Stockholm with kids

Stockholm with kids: 13x things to do with the family!

More and more parents are taking a city trip to Stockholm with kids, and we understand! The city has plenty of fun activities for families, so you can have a great time in this city for several days. In addition, there are plenty of (budget) airlines flying to this capital of Sweden. We too took a city trip to Stockholm and as a result of this visit, we list the best activities in Stockholm with kids.

Stockholm with kids
Stockholm with kids

Stockholm with kids #1: Exploring downtown

Stockholm has a cozy center and the city is built on fourteen different islands. The city has a beautiful historic center and has many nice stores and restaurants. You can therefore perfectly start your city trip to Stockholm with kids with a walk around this center.

The Gamla Stan district is the historic heart of the center and you have plenty of nice narrow streets to explore here. The royal palace, which you can see inside, is also located in this district. You can view the various rooms of the palace here, and most of the rooms still exude the atmosphere of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. You also have a treasure room in the palace that you can view.

The changing of the guard at this palace is every day at 12:15 p.m. (on Sundays at 1:15 p.m.) and this is quite a ceremony. This ceremony you can watch for free with your kids. If you want to see the city of Stockholm from a great height with kids, you can walk from the palace to Stockholm City Hall in 15 minutes. In fact, you can climb the tower in this city hall and from this tower you have a beautiful view of the city center and the various islands.

Stockholm with kids
Stockholm with kids

Stockholm with kids #2: Gröna lund amusement park

You can also take the family to an amusement park in Stockholm. Located close to the center on one of the city’s islands (Djurgarden), Gröna Lund amusement park is a medium-sized amusement park. By public transportation, you can get there in twenty minutes from downtown. The amusement park has several attractions for different age groups.

You can choose from several options in terms of entrance. You can choose to pay an entrance fee and get unlimited use of all the attractions, or you can buy a separate entrance ticket and then pay per attraction. By the way, with the Stockholm pass you have free admission to the amusement park, but you still have to pay for the individual attractions. So this way you can choose to go to this amusement park for only an hour, for example.

By the way, most of the amusement park attractions can also be found at the fairgrounds in the Netherlands. At the amusement park you have plenty of choices in terms of food and drink, and there are certainly plenty of healthy options to be found in the park as well. For more information on opening hours, entrance fees and the various attractions, check out Gröna Lund’s website.

Stockholm with kids: Family-friendly museums.

You have several family-friendly museums in Stockholm. We list the best museums for kids below.

#3 Abba museum: this world-famous band is from Sweden and of course there is a museum of it. In the museum you will find a lot of information about the band, and for most kids the band will not immediately capture their imagination. Yet there is plenty for kids to do, too. You also have an audio tour in Dutch (voiced by Kees Tol) at the museum. Kids can also perform here themselves and show off their dancing skills.

#4 Junibacken: This museum is geared entirely toward kids, and the stories of Pippi Longstocking take center stage here. The museum has many play areas for children, and the museum is suitable for kids up to about eight years old. Kids can explore the houses, play with blocks, go down the slide and much more. You can also join a kind of train that takes a ride along all kinds of fairy tales for about 15 minutes. The museum has a restaurant, where you have fairly diverse food and can have a great lunch.

#5 Tom Tits experiments: this museum is a bit outside the city center, though, and by public transportation you will be about 50 minutes away ( half an hour by car). This science museum has four different floors and you can do all kinds of experiments on all of them. The disadvantage of the museum is that not every exhibit has explanations in English. Kids can slide down the fourth-floor slide and the museum also has a garden, where kids can do experiments.

#6 Natural history museum: this museum you can visit for free and has a bit of the offerings you find at most natural history museums in the world. There are a lot of stuffed animals, you have some skeletons of dinosaurs, different minerals and it’s pretty interactive for kids, too. In short, a great museum to drop in on (if the weather is less).

Stockholm with kids #7: Skansen

At Skansen, there’s all kinds of things for kids to do. It says itself that it is the oldest open-air museum in the world, but in addition to being a museum, you also have all kinds of animals to admire here. The village has all kinds of buildings that give you an impression of how things were here in earlier times. Staff members are dressed in old-fashioned clothing, trying to show how things used to be.

There is also an animal park next to the museum section with animals found in the area around Sweden. You can think of the brown bear, the moose and the lynx. There is also a petting zoo including its animals. You also have several pieces of playground equipment for kids on the grounds.

All in all, you can have a great time here for half a day. Our daughter always enjoys this kind of outdoor museum. With subway line number 7, you stop in front of the museum. For more information on opening hours, entrance fees and different attractions, take a look at Skansen’s website.

Stockholm with kids
Stockholm with kids

Stockholm with kids: other activities

In addition to the activities described above, there are a number of other fun activities you can do with kids in Stockholm. We list them briefly below.

#8 Haga Ocean: this is an indoor butterfly garden located slightly outside the city center. By public transportation, you can get there in about half an hour. In addition to the butterflies you can view here, you will also find various reptiles and different fish, including sharks and rays. Haga Ocean is located in a huge park, where, of course, you can also take a great walk

#9 Bike tour Copenhagen: You can also explore the city of Copenhagen with kids by bike. The Dutch company BajaBikes organizes three-hour guided bike tours of the city, showing you the city’s highlights. The company also has children’s bikes and bike seats, making it easy for kids to participate in this bike tour as well. We did a similar bike tour in Paris and found it to be a nice introduction to the city there.

#10 Hop on hop off bus: you can see the city of Copenhagen with kids in even more ways. For example, you have the Hop on Hop off buses driving through the city, which run a set route through the city and stop at the various attractions. This is an easy way to see much of the city quickly. The bus runs a route totaling ninety minutes and stops at 22 different points along the way. You can buy a ticket for 24 or 48 hours here.

Stockholm with kids
Stockholm with kids

#11 Hop on Hop off boat: in addition to a hop on hop off bus, you also have a boat in Stockholm that stops at various places in the city. You can buy tickets for 24 or 72 hours, with unlimited use of these boats during this time period.

#12 Cruise Boat Copenhagen: In addition to hop on hop off boats, you can also book a cruise through the city in Stockholm with kids. In this cruise, you take a sailing trip to a particular area and there are several cruises you can book. For example, you have a cruise where you sail to different islands, a cruise where you visit different bridges and a cruise where you mainly seek out nature.

#13 Globen Skyview: if you want a fun way to see the city of Stockholm with kids from a great height, this is definitely a fun option. At Globen Skyview, you go up on the roof of the hockey stadium outside the stadium in a gondola of sorts, and at the top you have a beautiful 360-degree view of the city. Beforehand, you will be shown a film explaining what you will see on top of the stadium.

Stockholm with kids
Stockholm with kids

Package tour Stockholm

You can of course arrange a trip to Stockholm with kids just fine on your own, but sometimes it can also be easy to book a package trip. Here you book the flight including hotel right away. You can then often choose which airport you want to fly from in the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium. For more information on a package trip to Stockholm, take a look here.

Stockholm with kids: Stockholm pass

If you plan to visit many sights in Stockholm with kids, then this Stockholm Pass might be of benefit. You pay a fixed price for a certain time period (24 or 48 hours) and during that time period you can then visit various attractions “for free. You can then also visit various activities mentioned above for free with this pass. Our advice always with these types of passes is that you plan ahead with your family what all you want to do and then add up all the entrance fees and compare them to the price of a pass for the whole family. Perhaps then this pass will benefit you.

Stockholm with kids
Stockholm with kids

Where to stay in Stockholm with kids?

You can stay in Stockholm with kids just fine. There are plenty of accommodations in the city suitable for families with kids. We list the best options in each price range.

Budget accommodation: Motel L Stockholm Älvsjö

Mid-range accommodation: Best Western Royal Star

Luxury Accommodation: Hotel Frantz, WorldHotels Crafted

For a list of all accommodations in Stockholm, take a look here.

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