Sri Lanka with kids: 8 things in advance!

Sri Lanka is increasingly visited by adventurous families, which is not at all surprising! The country is easy to travel with kids, hugely diverse, and the people of Sri Lanka alone are the reason to visit. We as a family love Sri Lanka and think it is one of the most enjoyable countries in Asia. Before you book a ticket to this country with your kids, we’ve listed a few things you need to know about this beautiful country beforehand!

Sri Lanka with kids
Sri Lanka with kids

Sri Lanka with kids #1. The people are super friendly

We really love the people of Sri Lanka. Especially if you’re traveling with a kid, it’s very easy to connect with locals. They genuinely enjoy having you visit their country, and the people also love kids. People are happy to chat with you and kids are really number one here.

Our daughter regularly received gifts from complete strangers who liked that you were visiting the country with your kids. For us, really one of the biggest attractions of the country is the hospitality of the people.

Sri Lanka with kids #2.the country is easy to travel to

As we wrote in the introduction here, Sri Lanka is very easy to travel. You can get to many places by bus or train and then you really pay very little money. We have
our route
mostly traveled by car with driver. We did not predetermine this as it was not necessary. By the way, you can find many different routes across the country on the Internet. For example, you also have an example of an
18-day round trip through Sri Lanka

When you are at a particular destination and you inquire around, there is always someone willing to take you away by car or someone who does know a driver. For a whole day, you often pay around 50 euros for a car with driver.

itineraries sri lanka
itineraries sri lanka

Sri Lanka with kids #3. Power cuts out frequently

Especially if you’re not in a very expensive hotel (these hotels often have a generator), the power goes out on a regular basis, and that can be inconvenient if with it the air conditioning of your room also goes out. Sometimes this only takes half an hour, but if you are unlucky it may take a whole day. Then there are times when your kid needs an afternoon nap and the room is very hot.

Sri Lanka with kids
Sri Lanka with kids

Sri Lanka with kids #4. there are two rainy seasons

Keep in mind that Sri Lanka has a rainy season. They even have two rainy seasons!

When is the rainy season in Sri Lanka?

In southwestern Sri Lanka, the rainy season is from April to October/November. The rainy season in the northeast is from October to March. Rain showers are short and heavy and usually fall in the afternoon.

The best travel time to visit Sri Lanka is in February and March! We ourselves visited the country in March and were barely bothered by the rain.

Family-friendly hotels Sri Lanka
Swimming Udawalawe Sri Lanka with kids

Sri Lanka with kids #5. Make use of the facilities of the larger hotels

In Sri Lanka, very often you and your kids can use the facilities of a large hotel for a certain amount of money. We have experienced this in different places, at different hotels and it is very nice. You can then use the pool all day and not pay the high price of a hotel room. Often it is enough if you indicate that you are having lunch with your family, for example, at the hotel in question.

Also, several times when we were in airbnb accommodation, for example, we used the breakfast buffet of a large hotel nearby. Often you only pay for the adults for this buffet and the kids are free.

Sri Lanka with kids #6. Bring a world plug.

In Sri Lanka they have a different outlet than in the Netherlands (they have an outlet with three holes here), so it’s handy to bring a world plug.

We read on the Internet that there is a trick for it to do just generate power with the Dutch plugs, by inserting a ballpoint pen into the top hole and at the same time inserting your plug into the bottom two holes, but we still thought it was better to just purchase a travel plug for our trip.

Sri Lanka with kids
Family-friendly beaches Negombo Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka with kids #7. For a few hours, take the train

We mostly used a car with driver in Sri Lanka with our daughter because the cost is not that much and the travel times are a lot shorter, but we definitely wanted to take the train once because it is quite an experience.

We therefore traveled part of the route between Kandy and Ella by train. Take a cab from Ella to a station that is on this route and travel back to Ella by train. The advantage is that your belongings are already in a hotel in Ella, so you can enjoy the train ride to the fullest without worrying about your belongings.

Sri Lanka with kids #8. Restaurants often open late

In Sri Lanka, the principle of street food is not yet very present as in other Asian countries, so you soon have to rely on restaurants. Many restaurants don’t open until after 7 p.m., which can be very late for your kid. We often ate extensively in the morning and in the afternoon, so we didn’t have to eat as much in the evening. We then bought some fruits and vegetables from the various stalls during the day and could still eat something in the room this way.

Ella with kids
Sri Lanka with kids

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