Skydiving in Taupo with kids: everything you need to know

Skydiving New Zealand Taupo: all the information around jumping!

Called the skydiving capital of the world, Taupo is the perfect location to skydive (with your kids). Most organizations recommend (despite there being no age restriction) skydiving from the age of 10. It is, of course, an activity for kids with guts, though. You jump with an instructor who does all the work, so in that respect you don’t have to do much yourself. But of course, it’s also a too-crazy activity to do on your own as a parent. In this blog, we provide all the information you need to jump!

Skydiving New Zealand
Skydiving New Zealand

skydiving New Zealand

skydiving New Zealand: What is skydiving?

Skydiving involves jumping out of a small plane and making a free fall for several seconds. This continues until the instructor pulls open the parachute. The higher you jump out of the plane, the longer the free fall can be. You can jump from different heights:

– 9,000 feet (2743 meters). At this height, you make about a 30-second free fall. You will then pay about 200 New Zealand dollars (about 114 euros) for your jump .

– 12,000 feet (3658 meters). At this height, you make a 45-second free fall. You will then pay about $280 (about 160 euros).

– 15,000 feet (4572 meters). At this altitude, you make about a 60-second free fall. You will then pay about $360 (about 206 euros).

– 18,500 feet (5639 meters). At this altitude, you make about a 75-second free fall. You will then pay about $500 (about 286 euros).

So you can Skydive from just over 100 euros.

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Skydiving New Zealand

skydiving New Zealand

Skydiving New Zealand: photos and video of the jump

If you want video and photos taken during the jump, you will pay extra for this. And that does make it a lot pricier. For example, you can choose from different packages at different heights.

At 9,000 feet, you will pay $140 for the video or photo on top of the 200 New Zealand dollars. Then the total price comes to about 195 euros.

If you want the video and photos you pay an additional $180 and come out to about $217. So you then pay almost double for a jump from 9,000 feet.

I personally chose this package anyway because it is a unique experience and I enjoyed capturing the jump on film for the home front.

For the jumps at 12,000, 15,000 and 18,500 feet, you pay the same for these options as for the 9,000-foot jump, only you have an additional option to choose a freefall video. Then a film is not made by an instructor with a selfie stick, but by a separate person jumping along. For the differences, see the video below.

Skydiving New Zealand
Skydiving New Zealand

skydiving New Zealand

skydiving New Zealand: How does the day go if you’re booked?

If you are in accommodation in Taupo, you will be picked up by a hummer for free. My wife and daughter went to the spa for a few hours that day, but in retrospect, I would have liked them to come with me. You’re out for a total of three hours, and it’s pretty fun for kids to go see, too. Most kids will also enjoy picking up with the big hummer.

Upon arrival at the little airport, you have to fill out some paperwork, indicating that you are responsible and liable if anything happens during the fall. Then you will get a brief explanation of what you will be doing and a brief instruction of what to do during your jump. None of that is a big deal.

Then you put on a suit over your clothes. You can imagine that it is very cold when you jump out of a plane at a certain height. When you are dressed, then you go to the little plane.

Generally, the jumps go on a conveyor belt and instructors sometimes jump out of planes as many as 10 times in a day. With us, the small plane was really completely full of people and we were really sitting on top of each other. The little plane takes off to the desired height and then it’s time to jump!

Click here for my video of the jump. This is put together by the airline itself and delivered to you like this.

Skydiving New Zealand: which organizations offer this jump?

In Taupo, you have two organizations that perform most Skydive jumps. I myself have been at
Taupo Tandem Skydiving
Jumping and the other organization is
Skydive Taupo

Both organizations have promotions from time to time, so check the website regularly and also inquire when you are on site if there is a particular offer. You can also
book online in advance
book a jump in advance.

Skydiving New Zealand

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