Sightseeing Strasbourg with kids

What is there to do in Strasbourg with kids? We visited the city when we returned from our vacation at Lake Garda and we were surprised by the beautiful old historic center of the city. There are also sure to be activities for kids. Here we list the best five activities in Strasbourg with kids for you.

Strasbourg with kids #1: canal boat

One of the most popular activities in Strasbourg is the tour of the historic center. There are several tour boats and the lines for the tour boat are long, especially in the summer. You can choose from several cruises. The most famous cruise is from the historic center of Strasbourg to the European Parliament. Here you cruise through the beautiful neighborhoods of Grande Ile, Neustadt and The European Quarter.

During the cruise, it is possible to take a Dutch audio guide. For kids, they also have a special pirate audio during the cruise, except that this audio is only available in English. So with small kids, you will have to translate the audio and tell what Captain Hans Trap and his parrot Koko are going through.

For more information on times, the different routes and prices check out the tour company’s website.

There are other ways to explore the city. For example, a tourist train runs through the historic center. For a few euros you are driven around the city in about 40 minutes and provided with information about the city.

It is also possible to take a bike tour of Strasbourg with kids with the Dutch company BajaBikes, but your kids must be at least 12 years old. In fact, they don’t have bikes for smaller kids and bike seats. This bicycle tour takes about 2.5 hours.

Strasbourg with kids
Strasbourg with kids

Strasbourg with kids #2: parks in the city

In Strasbourg, you have two fun parks you can visit with your kids. Basically, these are perfectly doable on foot from the city center. The following two parks are recommended in Streetburg with kids:

Citadelle Park: a 25-minute walk from Strasbourg Cathedral, you’ll find this 12-acre park. This park has an excellent playground near the basketball court, where kids can climb and scramble. The park has plenty of benches and grassy areas for family picnics.

Parc de l’Orangerie: A half-hour walk from Strasbourg Cathedral, this park is located. This park contains a free zoo, a track with electric cars and a small playground. There is also a lake with a waterfall, on which you can take boats. This park is also a great place to picnic when the weather is nice.

Strasbourg with kids #3: stroll through the historic center

We were really impressed with the historic center of the city. In addition to the buildings being beautiful, it is also a tremendously cozy center with many terraces and restaurants.

The most famous landmark in the historic center is the city’s cathedral: Strasbourg’s Notre-Dame. Especially the astronomical clock in the cathedral is one of the reasons why the cathedral is visited so much. A fun activity with kids is climbing the tower of this cathedral with its 300 stairs. From this tower you have a beautiful view of the city.

A fun walk you can take through the historic center is the Familicitirali walking tour. This is provided by Strasbourg’s local tourist office and lets you walk from the cathedral to the historic Ancienne Douane building using six questions about the area.

Strasbourg with kids
Strasbourg with kids

Strasbourg with kids #4: family-friendly museums

Strasbourg also has a number of (family-friendly) museums. These are the following three:

Le Vaisseau Science Centre: this is a science museum and the most family-friendly museum in the city. This is a great place for kids to play. So the museum’s motto is science while having fun. There are a total of 130 interactive game elements in the museum, so kids can get plenty of active play here. The museum is divided into the themes of building, animals, water, garden, logic and man. The museum is a mix of games and experiments, and there are tests for different age groups.

Zoological museum: in this museum they have a lot of stuffed animals. Just click on the museum’s blue link and then watch the museum’s video which gives a good idea of what to expect there. It’s mostly looking at stuffed animals, and for kids there’s little interactive stuff in the museum.

Tip: Behind the Zoological museum are the botanical gardens, which are free to enter. These botanical gardens have as many as 6,000 different plant species. These gardens also contain a two-story tropical greenhouse with unusual plants. Enjoy a short walk among the beautiful plants and shrubs after visiting the museum.

Chocolate museum: on the southern edge of the city is also another chocolate museum. We have not been here, but they show here how chocolate is made. If you and your kids love chocolate then this museum might be an option for you.

Strasbourg with kids
Strasbourg with kids

Strasbourg with kids #5: Europapark amusement park

Ok, it is not in Strasbourg, but if you are so close to it, you cannot skip this amusement park. One of the most beautiful amusement parks in Europe: Europapark is a 45-minute drive from Strasbourg. The amusement park is decorated in country themes. Many countries from Europe can be found here. In the area of a particular country, everything is themed. For example, the staff is dressed in the style of the country and the buildings, restaurants and even the trash cans are also in the style of that country. In the Netherlands section, you can eat bitterballen in the restaurant, for example.

The park features more than 100 attractions, including 13 roller coasters. To explore this park completely, you actually need at least two days.

For more information on amusement park opening hours and ticket prices for the amusement park check out the park ‘s website.

Where to sleep in Strasbourg with kids

Budget hotel: Hotel Origami

Mid-range hotel: Life Renaissance New-Concept.

We slept at Hotel Life Renaissance during our stay in Strasbourg and we had chosen this hotel based on its super good location, super cozy room and easy car parking.

Luxury hotel: Hotel Athena Spa

To search for other hotels in Strasbourg with kids click here for the full list.

Strasbourg with kids
Strasbourg with kids

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