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The medieval city of Bruges is one of the best visited cities in Belgium. The historic downtown isn’t on UNESCO’s World Heritage List for nothing. A city break to Bruges with kids is also highly recommended for one to two days. Big advantage of the city is that it has a compact center, so most of the sights are within walking distance, so you don’t have to walk too far with your kids. We list the best five attractions for Bruges with kids for you.

Bruges with kids #1: museums for kids

If you and your kids are chocolate lovers, the city of Bruges is the place to be! As many as 50 local chocolatiers can be found in the city. There is even a chocolate museum in town. The museum consists of three parts: the history of chocolate, how it is made and the difference in production process of the past and present. Of course, you can also taste chocolate during the tour.

You can combine a visit to the chocolate museum with a visit to the French fry museum. In fact, they are selling combo tickets for this.

Another museum you can visit in Bruges is the Historium. This museum focuses on the Bruges Middle Ages. At the box office, families with kids can get a sheet with a trail through the museum. The museum has several activities suitable for kids. You can find these in the museum by looking at the stickers marked “kid-proof.

The stickers feature a little owl (the museum’s mascot) who shows kids the way to what will interest them most. You will find some games here that are part of the scavenger hunt. In addition, there are trays where kids can feel and smell, discovering which products and smells belong to the Middle Ages and which do not.

Bruges with kids #2: climbing the Belfry Tower

In the center of Bruges stands the 83-meter Belfry Tower and you can climb this tower with your kids. At the top, of course, you are treated to a magnificent view of the city.

On the way up with your kids, you can check out the tower’s treasure room along the way. Furthermore, as you walk up the 366 steps to the top, you will encounter the tower’s bells. There is no elevator in the tower, so climbing up with small kids can be quite a task.

Kids up to age 6 may climb the tower for free. For more information on tower opening hours and admission prices , click here.

Bruges with kids #3: Canal tour

Bruges has plenty of water in and around the city, and of course you can admire the city from a boat with your kids. There are boat tours starting at half an hour, where you get a small overview of the city.

The city of Bruges has also put together four short walks through the city for parents with kids. During this walk, there are small assignments on the route for kids of different age groups. Tours of the city take about 1.5 hours. In addition, it is possible to explore the city through a game you can purchase. Read all about it in the blog City Trip Bruges (Game).

Bruges with kids #4: day at the beach

In summer, it is perfectly fine to go to the beach in Bruges with kids. In fact, the beaches of Blankenberge and Knokke are more than 40 minutes by bike from the city. For the most part during this route, you cycle through nature toward the beach.

In Blankenberge, besides the pleasant promenade and the beach, there is plenty to do for kids. For example, here you can go to Sealife Blankenberge, the Lustige Velodroom (track with all kinds of crazy bikes for kids) and the Reptile Zoo. Also in Knokke on the beach you have several nice beach bars with playgrounds for the kids.

If you’re looking for a bike route that has both beaches included in its itinerary, take a look here. For small children this route will be too far to cycle, but you can rent the familiar carts behind the bike for your kids at this bike rental shop in Bruges.

Bruges with kids #5: Baudouin Seapark

An amusement park can also be found in Bruges: the Boudewijn Seapark. It is a small amusement park intended mainly for smaller kids (between 85 and 100cm). You will find quite a few attractions in this amusement park, such as a children’s roller coaster, pirate ship, several merry-go-rounds, carousel, little train, water slide and many more attractions for small kids.

In addition to these more than 30 attractions, there is also a water park on the grounds for when it’s hot in the summer. In this Bobo’s Aquasplash alone, our daughter can entertain herself for hours. In addition, the amusement park has an indoor playground and ice skating rink, allowing you to visit the amusement park even when the weather is not so good.

Of course, this Seapark also features shows of dolphins, seals and sea lions. You can buy several tickets at the park, giving you the choice of seeing these shows as well.

For more information on park opening hours and ticket prices check out the amusement park’s website. Of course, these are the attractions that are fun for the family, but Bruges has plenty of general attractions. If you are curious about this read this blog about all the other sights of Bruges.

Where to sleep in Bruges with kids

Budget hotel: Novotel Brugge Centrum

Mid-range hotel: Radisson Blu Hotel Bruges

Luxury hotel: Flanders Hotel

To search for other hotels in Bruges with kids click here for the whole list.

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