Stellenbosch with kids

Visiting Stellenbosch with kids may not be an obvious choice when touring South Africa, but it is still a great destination to visit for a day or two with the family! Especially on sunny days, it is wonderful to walk among the vineyards and, of course, taste some wine now and then. This may not be the most fun activity for kids, but there is plenty for kids to do in the Stellenbosch area, so you can make a nice change from wine tasting and fun things to do with your kids. In this blog, we list the best children’s activities in Stellenbosch.

Best travel time Stellenbosch with kids

Basically, you can visit Stellenbosch with kids all year round. However, you do have periods that are a little more and a little less suitable. In the period from November to February, it can be very muggy and there are also frequent showers. This is summer in South Africa. This is perhaps the least period to visit Stellenbosch, despite you can have a fine time even in this period with nice weather and little rain.

In the months of March/April and May, you have the advantage of pleasant temperatures and also dry most days. This makes this a good time to visit Stellenbosch. During the months of June/July and August, it is winter in South Africa and it can be a lot cooler during the day. It is also high season in South Africa then, so accommodation prices can be higher and it is a lot busier.

We visited Stellenbosch during these summer months, and it did get chilly at times. For example, it wasn’t really weather to go swimming then, but then again we didn’t have to wear winter clothes.

September and October are also great months to visit Stellenbosch with kids. Then the temperatures start to rise again and everything starts to turn green again as well. Unfortunately, for many families with kids, this will be a time when they cannot visit South Africa due to school.

So all in all, you can visit Stellenbosch with the family throughout the year, but some months are a little more suitable than others.

Stellenbosch with kids

Transportation in Stellenbosch

We also took a rental car to Stellenbosch and booked a tour of various vineyards from there, so we didn’t have to drive ourselves and could just drink. Driving yourself and then also drinking does not seem like a good decision to us. We also saw several cars ditched near the vineyards when we were there. Don’t!

Stellenbosch with kids

What to do in Stellenbosch with kids

Although Stellenbosch may not be the first destination you think of going to with kids, it can be done just fine. We wouldn’t go there for a whole week, but to take in the atmosphere here for a day and sleep there for a night is fine. Of course, wine tasting is the main focus in Stellenbosch, yet there are plenty of things you can do here that can also make it appealing to kids. We list them briefly below.

#1 Spier Wine Farm

Stellenbosch is known for its vineyards, and if you have to choose one family-friendly winery in Stellenbosch, it is surely Spier Wine Farm. This winery is known for catering to the entire family. For example, at a wine tasting here, kids can also just join in (with alcohol-free grape juice, of course).

In addition, at this winery you have a playground, where kids can play nicely and they can also have fun with the animals at the petting zoo. In this way, it also becomes very attractive to kids. You can also have lunch and dinner in the restaurant here, and the restaurant also has facilities for kids such as coloring sheets and coloring.

You can also have a family picnic at Spier WIne Farm. The winery in Stellenbosch sells picnic baskets that you must order online in advance. Here again, children were considered, as they also have a picnic menu for kids. In addition, it is possible to take walks at the farm and you can also book a tour on a segway through the vineyards.

Wine tasting in South Africa with kids

#2 Bicycle tour of Stellenbosch

A fun way to explore Stellenbosch with kids is by bicycle. With the organization Bike & Wine Tours, it is possible to do such a bike tour of Stellenbosch with kids. In fact, you have the Stellenbosch Familiy Tour here that you can book and this tour takes a total of 3.5 hours. This tour takes children into account and ensures that the kids can also taste nonalcoholic grape juice during this tour, while the parents taste wine. You will visit three different wineries on this bicycle tour.

Stellenbosch with kids

#3 Giraffe House

You can also go to a nice animal park in the Stellenbosch area. About a 20-minute drive from Stellenbosch is Giraffe House, which in addition to the Giraffe has several other animals you can view. Thus, this animal park also has ostriches, zebras, snakes, monkeys, crocodiles and various farm animals.

Kids can feed the animals at Giraffe House and get very close to different animals. You also have a reptile show here, where it is possible for kids to hold certain reptiles. In this way, Giraffe House ensures that kids really get in touch with different animals.

#4 Vergenoegd Wine Estate

Another winery that is fun to visit with kids in Stellenbosch is Vergenoegd Wine Estate. This is because of the many ducks that can be found on this farm. More than 1,000 ducks can be found on the property and several times a day they do a sort of parade of ducks, where the ducks walk from the stables to the vineyards.

Also at this winery it is possible to order a picnic basket and have a picnic at noon. The farm also has a restaurant with a playroom for the kids. At the restaurant it is also possible to have a nice meal outside on the terrace.

Stellenbosch with kids

#5 Wonder Valley

Another destination that gives a perfect mix of wine tasting and children’s activities is at wine farm Hazendal. This wine farm has on its complex Wonderdal, which is a place where kids can discover a lot. Kids can play here for 1 or 2 hours (depends on what ticket you buy at the box office) and as parents, you can choose to stay with your kids or go wine tasting yourself at the winery.

Wonder Valley has several zones, where kids can learn things. For example, they have a tree of light, a wonder garden, a healthy kitchen, a Brain Teaser island and also an area where kids can just climb and clamber around. Wonderdal is suitable for kids between 5 and 13 years old. Please note that on Mondays Wonderdal is closed.

Stellenbosch with kids

#6 Exotic Animal World

Another animal park you can visit with children in the Stellenbosch area is Exotic Animal World. This animal park is a 20-minute drive from Stellenbosch and has 700 small animals you can come see. These are mainly many different kinds of birds, but also spiders, monkeys, snakes, turtles and many more such smaller animals.

Children can also feed different animals here and there is a lot of information about the different animals. This also makes it an educational outing. Exotic Animal World also holds animal demonstrations every day at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., where you can get a closer look at some of the animals. The animal park also has a restaurant where you can go for a snack and a drink.

#7 Wiesenhof Adventure Park

You can also take the family to a fun water park in the Stellenbosch area. Wiesenhof Adventure Park is just over 15 minutes from Stellenbosch by car. This water park has six different pools, including one especially for the youngest children. The water park also has 8 different slides, with some of them being spectacular. In some of these slides, you go down the slide with an inflatable tire.

In addition, the park has several other children’s activities you can do. For example, there is a climbing wall for children, you have a trampoline park and also a play area for children. In addition, your children can take a ride on a tractor during the day. In short, there is enough entertainment here to keep you entertained for at least half a day.

Wiesenhof Adventure Park also rents out 55 braai bbqs and picnic areas that you can use as a family. You do need to book this in advance on the website. Therefore, it’s fine to visit a winery in the morning and then go for a swim in the afternoon and then end the day with a family bbq.

Children's activities in Stellenbosch

Child-friendly restaurant Stellenbosch

You have several kid-friendly restaurants in Stellenbosch. These are often the wineries, where you can have something to eat and where children are also considered. We list some kid-friendly restaurants in Stellenbosch.

Bodego Dornier: at this winery it is possible to eat tapas with the family. Also at this winery is a playground for the children. A big advantage with this type of location is the space children have to play. At Bodego Dornier you also have a large grassy field, where children can have fun. This is another very convenient place to have lunch or dinner with children.

Middelvlei Estate: you have the Boerebraai restaurant located here, and in addition to great food, there is plenty for kids to do at this kid-friendly restaurant in Stellenbosch. For example, there is a sandbox and a spacious lawn to play on and animals from the petting zoo also roam around for the children. In addition, children can roast marshmallows here and have their own tasting of different juices.

Child-friendly restaurant Stellenbosch

Family-friendly hotel Stellenbosch

You can spend a night in Stellenbosch with kids just fine. Especially if you will be wine tasting, then it may not be convenient to drive on to the next location the same day and it may be better to spend a night in Stellenbosch.

You have several family-friendly hotels in Stellenbosch. We list the top rated hotels in each price range below. All of these accommodations have swimming pools, which is obviously very nice with kids. Click on the blue link for more information.

Organized trip Stellenbosch

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