Samoa with kids: mini travel guide!

Samoa with kids: all the information for a top trip!

Samoa is known for its beautiful tropical islands and beaches. Samoa is best combined with a trip through New Zealand (four-hour flight) or Australia (six-hour flight). We ourselves visited Samoa as part of our world tour, traveling from
New Zealand
to Hawaii, the islands of
and Samoa have visited. One advantage of Samoa with kids is that it is not yet super touristy. We will list below the different activities in Samoa with kids that you can do on the island with kids.

Samoa vacation
Samoa vacation

Samoa with kids #1: Visit the capital city of Apia

A tour of downtown Apia, the capital, is a great activity to spend a morning or afternoon on your trip. In the center are several markets, such as the fish market that are fun to visit.

You also have some beautiful churches in the center. For example, the Catedral of the Immaculate Conception is a very beautiful church in the center, which you can also visit for free. We walked around there for a couple of hours, had lunch and an ice cream and it was an excellent half-day visit.

Tip: Are your kids having trouble with Samoa food? A Mc Donalds can be found in downtown Apia.

Tonga world trip with kids
Tonga church with kids and family

Samoa with kids #2: Drive around the main island in a rental car.

On Samoa, it is possible to rent a car. There are
dozens of rental companies
to be found in downtown Apia. Check out our travel blog to see exactly what to look out for when renting a
rent a car abroad

Of course, the roads are not like those in the Netherlands, but we have seen worse roads while traveling. The island of Upolu has some beautiful sights that are also great to visit with kids:

  • To Sua Ocean Trench. An hour’s drive from the center of Apia in the south of the island lies
    To Sua Ocean Trench
    . The beautiful lake is formed by two sinkholes connected by a lava tube and fed with water from the ocean.It is a beautiful place, surrounded by high rocks and trees on the side. There is no age restriction, but the ladder down is steep and with small kids the descent can be tricky. Kids under 6 are free and those over 6 pay a few euros.
  • A twenty-minute drive from To Sua Ocean Trench is the beautiful Lalomanu Beach. This beach was chosen by Lonely Planet in the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. Other beautiful beaches on the island include Salamumu Beach and Matareva Beach.
  • Papapapaitai Falls. In Samoa, it rains often and because of this, waterfalls can be found all over the island. From Apia on your way to the previous two sights, you’ll pass the island’s largest waterfall. You pay a small entrance fee and the falls can be seen from a platform a long distance away. Great for stopping by with your family on the way to the other two sights.

Samoa center with family and kids
Samoa hotel with kids and children

Samoa with kids #3: Go for a day of snorkeling in the sea

Most hotels do offer these snorkeling trips. At our hotel we could go snorkeling for a day. We took a motorboat out to sea from Apia, to different places with beautiful fish and coral.

Check with the hotel where you are staying to see exactly what the options all are. Our daughter has taken several snorkeling trips with a life jacket on. This kept her afloat and she could use her goggles to get a good look at the fish.

As you can see, there are not super many attractions for tourists on the island. Consequently, tourism is not yet fully developed, which means that prices for tourists are not yet super high.

Snorkeling with kids Maldives
Samoa what to do with kids

Where to stay on Samoa with kids?

We ourselves stayed at the Sherathon Samoa Beach Resort which is a two-minute drive from the airport. The pool of this hotel is beautiful and the private beach is also very nice. The only drawback of this resort is that you depend on the hotel’s food. Of course, the food is of fine quality and the prices are not too bad. Of course, it is cheaper if you go to eat in downtown Apia with your family, for example.

Samoa world trip with kids and family
Kayaking Tonga with kids

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