Sightseeing Düsseldorf with kids

A city trip to Düsseldorf with kids is fine for a day or two and then you will have seen all the sights of this city. In that regard, you can already get a good impression of the city during a weekend trip with your family. Düsseldorf is close to the Netherlands and from Utrecht you can drive there in just over 2 hours. You can also get to Düsseldorf by train in a few hours, with the advantage being that kids up to and including 14 years of age travel for free by train in Germany. In short, you’ll be there in no time!

Düsseldorf with kids #1: walk through the city

Düsseldorf is a pleasant city and has many terraces. We have been there several times in the past and it is always wonderful to sit on one of the waterfront terraces in the summer. That the city is all right in terms of conviviality, you can already see that Düsseldorf has the longest bar street in the world. You also see many bachelor groups walking through the city. Therefore, you don’t even need to visit Düsseldorf for the sights, but more for the fun atmosphere in the city during the summer. Grab a bite to eat, walk around, have a drink somewhere (possibly shopping) and you already have a great day in this city!

Fun parts of the city include the historic center (Altstadt), the Japanese Quarter and Medienhafen. Medienhafen is in the harbor and here you will find a mixture of old harbor buildings combined with modern architecture. More and more hip restaurants and cafes are also springing up here.

The Düsseldorf tourist office has set out two different walking tours of the city for families with kids with a number of questions along this route. The questions are along the lines of: how many crowns do you count by this statue? With each question you choose a letter and with that you can form a word. The routes are in English so with young kids, parents will have to help. You can download the two walks for free from the tourism office’s website.

Another way to explore Düsseldorf with kids is on the hop on hop off bus, which runs through the city. You ride the bus past all the city’s attractions and see a little more of the city with your kids in a comfortable way. Especially if your kids are young and you only have a short time to see the city, this can be a good option.

Düsseldorf with kids #2: Aquazoo düsseldorf

This is the Düsseldorf Aquarium, and you can expect to see the usual sea creatures here that can also be seen at other aquariums in other cities.

In the first part of the Aquarium, you have large aquariums with all kinds of tropical fish, sharks and also stingrays. Very beautiful here are the jellyfish. Whereas we normally swim around jellyfish in the sea in as wide an arc as possible, in an aquarium they look beautiful on a dark background. It looks like they give off light. Kids can also get a good look at the fish because of the steps made at the different aquariums.

In the next section of the aquarium, you walk on decks through a tropical garden. There is a section where there are crocodiles and there is a section where you can admire the penguins. You can also see other reptiles like turtles and large lizards here. You will also find some large skeletons of huge fish. Expect to spend a maximum of two hours in here with your kids.

If you have visited Aquazoo Düsseldorf with kids, visit the adjacent Nordpark right away where there is a very cool playground for kids with several fun climbing equipment.

Düsseldorf with kids #3: rheinturm

If you want to see Düsseldorf from a great height with kids, this 172-meter high transmitter mast and observation tower is a good option. You can take an elevator up to the observation deck at 168 meters, which also houses a restaurant. In clear weather, you can see so far that you can even see Cologne Cathedral.

The viewing platform rotates on its axis once every 72 minutes, so that when you eat at the tower’s restaurant you always have a different view of the city. Besides the restaurant, there is also a bar and lounge, so you can have a drink here in the evening with a beautiful view of the city.

Kids up to five years old have free admission to the observation tower.

Düsseldorf with kids #4: canal boat tour

It is also possible to see the city of Düsseldorf from the water. There are canal boats that offer a one-hour cruise on the Rhine, which is always exactly the time for our daughter that she likes a canal boat. From the water you have a nice view of the boulevard and the Rheinturm. By the way, the reviews on this canal cruise do vary.

family-friendly museums Düsseldorf

Let’s not beat around the bush. It is still quite difficult to put together a fun top 5 of activities and attractions in Düsseldorf with kids. There aren’t super many options in terms of family-friendly museums either. You have many art museums in the city, but they are not really family-friendly. We list some museums that also do something for kids. You can then make up your own mind whether you think it’s worth it.

#6 Film Museum: here, of course, film is the focus of the museum. There is an opportunity at the museum for kids to make a movie. We ourselves have been to the Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam and there you could also make your own movie, but we found the rest of the exhibits there quite soporific. If you read the reviews on a website like tripadvisor, most visitors are toh positive.

#7 Maritime Museum: this museum is found in a tower on the Rhine River. The tower has seven floors and a basement, and you can see many scale models of ships here. For kids, it is possible to pilot a ship on a projection screen.

#8 Neanderthal museum: this museum is located slightly outside Düsseldorf and can be reached by public transport in half an hour. This museum is all about the Neanderthal people, and the museum has come up with all kinds of assignments for kids to do at the museum.

Düsseldorf with kids bonus tip #9: the Christmas markets

If you enjoy visiting a Christmas market in Germany, Düsseldorf is the place to be. In fact, the city has as many as six different Christmas markets in six different squares throughout the city. Lights are placed in the chestnut trees in the center, giving you a very cozy atmosphere. 

There is also plenty of entertainment for kids in town during this time. For example, there is a skating rink in the center, there is a large illuminated Ferris wheel and you have several merry-go-rounds with the Christmas market. Because of this, a visit to Düsseldorf during this period is also highly recommended. The Christmas market in Düsseldorf usually begins in late November and ends just before Christmas. 

Where to sleep in Düsseldorf with kids

Budget hotel: Leonardo Hotel Düsseldorf city center

Mid-range hotel: Hotel Stadt München

Luxury hotel: Helvetia Suites

To search for other hotels in Düsseldorf with kids click here the whole list.

Further information Düsseldorf with kids

Düsseldorf Card: like every major city, Düsseldorf has a card, which allows unlimited travel on public transportation and gives you many discounts on many attractions in Düsseldorf. Take a look at what you want to visit in Düsseldorf with kids and then calculate if the card is advantageous for your family.

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