Sightseeing Verona with kids

Every year many Dutch families visit Verona with kids. This is partly because Verona is close to the popular vacation destination of Lake Garda and, of course, it is also a beautiful city to visit. The advantage of the city is that the center is nice and compact and you can basically do everything on foot with your kids. We definitely recommend visiting this beautiful medieval city in a day. Then you have also seen most of it. With this, we will list the five most popular sights and activities in Verona with kids for you.

Verona with kids
Verona with kids

Verona with kids #1: Verona Arena

Verona’s most famous landmark is the magnificent ancient Roman Amphitheater. From the outside, this theater already looks really beautiful and around the theater there are also all kinds of statues with ancient Romans. There are also many men dressed as gladiators around the theater, with whom you can have your picture taken for a fee.

The Amphitheater hosts operas almost every night throughout the summer, but we didn’t think that was a very fun activity with our daughter, so we booked a tour of the theater during the day. You will take a tour of the theater and you will mainly see the theater inside and in the process get an impression of how things used to be here.

For more information about the arena, opening hours and ticket prices, check out the arena’s website.

Verona with kids
Verona with kids

Verona with kids #2: Torre DEi Lamberti

If you want a nice view of the city of Verona then Torre dei Lamberti is for you. This 84-meter-high tower stands between the central squares Piazza dei Signori and Piazza delle Erbe.

You can take the elevator up at this tower, but much more fun, of course, is to climb the tower yourself with your kids via the spiral staircase. For kids up to age 7, the tower is free to enter.

For more information on watchtower opening hours and prices check out the tower ‘s website here.

Verona with kids
Verona with kids

Verona with kids #3: castelvecchio

In Verona with kids, you can also visit a beautiful castle: Castelvecchio. Built in the 14th century along the Adige River, the castle was built to defend the city of Verona from outside enemies. The castle has four main buildings and seven towers, and a moat surrounds the castle.

You walk to the castle via the impressive bridge Ponte Scaligero, and inside the castle is an art museum. Now this art museum won’t be super interesting for kids, but the castle does look cool on the inside and there is an option to climb one of the castle’s towers, giving you a view of the city. The entrance fee is a few euros and just to see the castle is well worth it.

The castle is open seven days a week and keep in mind that the castle does not open until 1:30 p.m. on Mondays.

Verona with kids
Verona with kids

Verona with kids #4: the historic city center

Downtown Verona is beautiful and it is fun to walk through the downtown area with your kids. The city’s main square (Piazza delle Erbe) is a picture with all those beautiful historic buildings surrounding it. You also have cozy terraces here where you can have a nice bite to eat or a drink. 

From this main square it is a 2-minute walk through the shopping street to Juliet’s house (from Romeo and Juliet) with, of course, the famous balcony. You don’t have to worry about missing this balcony since hordes of tourists surround it. Other than that, the balcony is not super interesting (especially for kids). It is nice because it is in the center to walk by it and nothing else. You can also visit Julia’s house here, but especially young kids won’t find this very interesting.

Of course, eating a delicious Italian ice cream at one of the ice cream parlors in the historic center is highly recommended. There are plenty of them downtown, so no need to look for them!

Verona with kids
Verona with kids

Verona with kids #5: Exploring the city

There are several ways to explore the city of Verona with kids. We list the most important ways for you:

  • Walking: the center of Verona is very compact and all major attractions are within walking distance of each other. Basically, you can do all the sights we described above on foot. The greatest distance between two attractions is only a ten-minute walk. If you were to visit all the sights in a tour of the city, that’s about 3 kilometers of walking with the kids.
  • Tourist train: if you don’t feel like walking or you still have very small kids, a tourist train also runs through the center. For a few euros you can take this little train and it runs about the same round past the same sights as the walking tour. At Piazza Bra, the little train leaves every 25 minutes.
  • Hop on hop off buses: if you want to see a little more of Verona, you can take advantage of the famous red hop on hop off buses that pass through Verona. The buses run two different routes, where you see a little more of the city such as an additional basilica and the central station. If you want to see the exact route of the two lines the buses run check here.
  • Cycling: how fun is it that the Dutch company BimBim Bikes in Verona lets you rent a cargo bike with your kids. This way, of course, you can see even faster and more parts of the city.

Verona with kids
Verona with kids

Where to sleep in Verona with kids

Budget hotel: hotel Aurora

Mid-range hotel: Hotel Giulietta e Remeo

Luxury hotel: hotel Giberti

To search for other hotels in Verona with kids click herethe whole list.

Verona with kids
Verona with kids

Further information Verona with kids

Verona card: in Verona they sell a card, which gives you free admission to a number of attractions. You can purchase a card for 24 or 48 hours and it gives free entry to places like the Arena, Lamberti Tower and several more attractions. If you go to three of these attractions in Verona with kids, you can get cheaper with this card. So check in advance where all you want to go and then see if the card is more advantageous, than buying individual tickets. For kids, the card will be less attractive, as they can enter many attractions for free.

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