Saving for travel with kids: 7 tips!

When we took a trip around the world with our daughter in 2019, we were often asked how we were able to save for travel so easily. Still, you can quickly save thousands of dollars a year without having to live like a monk right away. We wrote a blog here about saving for a world trip with kids, in which we earned a world trip with our family to Asia in one day, without sacrificing anything.

Therefore, it is possible for almost everyone to take at least one nice long-distance trip of a few weeks with the family.

Here are 7 ways to save thousands of dollars a year for that great trip with your family.

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Saving for travel with kids tip #1: Map out your fixed expenses

This tip is one of the most important savings tips that can save the most money.

By first identifying what your fixed expenses are (mortgage/rent, insurance, subscriptions, gas, water, light), you can see what monthly expenses can be brought down.

Many details about these subscriptions can be found online, by logging into your own section on the company’s website. This will also tell you, for example, what your consumption is per year and what exactly is insured, so that you can make a good comparison with other providers.

If you compare energy companies on websites such as, for example, and switch regularly, you will receive a welcome bonus again and again, saving dozens of euros per month.

This allowed us to save 55 euros per month on our energy bill, which is an annualized amount of 660 euros.

You only need to register for the new energy company via the Internet and the companies among themselves will then arrange the switch and you don’t have to do anything for this. In total, we saved 3000 euros per year on our fixed expenses.

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Saving for travel with kids tip #2: Watch your weekly groceries

The weekly groceries are quite an expense in many families, which also means that there is a lot of savings to be made here.

Well-known tips regarding grocery shopping are that it is better to go grocery shopping once a week instead of every day and that you should never go grocery shopping hungry.

Another good tip is to buy certain products in bulk when they are on sale. We ourselves wanted to save money on this, but didn’t want to have to go to three supermarkets for our groceries, and we didn’t want to “sacrifice” in terms of certain brands of soda or beer, for example.

This is where you may have to experiment a bit. For example, we noticed little difference between the peas and carrots of the well-known brand and the house brand. Still, that quickly saves over one to two euros per jar.

Suppose you eat a jar of peas and carrots every week and you save 2 euros each week, you will save 100 euros a year on the peas and carrots alone.

These are those small adjustments, where on an annual basis the differences are quite large and it can be so simple. For example, we did daily grocery shopping and chose daily to buy a plastic bag at Albert Heijn. Apart from being bad for the environment, we now save 30 cents every day with a regular bag, which on an annual basis is just 100 euros anyway.

So you can see that by making small adjustments you can save a lot of money for that beautiful trip you want to take with you and your family.

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Saving for travel with kids tip #3: stop bad habits

You have people who smoke a pack of cigarettes a day and thus have the opportunity to be able to earn a nice trip for the family by quitting smoking.

A pack of cigarettes will cost 8 euros in 2020 and it is expected that by 2023 the cost of a pack of cigarettes will be around 10 euros. So you can imagine that apart from the fact that it greatly improves your health, you can save almost 3,000 euros on an annual basis by quitting smoking.

By quitting smoking now, you and your family can then easily travel around Asia for 3 to 4 months in five years. Let this be a great motivation for yourself to quit.

Other bad habits that are generally costly are drinking soda and alcohol, eating fast food and snacking.

By setting a specific travel goal for yourself, it is easier to stop these kinds of habits because then you know what you are doing it for.

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Saving for travel tip with kids #4: buy less stuff

The best way to give yourself a raise is to buy less stuff. This leaves you with a lot of money each month.

Shop more consciously and don’t buy things like gadgets and clothes out of boredom.

Every year we buy a lot of stuff, which we hardly use and end up in a closet somewhere. Try buying clothes for yourself for a year, for example, only when you really need something.

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Saving for travel with kids tip #5: Your attic is worth its weight in gold

Most people accumulate a huge amount of stuff over the years, with a lot of stuff left unused in the attic.

Take an afternoon to walk through your house and look critically at your stuff in closets, the shed and in the attic. What stuff have you not used in recent years?

If you have not used certain items in the past few years, you are not going to use these items in the years to come. Put these items on websites like Marketplace and provide extra income to pay for that trip with your family.

In addition, your home will also become a lot more livable, because there will be less stuff everywhere that you don’t use anyway.

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Saving for travel with kids tip #6: Activities with your kids don’t always have to cost money

We have found that quite a lot of money is secretly spent on outings with our daughter to indoor playgrounds, cafes with playgrounds and amusement parks on an annual basis.

Yet there are plenty of activities that kids enjoy just as much and don’t cost any money at all. Mostly it’s in the attention you have for your kids anyway.

For example, an afternoon to a nature preserve, where you go on a picnic, can be just as much fun as an afternoon at the indoor playground.

Our daughter can also expend her energy here by riding her bike over the dusty hills and climbing trees. She also really enjoys picnicking with us in the open field in the sun. Of course we still go to indoor playgrounds with her sometimes, but by alternating, you can save quite a bit of money.

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Saving for travel with kids tip #7: Get travel inspiration online or at the library

Many people who travel buy several travel guides before departure. Of course it is very nice to read up on a particular destination beforehand, and of course you can do this without spending a lot of money.

For example, we have already written a blog about why buying and carrying guidebooks on a trip is unnecessary in our opinion.

Online, there is already a huge amount to find about each destination, where you want to travel to with your family, and the library also has a huge number of travel books for each destination.

Spend an afternoon scouring the Internet or spending an afternoon at the local library and get inspired by the many beautiful photos that can be found about different countries.

Of course, there are hundreds of other tips you can find online that will help you save money. Try to see what works best for yourself. If you have to deny yourself everything for years, just to be able to travel with your family then you have to ask yourself if it is worth it.

There are, as we also wrote in our other blog, ways to save money together for a world trip without sacrificing a single thing. Be creative and then almost everyone can make a very nice trip with their kids. Because of these savings, your savings keep growing. Of course, again, there are plenty of ways to grow this money. For tips, check out a fellow blogger’s blog on saving.

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