certificate) and then the correct color will be selected.

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