Sightseeing Ibiza with kids

Party island Ibiza is just over a 2-hour flight from the Netherlands, and the island is also highly recommended with kids. We visited the island when our daughter was very young and had a great week here. We did have the good fortune that Grandpa and Grandma were also there, which also gave us time for the two of us to explore the island with a rental car. We list the best sights and activities in Ibiza with kids for you.

Flying to Ibiza with kids

Ibiza is an island and to get to Ibiza most tourists fly to this island. You fly to Ibiza in about 2.5 hours from Amsterdam, and there are several airlines flying to this Spanish island daily. It’s always good to take a moment to compare the different airlines when booking a vacation to Ibiza with kids. We always do this ourselves through the website This website provides an instant overview of the various options.

For a comparison of different flight tickets to Ibiza, take a look here.

Ibiza with kids
Ibiza with kids

rent a car in Ibiza

To explore the island of Ibiza with kids, however, it is necessary to rent a car. Public transportation on the island is not so well organized that to explore the island well you can make good use of this. We generally rent our car from Sunny Cars, because you are insured for everything right away and we have never had any problems with this company.

This is unlike most other airlines. We’ve already written a blog about this with 9 points to consider when renting a car abroad. In addition, you can always cancel the car one hour before your reservation. This airline always gives us a very nice feeling and that is why we almost always book with this airline.

Sunny cars rents cars in Ibiza. Look here for Sunny Cars’ offerings.

Family-friendly hotel Ibiza

We stayed at Aparthotel Tropic Garden during our vacation in Ibiza. Here we took advantage of the hotel’s all-inclusive formula. The first night we had received an inferior room to the one we had booked, but for the rest of the week we were allowed to sleep in one of the hotel’s nicest apartments with a huge balcony and a view of the sea of Ibiza as compensation. These were really beautiful rooms and the fact that this included a spacious pool was really a big plus for us with our little daughter. Opposite the hotel we could also easily rent a car. This hotel is a great base for exploring Ibiza with kids by car.

It kind of depends on where you like to be on the island when you go to book a room. To search for other hotels in Ibiza with kids click for the whole list of hotels in Ibiza.

Ibiza with kids
Ibiza with kids

package trip Ibiza with kids

Most Dutch families going to Ibiza book a package trip, where you book the flight and hotel together. What we think is a big advantage of this structure is that you are often in a hotel with other Dutch families and because of this there is a good chance that your kids will have other kids to play with. We ourselves have booked a package tour several times and each time our daughter has several friends to play with. We list below some family-friendly hotels in Ibiza.

Tropic Garden: this aparthotel is one of the most booked hotels in Ibiza. The hotel has a large outdoor pool and also a pool especially for kids. The hotel also has an indoor pool. The hotel has both a regular playground and a water playground for kids.

You can take kids to the mini disco in the evening at this Ibiza hotel, and there is also entertainment during the day. You have several options in terms of food and drink, including the all-inclusive formula. You can fly to this hotel from Amsterdam and Eindhoven.

For more information about this hotel, take a look here.

Invisa Figueral Resort: if you are looking for a family-friendly hotel in Ibiza with a pool for the kids where there is a large playground equipment in the pool, then this resort is a nice option. This resort has two outdoor pools and one for kids. The beach is adjacent to the hotel and there is both daytime and evening entertainment. You have a playground for children here as well as a mini-club (for kids ages three to six), a maxi-club (for kids ages seven to 12) and a junior club (for kids ages 13 to 17.

For more information about this resort, take a look here.

TUI MAGIC LIFE: This TUI hotel is great for sporty families. You can go miniature golf, mountain biking, table tennis, soccer and much more at this Ibiza hotel with kids. The hotel has no less than four different swimming pools and, again, they have no less than four different age groups and some sort of kids club that organizes activities throughout the day. Here, too, they operate on the all-inclusive principle. You can fly to Ibiza with kids in this package trip from Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven.

For more information about this hotel, take a look here.

Ibiza with kids
Ibiza with kids

family-friendly beaches Ibiza

The reason most families visit Ibiza is because of the beaches, and there are plenty of them on the island. There are also plenty of family-friendly beaches, and we will take a clockwise tour of the island from Ibiza town and describe all the family-friendly beaches. If you were to drive around the coast in a rental car, you would come across the following family-friendly beaches.

#1 Cala d’Hort: located in the southwestern part of the island is this family beach. Here you have a beautiful view of Ibiza’s most famous rock Es Vedra, and the beach is so popular with families because the beach slopes slowly into the water and you can swim here quietly with your kids. There is a beach tent where you can have a snack and a drink on this beach. This beach is a 25-minute drive from Ibiza town.

#2 Cala Vadella: A little further north than Cala d’Hort, this beach is located on a bay. Again, the beach slopes gently and at this beach there are some nice eateries. In addition, it is possible to rent a beach bed here. So for families, this beach has everything you need for a great day at the beach. This beach is a 12-minute drive from Cala d’Hort.

#3 Cala Tarida: Drive another 12 minutes and you will come across this family beach. The beach here is very large and the water is beautifully clear. You will also find some rocks in the water, which kids will enjoy jumping from. We loved the beach and we ate at the cool Coton Beach club, where you have a beautiful view of the sea and live music is played. You do pay top dollar for a simple dish.

#4 Cala Bassa: This is one of the largest beaches in Ibiza and again the water is shallow for a long time. The water has several coves, where kids can have fun playing. It is also home to one of the island’s most famous beach clubs, Cala Bassa Beachclub. You can enjoy a bite to eat and a drink here in the shade of the many trees. The beach is a 19-minute drive from Cala Tarida.

#5 Cala Benirras: located in the north of Ibiza, this beach is a good place to snorkel with your kids due to its clear waters. On Sunday, the beach is a fun drumming show, with the many drummers ending the week with a party from 3 p.m. onward. Needless to say, this beach is then very crowded. The beach has nice clear water and a pebble beach. You can also rent a beach bed on this beach. Tip: Bring water shoes because the rocks in the water can be sharp. It is a 45-minute drive from Cala Bassa to this beach.

#6 Cala de San Vicent: This beach at this small resort is 400 meters long and has a fine sandy beach. On the beach you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas. Along the promenade are several bars, restaurants and the occasional store. This beach is a 23-minute drive from Cala Benirras.

#7 Cala Llenya: this is a beach between the rocks. It is definitely a beautiful beach, only the facilities here are a bit more limited than many other beaches. You have an eatery here and that’s it. However, there is the possibility of renting a beach bed on the beach. From Cala de San Vicent, it is a 15-minute drive to this beach.

#8 Cala Nova: This beach is a bit less suitable for families with smaller kids due to the currents in the water. However, you do have some nice beach clubs here, where you can have a drink and a bite to eat with your kids. For example, read the blog about Atzaro Beach Club Ibiza. You drive here from Cala Llenya in 19 minutes by car.

#9 Cala Pada: this family beach is a few hundred meters long and surrounded by trees, making it easy to sit in the shade. The beach has fine sand and again the water slopes gently. This beach is a 6-minute drive from Cala Nova.

#10 Playa Niu Blau: one of the most popular beaches in Ibiza with kids is this beach. You and your kids can enjoy various water sports here. Also on this beach is the family-friendly beach club Pura Vida, where they have childcare and special children’s menus. This beach is a 4-minute drive from Cala Pada.

#11 Cala Llonga: This wide beach is located on a bay and also has a pleasant promenade. Kids can enjoy various water sports here such as pedal boats, kayaking and parasailing. This beach is an 11-minute drive from Play Niu Blau.

From this last beach it is another 16-minute drive to Ibiza town. If you want to drive this entire route along all these beaches you will be driving a total of 3 hours and 45 minutes by car. Of course, with kids it is nicer to visit only one or two beaches a day. Ibiza is known as a party island, but you can actually find places in Ibiza with kids where you will find a quiet Ibiza.

Ibiza with kids
Ibiza with kids

ibiza city with kids

When vacationing in Ibiza with kids, it’s also fun to spend an afternoon visiting the island’s capital. The old city center is cozy and there are plenty of nice terraces. Of course, it is also fun to take a look at all the big yachts in the harbor.

For a nice overview of the city, you can walk up to the Bastion of Santa Lucia. Here are still some old guns from the past. You will have seen the city itself in a few hours. Try to visit the city in the late afternoon so it is not so hot. We visited the city in the middle of the day in summer and it was very hot then. Of course, in the city itself you do walk up and down some stairs, so for small kids this can be strenuous.

Of course, you can also go out well in Ibiza town, and south of the town at Platja D’Enbossa there are several large clubs, where famous DJs play almost every night in high season. We spent an afternoon here on the beach (Sophie was with grandparents at the hotel), where there was already a lot of partying during the day, and in the evening we went to a show by Armin van Buuren in the garden of the Ushuaia Beach hotel.

Another fun way to discover Ibiza’s capital with kids is by bike. The Dutch company Baja Bikes organizes bicycle tours led by a Dutch guide for two hours through Ibiza town. You’ll see the highlights of the region on this bike tour, and for kids eight and up, they have kids’ bikes and younger kids can ride on a seat on the back with parents.

For more information on these bike tours in Ibiza town, take a look here.

Ibiza with kids
Ibiza with kids

fun children’s activities in Ibiza

There is much more to do on the island of Ibiza with kids than just the beaches. Thus, there are several fun activities on the island that you can do with kids.

#13 Water Parks: in Ibiza you have two nice water parks: Aguamar and Aqualandia. Aguamar is located near Platja D’Enbossa and has many different types of slides. You have slides here for young and older kids. The Aqualandia water park is geared more toward young kids and is a lot smaller than Aguamar. Both water parks unfortunately do not have a website as far as we know.

#14 Acrobose: here you can climb in Ibiza with kids through different courses in the trees. They have three different routes (different colors) and each route is suitable for a different age group.

#15 Aquarium: we hesitated to include this “attraction” in the list because the word aquarium conjures up a different thought than it really is. This aquarium is a kind of cave with tanks of water in which fish swim. So don’t expect big sharks, turtles and other tropical fish here, otherwise this will be very disappointing. Still, we wanted to mention the aquarium, but if you are only in Ibiza for a short time with kids skip this activity.

#16 Jeep Safari: it is possible to explore the interior of Ibiza by jeep with kids. The tour with these jeeps takes about 5 hours in total and the price is quite high. This is an activity in Ibiza with kids that will be especially fun with older kids who can spend a longer time in a car.

Ibiza with kids
Ibiza with kids

hippy markets in Ibiza with kids

Ibiza is also known for its hippie markets, where all kinds of homemade products are sold by the island’s hippies. Visiting one of these colorful markets is also fun with kids. You often meet extraordinary people at these markets. There are perhaps dozens of these markets all over the island, but we will limit ourselves here to the most famous ones.

  • Las Dalias: this market is every Saturday and in high season is visited by as many as 20,000 tourists a day. There are as many as 200 stalls and you can find all sorts of things like jewelry, artwork, bags and weird instruments. There is also a stage where music can be played.
  • Punta Arabi: This hippie market is every Wednesday in high season and you’ll find as many as 500 stalls. Around 14,000 people attend this hippie market each week.
  • San Antoni: This market is located in the west of the island and is every Friday in high season. This market also features live music and sells many local products and lots of art by artists.

Ibiza with kids
Ibiza with kids

day trip to the island of Formentera

If you are in Ibiza with kids, it is very easy to visit the island of Formentera. In fact, by ferry you sail from Ibiza town into the port of Formentera (La Savina) in 35 minutes. From several places, boats leave for this island (also from Playa D’Enbossa, Santa Eularia and Figueretas). There are several ferry companies making the crossing. For example, you have the companies Baleria, Trasmapi and Santa Eulalia Ferry. Prices, times and departure points vary quite a bit from airline to airline, so check carefully in advance exactly where you want to take the boat from Ibiza to the island.

Formentera is a lot quieter than Ibiza, and this green island has beautiful beaches that slope very slowly into the sea, which is of course ideal for families with kids. The island has beautiful white beaches and clear blue waters and is often compared to islands like the Maldives and Seychelles. The island of Formentera can only be reached by boat, as it has no airport.

The most popular way to explore the island is by bicycle or scooter. At the port where you arrive are several stores that rent bicycles, electric bikes and scooters to tour the island. If you want to get to the very tip of the island (Far de la Mola), it will take you just under an hour one way on a bicycle.

The most beautiful beach in Formentera, which has also often been declared one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, is Platja Ses de Illetes, and you cycle here in 15 minutes from the port. Other famous beaches on this island are: Platja de Llevant, Calo des Mort, Platja de Migjorn and Cala Saona.

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