Sightseeing Liege with kids

Is Liège a fun city to visit with kids? We wondered the same thing. Many people know Liège mainly from the place they drive by when they are on their way to their vacations in France or Spain. Liège is also often seen as an ugly city. We went there for a weekend to see if the city is worth it. The city of Liège with kids can be visited in one to a maximum of two days. This just depends on how much your kids and you enjoy going to the museum. For Liège, we have listed our top 5 family attractions for you.

Liege with kids #1: Climb the montagne de Bueren

The Liège Tourist Office has set out several walks for tourists around the city. See the map of these different walks here.

One of the city’s most famous attractions is the street Montagne de Beuren, which consists of 374 steps and connects the center of Liège to the citadel of Liège on the mountain (on the map of walks, this staircase starts at the green walk A8). A nice challenge for kids to climb the steep stairs and at the top you have a beautiful view of the city of Liège. The stairs are fine to climb with young kids, especially if you stop a few times along the way. One advantage, of course, is that if it is too heavy, you can take the stairs right down. From here you can continue walking to the citadel, but with young kids it can be on the heavy side.

Another option is not to climb the stairs themselves but to walk the green route from the map. This is the longest dead-end alley in the city of Liège. Here you walk up through all kinds of alleys and steps as you walk up through the city. Eventually you’ll get to the top of this too and have a nice view of the city. With small kids, this hike is pretty intense. In that regard, then, the red walk is a better option for kids because here you walk more through the forest. The center itself is also nice to walk through. Several places in the city have beautiful street art on the walls.

As you can see, there are several walks to do in Liège with kids. A map of the walks and a map of the city can be obtained from the city’s tourist office in the city center.

Liege with kids #2: aquarium museum

This museum is a combination of an aquarium and a nature museum. Don’t expect spectacular fish in the various aquariums, despite finding small sharks and a lot of tropical fish and seahorses. Surely there are more than 2,000 fish in total in this museum. For kids, it is always fun to see colored fish like the Nemo fish.

In the museum, you will find mostly stuffed animals and skeletons of animals. Here it is mainly looking at the different animals in the showcases and there is not super much interaction for kids. For this museum, you and your kids must be a fan.

Allow up to two hours for this museum. For more information on opening hours, the museum’s offerings and ticket prices, check out the museum’s website.

Liège with kids #3: Archeoforum Liège

In the middle of the city under the Place Saint Lambert square is this museum. Kids are given a tablet at this museum, which explains about the museum and displays videos and assignments about the museum in between. This tablet is also available in the Dutch language. The museum tells the story of the city’s history. You can still find ancient excavations of the city and kids can make a Roman arch with blocks in addition to the assignments on the ipad.

The museum is underground so can be a bit on the chilly side. Keeping your coat on while visiting the museum is therefore not a luxury. If your kids enjoy learning about the history of the city of Liège in a playful way, then this museum is definitely a good option for your family.

Liege with kids #4: science museum

In the same building as the Liège Aquarium is also the science museum. In this small science museum, kids can do experiments and demonstrations are given by the people of the museum. Don’t expect this museum to be comparable to the Nemo science museum in Amsterdam, but there are certainly experiments that share the same setup.

Big disadvantage of the museum is that it does have everything in French and sometimes it is difficult (if like us you don’t speak French well) to understand exactly what to do and what is meant. Demonstrations are also given in French.

You can do experiments related to light, energy and gravity at this museum. The demonstration where kids get to stand in a cage and the cage is charged with electrical energy is pretty spectacular.

Liege with kids #5: La Batte market

During our city break in Liège, we were there on Saturday and Sunday, so we were able to go to the La Batte market on Sunday. This is the largest and oldest market in Belgium and is held every Sunday from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. It’s a fine market to walk around, but we didn’t find the market itself very spectacular. For kids, there is plenty to see in the crowds along the waterfront, but don’t expect this to be a highlight of your city break in Liège.

When asked if it is fun to go to Liège for a weekend with kids, we can only say that it depends on whether you find the museums interesting. If not, the city which is a half-hour drive from Maastricht is also perfectly doable in a day. Then take a nice walk through the city, enjoy the view , possibly go shopping and have lunch at one of the city’s cozy terraces. Then you can really have a top day in Liege with kids!

Liège with kids
Liège with kids

Where to sleep in Liege with kids

Budget hotel: Ibis Styles Liege Guillemins

Mid-range hotel: Amosa Liège City Centre Hotel

Luxury hotel: Hotel Neuvice

To search for other hotels in Liege with kids click here for the whole list of hotels.

Further information Liege with kids

Liege is easily accessible from the Netherlands and is close to the city of Maastricht. From Maastricht, it is about half an hour by car and train to get to Liège. From Utrecht, it is just over a two-hour drive to the city. If you come by train, it’s worth checking out Liege’s beautiful modern train station. From downtown, it is about a 35-minute walk to the station. 

Visit Liege pass: if you want to visit some of the museums in Liege with kids, it may be advantageous to purchase this pass. The pass is valid for 48 hours and you have access to 16 different museums (including the ones we described). Before you visit Liège, see where you all want to go and whether or not the pass is advantageous for your family. 

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