St. Augustine with kids

A visit to St. Augustine with kids is super fun! The city has an exotic feel due to the many palm trees and special old oaks that dot the city. St. St. Augustine consists of two parts: St. Augustine. Augustine beach and St. Augustine. Augustine (the old town). Founded by Spanish settlers as early as 1565 and “discovered” as early as 1513, it is the oldest city in Florida and even in all of America. Would you like to give your kids some history on your Florida trip? You can certainly do that here in a very fun way! In this blog, we highlight the best children’s activities in St. Petersburg. Augustine in a row!

Best travel time St. Petersburg. Augustine with kids

The best travel time to visit Augustine with kids is during February through May and from late September through early November. In fact, in the summer it gets bloody hot in Florida. We were here in early February and had wonderful weather (around 25 degrees during the day and around 12-17 degrees at night).

Since we travel around with our family in an RV, this is ideal weather. Warm enough during the day for shorts and short sleeves. Cool enough to sleep at night.

St. Augustine with kids

Transportation to St. Augustine

Jacksonville is city closest to St. Louis. Augustine is located, where you can rent a car. Most families with kids who tour Florida will start in Miami or Orlando. In both cities, you can rent a car from Sunny Cars. With Sunny Cars, most insurance and often the deductible are included in the price. If you want to rent a car in Orlando at the airport look here and if you want to rent a car at Miami airport look here.

If you are traveling with an RV, we recommend parking it just over the bridge outside the tourist center. Unless you don’t care about having to pay for parking. Just across the bridge it is quiet and you can park your camper just fine in the residential area.

It is also great fun to walk across the bridge and see all the boats passing under you. Often there is also a traffic jam on the bridge, so you are faster walking.

St. Augustine Beach is a very relaxed place where there are also a lot of cyclists. We first saw a version of the cargo bike here in America (with the bin on the back). Want to explore St. Augustine by bicycle? This is perfectly possible here unlike many other places in America that do not take cyclists into account. You can rent a bike at Island life bikes, for example. But there are several providers in St. Louis. Augustine who rent bikes.

What to do in St. Augustine with family

Children’s Activities St. Augustine

#1 Visit Castillo de San Marcos

You can be in St. Louis. Augustine with kids visit an old fort. This fort is the oldest fort in all of the US. Built by the Spanish between 1672 and 1695. Costumed actors walk around inside and there is a cannon shooting demonstration every hour between 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. This fort is free with the America the beautifull pass (the pass you buy for $80 that also allows you to visit all the national parks in the US for free for an entire year).

If you do not have such a pass, admission to the fort costs $15 per person. You can even earn a junior ranger badge here with the junior ranger program. This is also free and a nice souvenir for home

You can also walk around outside the castle. There are information signs about everything you see. Thus, you will encounter old cannons and how they work is clearly explained. Our kids obviously didn’t pay attention to the signs and mostly played on and around the castle until they saw the dressed-up actors. That was one of the eye-catchers here, though.

St. Augustine with kids

#2 Old Center St. Augustine

The old center of St. Petersburg. Augustine is one big open-air museum. You have the Pirate and Treasure museum where you can see real pirate treasures and historical objects back. There is also a movie and you can see how pirates lived and worked in the past. This museum is right across from Castille de San Marcos.

You also have Saint George Street lying nearby. This is a car-free street. You imagine yourself back in time as you walk down this shopping street that includes the oldest wooden schoolhouse. There is a water wheel and there are often various street performers with such things as snakes. Suddenly in the middle is a cute little Greek church that is definitely worth visiting.

St. Augustine with kids

#3 St. Augustine Wild Reserve

Personally, we don’t like zoos much because we think animals belong in the wild. But for this zoo we gladly make an exception. The Wild Reserve was set up to take in unwanted and mistreated animals. They have no breeding program and the animals taken in are treated with the utmost care and remain in the wild reserve for the rest of their lives.

These animals come from private owners, for example. The vision of the wildlife reserve is that by visiting the wildlife reserve you will gain a better understanding of the lives of exotic animals and begin to view them with more respect. A wonderful vision in our opinion. There are tigers, lions, wolves, lynxes, servals, leopards, hyenas, jaguars and other exotic animals.

On Mondays and Wednesdays you can book a tour at 2 p.m. and on Saturdays there are 2 time slots. VIP tickets can be booked on Friday. The game reserve is not open without a tour or reservation! If you join a tour, you get a detailed explanation of each animal and can get up close (between 1.5-3 meters). Of course, contact with the animals is not allowed for the safety of you, your kids and the animals.

#4 Rocket launch

You can visit St. Petersburg. Augustine with kids if you are lucky also witness a real rocket launch. You can watch such a rocket launch from the beach even after dark. We recommend the beach near the beach bar Beachcomber, as it is not yet popular with tourists. You can easily see rocket launches from here after dark. Of course, this is even much better to see and more fun if you travel toward Cape Canaveral. But our experience is that rocket launches are very often delayed because of weather, so you never know exactly when it is.

Therefore, waiting for it or traveling to the space center especially for it often ends in disappointment. We had downloaded the app Next spaceflight. This one gives you push-up notifications when there is a launch. When the time really came we quickly drove to the beach and could see it from there.

The kids wanted nothing more than to stay at the beach even longer. St. Augustine beach has a very cozy vibe. Just before you walk onto the beach, there is a little house where all the beach gear is on the doorstep with a sign saying “use it fine and then bring it back. That really makes you feel wonderfully cozy, doesn’t it?

Before you enter the beach there is a bar and restaurant Beachcomber. This is a really cozy bar and you can eat delicious food here, order a cocktail to complete the beach feeling or order delicious drinks for your kids. This bar is rated 5 stars on Google and as far as we are concerned, that is completely justified.

There is a cozy atmosphere and the food and drinks here are top notch without paying a tourist head price!

#5 Shark teeth search on Mickler’s Beach

A 25-minute drive outside St. Augustine is Micklers beach. This beach is known for the shark teeth you can find here, and what’s cooler than coming home with shark teeth? How to look for shark teeth with kids. When the tide is out, you have to dig around the wet part of the beach a bit to find the shark teeth.

They are often not loose for the taking. But those who try a little hard will find them. You can park for free here at the beach and there are toilets and showers available at the beach entrance. Kind of nice when you come off the beach sandy. Of course, there are beaches closer in St. Augustine, but because of the high chance of finding shark teeth, you definitely can’t miss Mickler’s Beach with your kids.

On all beaches you have a chance of seeing dolphins around sunset or sunrise. Being on the east side of America, the sun rises by the sea. Seeing dolphins is never a guarantee and unfortunately we did not see them, while other people reported seeing them very often. It remains a gamble.

We had to wait until we were further south in Florida before we saw a dolphin. You do have a good chance of seeing alligators in the fresh water of st Augustine. So be careful where you just let your kids paddle.

St. Augustine with kids

#6 Blue Spring State Park

In addition, the park sometimes closes temporarily to new visitors if the waiting time gets too long. This is the season when manatees migrate, which is why there are lots of manatees to be seen at Blue Spring State Park. You certainly won’t miss them on a day in February. We even saw manatees with little ones. Because the manatees migrate, you cannot swim there at that time.

St. Augustine with family

We drove from St. Augustine to Blue Spring State park (this is about a 1.5-hour drive) to see manatees in the wild. If you also want to do this, go in February and go early in the morning (we left at 7 a.m. and got into the park before 8:30). This had the advantage of not having to stand in line.

Later in the year, Blue Spring State park is also a wonderful place to take a swim or canoe. There is also a playground, visitor center and store at the park. In addition, there are other animals to see of course such as the great turkey vultures, squirrels and other kinds of birds and wildlife. Of course, alligators may occur here again.

St. Augustine with family

Other children’s activities St. Augustine

In the harbor are replicas of pirate ships that can be visited. You can also book a tour with them (including a sunset tour). For example, search Black Raven Adventures for one of the providers.

Horseback riding on the beach is obviously also a cool activity for if you have kids who are experienced horseback riders. There is also an aquarium in St. Augustine with small marine animals. Here you can also snorkel for an additional fee.

There is a farmers market regularly at the St. Augustine amphitheater. When you drive by it, there is a sign on what days and times there is a market. Certainly there is a market on Saturday mornings. At the farmers market, in addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, you can also find souvenirs such as a necklace with a shark’s tooth attached to it, as well as other fun souvenirs.

In addition, a live performance/open-air concert is often held behind the farmers market. It varies from time to time which band is there. When we were there there was pleasant old school country music. There are also stalls here with pancakes, hot dogs and other treats. The kids loved wandering around this little market for a while.

Parking can be tricky if you come after 10 a.m. because of the crowds. There will be parking attendants and helpers at the parking lot. If you wait a while there will always be a spot, but even better go on time and thus also avoid walking around the market in the heat.

What to do in St. Augustine with family

Family-friendly restaurant St. Louis. Augustine

You have in St. Augustine several nice family-friendly restaurants you can visit with the family. We list the following 2 family-friendly restaurants in St. Petersburg. Augustine in a row.

Beachcomber: this restaurant is located at St. Augustine beach and, of course, we briefly mentioned this restaurant above. Beachcomber also has children’s menus for $7.95 that include drinks. While you enjoy your fish & chips, various seafood dishes or a delicious salad, your kids can play on the beach for a while.

Beachcomber is not yet tourist priced and you can dine here just fine under $30 per adult while the rating is 5 stars on Google.

Columbia: This family-friendly restaurant is in the old part of St. Augustine. This is a traditional Spanish restaurant. This restaurant also has good vegetarian options and fine dishes for kids. Again, children’s menus include fruit or drinks and include French fries.

What to do in St. Augustine with family

Family-friendly hotel St. Petersburg. Augustine

You can visit St. Petersburg. St. Augustine with kids excellent place to stay! There are plenty of family-friendly hotels in St. Petersburg. Augustine that you can book. We list below some of the best rated accommodations in St. Petersburg. Augustine listed for the different price ranges. Press the blue link for more information about the hotel.

Budget accommodation: Budget Inn – Saint Augustine

Middle Class Accommodation: Magic Beach Motel – Vilano Beach, Saint Augustine

Luxury Accommodation: Oceanview Lodge – Saint Augustine

For the full list of family-friendly accommodations in St. Louis. Augustine briefly here.

About the author: this blog is written for Ilse Stelma on IG to follow under traveling_stelmafamily. Ilse has been to 34 countries and she loves to travel with her family. In addition, they love nature, (wild) camping, occasional luxury and places not yet frequented by many tourists.

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