Sightseeing Dijon with kids

What to do in Dijon with kids? For most visitors to the city, Dijon is a nice stopover with the kids on their way to southern France. And as far as we are concerned, it is also a nice stopover. The city is not super big and in one day you can see many of the sights. Several days you don’t need to stay in this city. We have listed for you the best sights of Dijon with kids.

Dijon with kids: Scavenger hunt through the city

The Dijon City Council has created a fun scavenger hunt through the city using owls placed on tiles throughout the city. In all, there are 22 tiles with an owl hidden throughout the old town with a number each time, so you can see which ones you’ve already had on this owl trail.

This walking tour will lead you past all of the city’s historical sites. Your kids will be busy looking for the tiles with the owls on them, and you can enjoy all the beautiful sights that Dijon’s Old Town has to offer in the meantime.

For a few euros you can buy the booklet of the scavenger hunt at the tourist information point in town. The scavenger hunt is available in the Dutch language. For more information about the scavenger hunt check out the tourist office website here.

Dijon with kids
Dijon with kids

Dijon with kids #2: Park Jardin Darcy

Park Jardin Darcy is the most fun park in Dijon with kids. From downtown, it is less than a ten-minute walk to this park. When you walk to the beautiful gate Guillame (see photo below), you walk into this park, so to speak.

The park itself is beautiful with beautiful fountains, bridges, statues and also a small playground for the smallest kids. At some of the bridges, with a little imagination, you imagine yourself in Venice.

By the way, this is also a great park for a nice picnic. Buy goodies from the supermarket in advance and bring a rug so you can have a nice picnic on one of the park’s lawns.

Dijon with kids
Dijon with kids

Dijon with kids #3: climb the tower of philip the good

Also in Dijon, it is possible to get a great view of the city from a tower. Climb the 316-step tower with your kids. Along the way, it is possible to stop and rest at one of the seven floors.

For a few euros you can make this climb and they charge about 45 minutes total from entry until you are back outside. Upstairs there is a viewing platform, where you have a 360-degree view of the entire city. For more information on this climb, check out the Dijon Tourism Office website .

Dijon with kids #4: Playing at the fountains of Place de la Libération

Place de la Libération is the city’s central square and how simple can entertainment be for kids. In fact, in the square you have fountains, where especially in summer it is great for kids to play. The square is spacious and car-free, and for parents you also have great cafes near these fountains, so you have a good view of your kids. So you can enjoy a drink in this main square while your kids play with water. In addition, you also have a great view of the city’s palace.

Of course, as in almost every French city, there is an old-fashioned carousel in the center of town for the kids. Somehow our little daughter has an eye for this kind of carousel, because she usually sees them from a great distance and usually before us ;).

Dijon with kids
Dijon with kids

Dijon with kids #5: Kir Lake

To the northwest of the city a ten-minute drive from downtown is Lac Kir (Lake Kir). If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, this lake is a great option to go to with kids.

Also, if the weather is warm and you want to escape the heat of the city for a while, this is a very good option. In fact, in the northeast part of the lake there is a small beach with lifeguard service and the possibility of renting beach chairs and an umbrella. The beach is clean and there is plenty of parking for the car. You have a beautiful view of the mountains here. And your kids can enjoy the beach, water and sun here!

Dijon with kids
Dijon with kids

Where to sleep in Dijon with kids

Budget hotel: Odalys City Dijon Les Cordeliers

During our stay in Dijon, we stayed at Odalys City Dijon Les Cordeliers with our family. The hotel is located right in the historic center of Dijon in a former monastery. An excellent apartment right in the center, with good parking for the car. For us an ideal hotel and certainly not too expensive. The advantage is that they have many rooms for families in this monastery.

Mid-range hotel: Hotel Des Ducs

Luxury hotel: Vertigo: a member of Design Hotels

To search for other hotels in Dijon with kids click here for the whole list

Dijon with kids
Dijon with kids

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