Sao Paulo with kids

What to do in Sao Paulo with kids? Sao Paulo may not have the appeal of a city like Rio de Janeiro, but there is still enough to do here for kids to keep you entertained for a day or two. The city is known as the economic capital of Brazil and from all major cities you can fly to Sao Paulo with kids. In this blog, we list the best children’s activities in Sao Paulo.

Best travel time Sao Paulo with kids

The best travel time to visit Sau Paulo with the family is during the months of April through August. Sao Paulo has a tropical climate and therefore the temperature is always high in the city. However, it is important to consider which months have the least rainfall. In the months of April through August, there is not as much rain and the temperature is not too high. As a result, this is the best travel time to explore the city with kids.

Transportation in Sao Paulo

Public transportation in Sao Paulo is quite well organized, but can be quite overwhelming in such a large city. You can get to many places in the city by subway. You have a total of 5 different subway lines in the city. We also took advantage of this and what struck us most is that there are so many vagrants in the city. Sometimes there are dozens of them next to each other. This does not give a very nice feeling to travel around the city this way.

You can, of course, get around by cab. In Sao Paulo, it is possible to take Uber cabs to the city’s various attractions. The advantage is that you know the price of the ride right away and the cab will come to you. Just make sure you purchase a Brazilian sim card at the airport so you can have internet coverage anywhere in the city and thus use the Uber cab app.

Sao Paulo with kids

Children’s activities Sao Paulo

#1 Sao Paulo zoo

You can take kids to the zoo in Sao Paulo. This zoo is located in the south of the city and has some of the great African animals such as the elephant, giraffe, lion, hippo, zebra and different types of monkeys that you can view. Despite not being a super large zoo, you can have a great time here with the family for half a day.

You can also go on a (paid) safari with a guide at the zoo. There is also a section in the zoo for kids, where there are a whole bunch of dinosaurs. If you are visiting the zoo with young kids, you can rent funny cars in which they can ride around the zoo so they don’t have to walk. For more information on opening hours, ticket prices and the different animals, visit the Sao Paulo Zoo website .

Another fun kids activity in Sao Paulo where you can see animals is the Sao Paulo Aquarium. This aquarium is located in the middle of the city and at this aquarium you can not only view tropical fish, but there are also various land animals that you can view. Thus, in addition to fish, you will also find polar bears, kangaroos and various reptiles.

This is also a fun children’s activity in Sao Paulo when the weather is a little cooler in the city. You can have a great time here for several hours with kids.

Dresden with kids

#2 Ibirapuera Park

Ibirapuera Park is the largest city park in Sao Paulo and a park well worth visiting with kids. You have several playgrounds located in this city park for kids, and of course you can also go for a walk here and escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a while.

What is fun to do with kids in this park is to rent bikes. They rent bikes here with child seats, as well as children’s bikes and family bikes, which you can get 4 people on. At the end of the day (at 6 p.m.), you can also see a light show in this park. This one is totally free to watch.

Another park you can visit in Sao Paulo with kids is the Parque Estadual da Cantareira. This city park is a 20-minute drive from downtown Sao Paulo, and you’ll have a great view of the city of Sao Paulo from this park. In addition, it is possible to spot monkeys and colorful birds in this park. So with kids, make it a game of who sees a monkey first, for example.

A third place where you can seek the tranquility of nature in Sao Paulo is at the Sao Paulo Botanical Garden. It is also possible to spot animals in this botanical garden, including monkeys, lizards and various birds. You pay a small entrance fee for this botanical garden here. Also check out the garden’s lake, where you can spot turtles.

Sao Paulo with kids

#3 Guaruja

Despite the fact that a city like Sao Paulo may not be known as a real seaside resort, it is certainly possible to spend a day at the beach in Sao Paulo with kids. The best option for going to the beach in the area is the resort town of Guaruja. You drive to this beach from the city of Sao Paulo in about 1.5 hours.

In Guaruja you have miles of beach and many wealthy residents from Sao Paulo have vacation homes here. Enseada beach is perhaps the most famous beach and has clear water and golden beach sand. This stand also has plenty of facilities such as restrooms, stores where you can buy something and restaurants. The beach also has several palm trees, giving you even more of the tropical feel.

Don’t have a car at your disposal right now, but still want to explore the beaches? Then you can also go on an organized tour. You will then visit 3 different destinations, including the beaches of Guaruja. For more information on this organized tour, take a look here.

Sao Paulo with kids

#4 Neighborhoods Sao Paulo

Although there are many vagrants in the city and it can sometimes feel not entirely safe, Sao Paulo has plenty of nice neighborhoods to visit. If you as a family love colorful street art, then it is fun to visit Batman Alley. Here you have lots of different kinds of street art, which is obviously very photogenic. It is a street with street art and around it are several hip restaurants. You can get dropped off by an Uber cab here just fine.

Another fun neighborhood to visit in Sao Paulo with kids is the Liberdade Japanese Quarter. The district is also home to a large Japanese torii and you will find many Japanese stores and restaurants. Still, it’s always funny that in a certain neighborhood you can suddenly be in a completely different environment and for a moment you feel like you are no longer in Brazil.

Of course, you can also choose to join an organized tour to get an impression of the city of Sao Paulo. With an organized tour, you will drive around the city in an air-conditioned van and stop at various places in the city. In total, you will see 25 sights of the city in 1 tour. Of course, this is also an easy and safe way to get a good impression of the city in a quick way. For more information on an organized tour of Sao Paulo with kids, take a look here.

Sao Paulo with kids

#5 Catavento Museum

If you enjoy visiting a museum in Sao Paulo, the Catavento Museum is a good option. This science museum is in the middle of downtown in a beautiful building and the museum is very large. The museum has 4 different themes into which it is divided: the universe, life, ingenuity and society.

It is an interactive museum, where kids can explore a lot. Of course, this museum is also a good activity when the weather is not so good in Sao Paulo. You can have a great time here with the family for half a day.

Other children’s activities Sao Paulo

You have more things to do Sao Paulo with the family besides the children’s activities described above. We briefly list the other activities below.

#6 Kidzania: You have a branch of Kidzania in many major cities around the world and the set-up is the same everywhere. Kids can do all kinds of jobs here. You will find a whole recreated city with all kinds of businesses, where kids can play. However, it can be difficult for kids if they don’t speak Portuguese. We have been to Kidzania several times with our daughter, and usually we try to translate to her what the purpose is. This is really an activity for young kids up to about 10 years old.

#7 Parque da Monica: this is a kind of indoor amusement park that is a half-hour drive from downtown Sao Paulo. This is an amusement park geared toward young kids. The amusement park is inspired by Mauricio de Sousa’s figurines and you have several attractions here for the kids. Kids can also have their pictures taken with the various figures here and there are also shows for the kids. You can take a whole day for this just fine. By the way, on weekends it can be quite crowded here and the queues at some attractions can get long.

#8 T-Rex Park: If your kids love dinosaurs, this could be a fun park to visit. Besides all the dinos you can see here, there are also a few attractions, including a Ferris wheel.

#9 Cidade da Criança: This is another amusement park you can visit in Sao Paulo with kids. You have several attractions here, including a roller coaster, and there is also a petting zoo of sorts that you can visit. This amusement park focuses on young kids in terms of attractions.

Sao Paulo with kids

Family-friendly restaurant Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is a big international city, where of course you can eat very well with kids. You have many international restaurants and therefore there is something for everyone in this city. We list some family-friendly restaurants in Sao Paulo below.

Dona Firmina Pizzaria: most kids make you happy eating pizza and at this restaurant you can eat delicious pizza. Many of the pizza’s ingredients are imported from Italy. In addition to pizza, you can eat pasta, salads and risotto at this restaurant. The reviews of this restaurant are very good!

Manihi Sushi Perdizes: you can eat sushi in Sao Paulo with kids. DIt family-friendly restaurant is also in the city center and for young kids, there is a whole playroom at the restaurant with all kinds of toys and a slide.

Portucho – Brooklin: this family-friendly restaurant also includes a whole playroom (with supervision) for young kids at the restaurant. In this restaurant you can order a variety of meat dishes and this restaurant is also located in the center of the city.

Family-friendly hotel Sao Paulo

You can stay in Sao Paulo with kids just fine. You have plenty of family-friendly hotels in downtown Sao Paulo. We list some options below and these are the ones that are very well rated by families with kids from hundreds of reviews. That way, you can be almost certain that you are right with the accommodation in question. Click on the blue link for more information.

Budget hotel: Hotel Centro 433

Mid-range hotel: ibis Styles SP Centro

Luxury hotel: Cozzy Suites Paraíso Hotel

Don’t the above 3 options include a suitable accommodation for you in Sao Paulo? Then check out the full list of family-friendly accommodations in Sao Paulo.

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