Sightseeing Berlin with kids

Is it fun to visit Berlin with kids? Berlin has plenty to do for kids and you can easily spend a day or three entertaining yourself in the city here. The city can be reached by train and car from Amsterdam in just over six hours. Many sights in Berlin have links to the city’s troubled history during World War II. Still, there are plenty of happier things to do in Berlin with kids, too. We list the most important sights and activities in Berlin with kids for you.

Berlin with kids: how to get there.

You have several ways to hit Berlin with kids. We list several options below.

By plane. You fly from Amsterdam to Berlin with your family in just over an hour. There are several airlines flying daily to the German capital from the Netherlands. If you want to compare different airlines and airfare prices, check out this website.

By car. By car, you can drive to Berlin from Utrecht in six hours. That’s the travel time though if you don’t encounter traffic jams or roadworks along the way. If you do have this then you quickly end up with about seven to eight hours.

By train. You can also go to Berlin with kids by train. The train takes about 6.5 hours from Amsterdam. You then do not have to transfer and go directly. For more information on traveling to Berlin by train, take a look here.

As you can see, plane is by far the fastest option to get to Berlin, but by train is of course another more environmentally friendly option. There is certainly something to be said for both options.

Berlin with kids
Family-friendly hotel Berlin

Not-to-be-missed sights Berlin

There are some sights in Berlin that you simply must have seen while in the city. Basically, you won’t spend much time at most attractions, leaving you plenty of time to do more family-friendly activities. Nevertheless, we do want to mention these sights below in our blog about the city of Berlin with kids.

#1 Brandenburg Gate: this old city gate is perhaps the city’s most famous landmark. It is the city’s only preserved city gate. Standing in front of the city gate, though, is an imposing structure 26 meters high and 65 meters wide, supported by 12 large columns. It is not possible to visit the city gate and climb to the roof, but taking a photo with the family at this gate is part of a city trip to Berlin with kids.

#2 Reichstag: this is the German Parliament building and the great thing about this iconic building is that you can climb the dome with your kids. You can reserve tickets online in advance for free, so you won’t have to stand in line either. After we are inside and all our stuff is checked, we take the elevator up and have a nice free view of the city from the roof. You can get a Dutch audio tour here with information about what you see from the dome.

From the roof, you can walk further up the dome in a large spiral. When you arrive at the top of the dome, there are benches where you can rest for a while and enjoy the view. We thought it was a really fun free activity and also definitely fun to do with kids. Be sure to reserve tickets in advance, though, or you may find yourself in a long line on the spot.

#3 Checkpoint Charlie: This is also one of the city’s most famous sights, as it was one of the nine checkpoints between the territory of the Americans and the Russians during World War II. Does it amount to much? We have to honestly say no. It’s a checkpoint in the middle of the street and it kind of is. Still, it does give a small impression of how things used to be around here. This is another free attraction and you won’t spend much time passing by.

#4 Berlin Wall: For years the city of Berlin was split in two by a wall, and even though the wall was almost completely torn down in 1989, you can still find remnants of the famous wall in the city. The most famous remnant of the wall is the East Side Gallery, which still has 1,300 meters of the authentic wall, on which beautiful paintings have been done by the people. There are beautiful and funny drawings on the wall and this keeps the subject light-hearted for kids.

By the way, you can also find several markings on the ground in the city about exactly where the wall stood. For example, in several places in the city, they have made metal plates in the ground with texts about the wall.

Berlin with kids
Berlin with kids

Family-friendly museums in Berlin

There are a number of family-friendly museums in Berlin, and we will list the most important museums in Berlin with kids below.

#5 Museum für Naturkunde: this is the city’s natural history museum and the large dinos in the museum are especially interesting for kids at this museum (they have the largest dinoskeleton in the world here). It does fall short in terms of the interactive capabilities of the museum and is mostly looking at stuffed animals. It is possible to take a family ticket to the museum for two parents and three kids for a reduced fee. Sometimes there can be quite a line at the museum box office.

#6 Trabi Museum: this museum is located next to Checkpoint Charlie and is entirely dedicated to the old Trabant cars. It is not a big museum and kids can sit in different cars and see what the cars look like inside. We still find the price for the size of the museum a bit on the high side, so we would recommend this museum in Berlin with kids only if you and your kids are crazy about cars.

#7 GDR Museum: This museum focuses on former life in the GDR. Of course, there are plenty of elements that we also remember from the past such as the old telephone with dial and cassette tapes. For kids, this small museum has a number of things to do such as driving a Trabant in some kind of simulation, some interactive games and a game of table soccer. The museum gives you an impression of what life used to be like in the GDR.

#8 Communication Museum: this museum which is all about communication has plenty of things for kids to do. The museum is fairly interactive, so your kids don’t have to look at this museum alone. The museum is located in a beautiful historic building.

#9 Labyrinth Children’s Museum: at this museum they teach kids to discover through play. Each time the museum has a different exhibit. Currently, the main theme of the museum is climate and there are several learning stations in the museum that cover a different topic from the main topic of climate.

The museum looks very colorful and at the different stations kids can do experiments, as well as just play and do crafts. Check the museum website in advance to see which exhibit is running when you visit the museum. In addition, keep in mind that the museum’s entrance fee is quite hefty.

#10 Deutsche Techniksmuseum: This is one of the largest museums in Berlin and the museum is located in an old railroad station. The museum has several exhibits on film and photographic technology, transportation, sugar, wind energy and much more. It really is a great museum to visit. You can easily spend half a day here enjoying yourself in Berlin with kids, and for the price you don’t have to miss out. The museum is also rated tremendously well online by visitors to the museum!

#11 Computerspiele museum: this museum is dedicated to computers and computer games. Here it is possible for kids to play games on all kinds of computers from the past. More modern games can also be found in the museum. If you and your kids enjoy playing computer games, then this museum is a fun option. The museum is near a subway station (U Weberwies), so you can get there by subway in no time.

#12 Studio of Wonders: you can also go to a kind of Instagram museum in Berlin with kids. Studio of Wonders consists of thirty different interactive worlds, and here it’s all about taking photos and videos for social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

For example, you have several rooms where they use optical illusion where, for example, it looks like you are standing upside down or it looks like one person is really a lot taller than the other person. We always find these kinds of museums very cool and during several city trips to Amsterdam, we also visited these kinds of museums (in Amsterdam you have three such museums) regularly,

#13 German Spy Museum: this museum is about all kinds of spy activities and the ways they operated in the different wars. Lots of information about the First and Second World Wars, of course, but also about the Cold War. What is a downside of this museum in Berlin is that it is a lot of reading (in English or German) and there are not super many interactive elements for the kids. Kids can, however, walk through a labyrinth with laser beams and also be placed on a lie detector.

Berlin with kids
Berlin with kids

Getting around in Berlin

There are several ways you can explore the city of Berlin with kids, and we list some of them below.

#14 Hop on Hop off buses: if you want to see the city of Berlin quickly with kids, the famous hop on hop off buses are quite a godsend. We have used the buses in several cities and we find it a relaxing way of seeing a city from the open roof of the double-decker bus.

The buses run two different routes through the city and stop at 20 well-known spots in the city. Think in advance about exactly what you all want to see in a day and whether it is cost-effective (the subway is obviously a lot cheaper). For example, if you only have one day in Berlin with kids then these buses are definitely a good option!

#15 Bicycle tour: it is also possible to discover the city of Berlin with kids by bicycle. The Dutch company BajBikes, organizes several bike tours in the city led by a Dutch guide, including one for families with kids. Children 8 and older can ride their own bikes, and bike seats are available on the back of bikes for kids under 8.

You cycle about 15 to 20 kilometers through the city in 3.5 hours, passing by the city’s various attractions. For an overview of the different bike tours in Berlin with kids, take a look here.

#16 River Spree Cruise: You can also see the city of Berlin with kids from the water from a tour boat. Several tours are offered and the shortest tour takes about an hour.

Germany with kids
Berlin with kids

Children’s parks in Berlin

You also have a number of zoos and amusement parks to visit with kids in Berlin, and we briefly list these below.

#17 Zoo Berlin: At this zoo in the center of the city, you can see most of the familiar animals such as the lions, elephants, rhinoceros and various monkeys. You can also check out the panda bear and hippo at the zoo. The zoo is quite green and sometimes you feel like you are walking in the park. The zoo also has an aquarium with a variety of tropical fish. Check the zoo’s website for show times and when certain animals are fed. Throughout the zoo are several restaurants where you can get something to eat.

#18 Tierpark Berlin: you can go to yet another zoo in Berlin with kids. This zoo is located in eastern Berlin near the famous Alexanderplatz square. This is the largest animal park in Europe and you even have a train ride to take you from one end of the park to the other so big is this animal park. This animal park is a lot less crowded than Zoo Berlin which is located in the city center. The entrance fees here are still very reasonable if you compare it to the zoos in the Netherlands.

#19 Legoland Discovery Center: you also have a kind of amusement park in Berlin that is entirely devoted to lego. Of course, there is plenty for kids to do and see here. For example, you will find lots of buildings (of the city of Berlin) made of lego and also life-size figures made entirely of lego. Of course, kids here can also play with lego themselves in abundance. There are also small attractions for children at this Discovery Center and plenty of space for kids to play. The Legoland Discovery Center is tremendously central on Potzdamer Platz Square.

Berlin with kids
Berlin with kids

Other children’s activities in Berlin

Of course, there are plenty of other children’s activities in Berlin that you can go do other than the things we have posted above. We briefly list the other children’s activities in Berlin below.

#20 Holocaust monument: this impressive monument in the middle of the city is also one of the reminders of the past and makes an impression when you are there. The question, of course, is what exactly you want to teach your kids about that piece of the past that the city of Berlin carries with it. Of course, this is already a lot easier with older kids than with young kids. Below the monument is another small museum that is free to visit about the history of the Jewish people.

#21 Rittersport: downtown there is also an opportunity to put together your own bar of chocolate. Of course, it also has a store, where you can buy lots and lots of chocolate.

#22 Berlin TV Tower: if you want a view of Berlin from a great height, you can visit the Berlin TV Tower. The tower is 365 meters high and at just over 200 meters you have a restaurant and viewing platform sitting there. On clear days, you can see as far as 40 kilometers from here. The sphere of the tower rotates on its axis every hour, giving you a different view of the city each time you eat at the restaurant. Check the tower’s website for opening hours and ticket prices.

#23 Badeschiff: in the middle of the city by the water you have a kind of city beach with a swimming pool on a kind of ship. If the weather is nice in the city and you feel like relaxing on a beach chair for a while while your kids are having fun in the pool then this is a very cool option. In addition, you have a very cool view of the river from the pool!

#24 Hot Air Balloon: it is possible in Berlin with kids to admire the city from a hot air balloon. This hot air balloon can be found near Checkpoint Charlie and is attached to cables (thus preventing it from flying away). It reminded us a bit of the Efteling’s attraction the Pagoda. Here you also go to a certain height and have a 360-degree view. This is quite a spectacular way to get a nice view of the city. A hot air balloon ride is just definitely not cheap for the whole family!

#25 Monbijoupark Berlin: this large city park contains a playground for kids and there is enough grass to have a family picnic in this park, for example. The park is by the river and in the summer there is sometimes live music in the park at night. It is also possible to enjoy drinks on beach chairs in the park.

#26 Madame Tussauds Berlin: you can also visit a branch of Madame Tussauds in Berlin with kids, just like in Amsterdam. Kids can have their picture taken here with all kinds of wax figures of famous stars. There are of course many German stars among them that most kids from the Netherlands do not know, but there are also several international stars among the images as well as several figures from movies. What is pretty high, though, is the entrance fee, since you do see most of it in an hour.

#27 Berlin Dungeon: if you are looking for a place in Berlin where you can have a good scare with the family then this can definitely be a fun option. They have a branch of this in Amsterdam as well, and we found the Amsterdam Dungeon to be really cool. It is actually a kind of haunted house with all the rooms with real actors, who give some kind of horror show in each room. So you walk from room to room and are in for more than an hour.

The only downside to this children’s activity in Berlin is that the actors speak German, which makes it a little harder for kids to follow. However, the thrust through the creepiness is clear to kids without speaking the language. This is an activity for kids a little older, though.

#28 Stadium Tour Hertha BSC: Germany is one of the biggest soccer leagues in the world and also has two soccer clubs playing at the highest level in Germany: Hertha BSC and Union Berlin. If you visit Berlin with kids who love soccer, it might be fun to book a stadium tour of Hertha BSC’s Olympia Stadium, for example. You can book a one-hour guided tour here, taking you to all the places in the stadium that you normally wouldn’t get to easily.

A stadium tour in Berlin with kids is fun, of course, but even much cooler is to visit a game of one of these two soccer clubs. We have already visited several matches abroad during different city trips, and especially in Germany it is often not that difficult to get tickets. You often just go to the website of the respective soccer club and order tickets to a match that way.

#29 Sea Life Berlin: you can also go to a branch of Sea Life in Berlin with kids. Sea Life is actually in every major city in the world and the concept is basically the same everywhere. You can admire many different species of tropical fish, sharks, jellyfish and rays in the different aquariums. One of the highlights of Sea Life is always the underwater tunnel where you can walk under and see the entire underwater world above your head.

At Sea Life Berlin, the highlight is Aquadom. Aquadom is the largest aquarium in the shape of a cylinder and it is the largest in the world. It is a whopping 25 meters high and 12 meters in diameter and holds more than a million gallons of water. You can see as many as 1,500 fish swimming around here, and you can take an elevator past the aquarium. You can often combine a Sea Life visit with Dungeon Berlin or Madame Tussauds and get a discount on both tickets.

#30 Modelpark Berlin: you can also go to a kind of Madurodam in Berlin with kids. On 3.5 acres of land are about 80 models featuring all kinds of buildings and sights of Berlin. Open during the summer months, Modelpark Berlin allows you to see all of Berlin’s sights in an hour (or two) in one fell swoop.

#31 Filmpark Babelsberg: this children’s activity is located in the city of Potsdam which is less than half an hour by train from Berlin. Here everything is all about the movie and this park is open during the summer months, You can watch several shows here (including a stunt show) and also there are some small attractions for kids here like boats.

#32 Outdoor playgrounds: you can take kids to several large playgrounds in Berlin. Many of these playgrounds are located outside the city center and are a bit more difficult to reach by public transportation. Therefore, we have selected three great playgrounds in Berlin that are less than half an hour by subway from the central square Alexanderplatz.

  • Spielplatz auf dem Zeppelinplatz: this playground is half an hour away by subway and in addition to various play equipment, there is also a climbing course and a water device, where kids can find coolness in this playground especially in the summer months. The address of this playground is Zeppelinplatz 1 in Berlin.
  • Spielplatz Indianerdorf: you can reach this playground in Berlin with kids in about 18 minutes by subway from Alexanderplatz and this playground is centered around an Indian village with totem poles and tepees. This playground has two sections, where one section is for young children and the other is for older kids. There are lots of different climbing and other playground equipment where kids are sure to have a great time. The address of this playground is Am Friedrichshain 13.
  • Spielplatz Zirkus Aladin: This playground is in the shape of a circus tent. You have walkways, bridges, nets and slides in this playground. In the summer months, you also have a water playground here with swings made from car tires. Parents can also sit by this playground just fine while the kids play in the playground. The address of this playground is Nikolsburger Straße 6 – 7.

#33 Indoor playgrounds: you can also go to several indoor playgrounds in the city with kids in Berlin if the weather is bad. We list some of these indoor playgrounds in Berlin that are located in the city center.

  • Jolos Kinderwelt: From the German Museum of Technology, it is a 20-minute walk to this indoor playground in Berlin. By car, you can get there in twenty minutes from Alexanderplatz. This indoor playground can be compared to, for example, the establishment of Ballorig and Monkey Town in the Netherlands.
  • Tommys Turbulent Tobewelt: This indoor playground in Berlin is just over ten minutes away by car from Alexanderplatz. Again, they have lots of different playground equipment in 2000m2 of area. This is also an ideal indoor playground if you want to do something in Berlin with kids when it’s raining in the city.

Family-friendly hotel Berlin
Berlin with kids

Berlin with kids: day trips

You can also make great day trips from Berlin with kids. We list some of these fun day trips you can take from Berlin.

#34 Potsdam: You can get to this city in just under half an hour by train from Berlin with kids. Known for its many palaces, parks and gardens, this city is definitely fun to visit for a day. You can also go to Filmpark Babel here, which we mentioned earlier in this blog, and the city has several fine city parks where it is good to hang out in the summer. Sanssouci Park is the city’s most famous park, and the park is home to several palaces. You can explore this park just fine by bike, as there are plenty of bikes for rent around the park.

#35 Dresden: Another fun day trip from Berlin with kids is to the city of Dresden. It takes about 1 hour and three quarters by train to reach the city and about two hours by car. Dresden is an incredibly fun city and you have lots of children’s activities you can do here. We already wrote about this city in the blog Dresden with kids, in which we listed all the activities about this city.

#36 Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp: If you are taking a city trip to Berlin with kids who are a little older, an impressive day trip from Berlin could be to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. You can reach this camp by public transportation in less than an hour and by car you can get there from the center of Berlin in 40 minutes. You can visit the camp for free, but you’ll pay for the audio if you’d like a little more background on the camp. Of course, these remain outings that make a big impression on kids.

#37 Leipzig: This city is also fun to take a day trip to from Berlin with kids. From Berlin, you can get there by train in 75 minutes. Again, you have enough children’s activities to easily entertain yourself for a day or two in this city in eastern Germany. We wrote about the city the blog Leipzig with kids, in which we listed all of the city’s fun kids’ activities.

Berlin with kids: car rental

If you are going to do the above described activities in Berlin with kids, then a car might come in handy. Basically, there is public transportation in the city, but having your own car can obviously be an option. We actually find the cars from Sunny Cars are always top notch!

You actually have all costs included in the price here and are insured for most things (including your deductible). We have had problems with this in the past with other rental companies, because all kinds of costs are added at the destination. With Sunny Cars, you know that’s not the case and that’s a nice feeling. You can additionally cancel the car 1 hour before your reservation free of charge. You can also rent a car in Berlin with kids from Sunny Cars.

Check out the different rental cars here.

Family-friendly hotel Berlin

You can stay in Berlin with kids just fine. You have plenty of options in every price range. We have listed the best rated hotels based on these different price ranges.

Budget hotel: Novotel Berlin Mitte

Mid-range hotel: H2 Hotel Berlin-Alexanderplatz

Luxury hotel: Courtyard by Marriott Berlin City Center

To search for other hotels in Berlin with kids click here the whole list.

Berlin with kids
Family-friendly hotel Berlin

Further information Berlin with kids

Berlin Welcome Card: just like every big city, Berlin has a card, which allows you unlimited travel on public transportation and gives you many discounts on many attractions in Berlin. Take a look at what you want to visit in Berlin with kids and then calculate if the card is advantageous for your family.

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