Secret Lagoon with kids

Secret Lagoon with kids: spa in Iceland with the family!

The Secret Lagoon with kids is highly recommended! During our tour of Iceland with our daughter, we visited several spas! We found that a very nice change from seeing all kinds of sights and then relaxing in a spa in between. Our daughter absolutely loved this too. One of the spas that might be most suitable for kids is the Secret Lagoon. This spa is located near the Golden Circle route and was a nice change when we visited the Golden Circle route. Following our visit to this lagoon, we write this comprehensive blog.

Secret Lagoon with kids
Secret Lagoon with kids

Secret Lagoon with kids: general information!

The Golden Circle is a route that most tourists drive when touring Iceland. The Golden Circle is near Reykjavik and it is possible to visit most of the sights in one day. However, you will be in the car for quite a long time with kids, so we recommend taking two days for all the sights on this route.

In fact, you will have time to relax at one of Iceland’s many spas along the way. So we stopped at Secret Lagoon in the late afternoon when we had already viewed several waterfalls and geysers. The Secret Lagoon is not entirely on the Golden Circle route, but in total you will drive 15 minutes longer in total by car if you visit this spa.

We parked the car in the free parking lot in front of the spa and were at the spa reception in a minute. We bought tickets online in advance, because we read on the website that due to crowds, it is possible that there may be no more room in the spa. We visited Iceland in the summer during peak season and then noticed at several attractions that some things were already sold out such as boat trips, so we chose to book this in advance. You can do this simply through the spa’s website.

By the way, the prices at this Secret Lagoon were lower than several other spas we visited, and kids are welcome here too (that’s not true at every spa either). In fact, there are plenty of attributes in the water for kids to play with, and for kids up to 14 years old, you don’t have to pay an entrance fee. So in that respect, you can visit the Secret Lagoon with kids just fine.

Secret Lagoon with kids
Secret Lagoon with kids

Secret Lagoon with kids: the spa

The spa itself actually consists of a kind of natural lake that is, of course, nice and warm. This allows you to visit Secret Lagoon with kids all year round. The lagoon is quite large and you can stand everywhere as a parent just fine, so you can relax here. There are also attributes throughout the water that allow you to float, making it very enjoyable for kids as well.

At the spa itself there is also a small playground, but you should not imagine too much about that. A walking path has also been created, where you can walk around the thermal area between bathing. When we were there, there were quite a few families with kids. We were there in the late afternoon, but if you visit this Secret Lagoon with kids in the morning, it’s a lot less crowded. Of course, you could take this into account if you like having the water largely to yourself.

In total, we spent a little over two hours there and we found (as with the other spas) it was a wonderfully relaxing feeling every time we visited another spa. You will have a wonderful warm feeling for the rest of the evening!

Secret Lagoon with kids
Secret Lagoon with kids

Secret Lagoon with kids: food and drink

It is possible to have a drink in the water with kids at the Secret Lagoon. In the bistro inside, they sell drinks and small snacks and sweets. By the way, you should not think that you can dine here, but you can get something to eat and drink. Of course, it is very nice that you get to drink this drink in the water of the lagoon.

There was a moving truck with fish and chips in front of the Secret Lagoon when we visited the spa, but we don’t know if this food truck is always here or only during peak season.

Secret Lagoon with kids
Secret Lagoon with kids

Secret Lagoon with kids: conclusion!

The Secret Lagoon with kids is highly recommended! We found it very relaxing to visit the Secret Lagoon with our daughter. Kids generally do enjoy being able to play in the water, and we found it a nice change for our daughter in addition to seeing all kinds of sights in nature.

This spa is perfect for children, as kids have free access and there are plenty of props in the water to play with. This allows them to indulge a little more than at many other spas you have in Iceland. Expect to spend a few hours with this activity. For more information, check out the Secret Lagoon website.

Where to stay in IJSland with kids?

Sleeping in Iceland is not cheap! We spent quite a long time looking for suitable accommodations for our family of three.

In the capital city of Reykjavik, we slept for three nights. From here we also visited the Golden Circle and we slept here at hotel Muli. This was a fine hotel just a little outside the city center, where we could park the car in front for free. We had a fine room and downstairs at the hotel there was a place to eat and warm up food. There is a large supermarket a few minutes’ walk from the hotel and we found it a pleasant place to sleep. For more information about this hotel check here.

For a list of all accommodations in Reykjavik, take a look here.

We spent the other days in Iceland in various accommodations that were not super nice to us. If we had to do it again now, we would definitely stay overnight in the town of Vik on the way, as there are a few more facilities there and that would be handy with kids anyway. Now we were often in accommodation, where it was still a half-hour drive to, say, a restaurant or a supermarket.

For a list of all accommodations in Vik, take a look here.

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