Saarland with kids

What to do in Saarland with kids? The Saarland region Is best known for the magnificent views of the Saarschleife. This was also the reason for us to visit this region. From the Cloef vantage point and from the treetop trail in Mettlach you really have a great view! But this area is also beautiful from the water and from the shore. We were here with our 10-year-old and 12-year-old kids and they had a great time here. We discovered this beautiful area in different ways. In addition, this area is close to a number of nice cities to visit, such as Trier, Luxembourg City, Saarburg and Saarbrücken. In this blog, we list the best children’s activities in Saarland!

Best travel time Saarland with kids

You can visit Saarland with kids all year round. In the spring, you can walk beautifully through the greenery here and it is not as crowded as in the summer. Autumn with all its colors is also fantastic, of course. We visited this period during the May vacation and how green it was already! All the activities we wanted to do were open. Please note that May 1 is a public holiday in Germany and many things are closed then.

In the summer months, of course, you have the best weather. However, you should then keep in mind that it can be very crowded in this region. So it kind of depends on what you think is important. In terms of temperature, the best travel time to visit Saarland with kids is from May through September.

Saarland with kids

Transportation to and in Saarland

We slept in the town of Orscholz and we drove here from our hometown of Deventer by car in 4.5 hours. We stayed in an Airbnb cottage. From Utrecht, it is a 430-kilometer drive. Great to do so in 1 day and not too far for a few days away. The car is also ideal for exploring the Saarland region.

Of course, you can also explore the region by public transportation, but you’ll be on the road much longer and you’ll have a lot less freedom. Therefore, with kids, the car is ideal. You can stop wherever you want and drive everywhere in no time.

Children's activities Saarland

Children’s activities Saarland

#1 Baumwipfelpad Saarschleife Mettlach

As we mentioned earlier in this blog, the Saarschleife is the main attraction of the Saarland region. For a fantastic view of the Saarschleife, walk the treetop trail. For 28 euros, you have a family ticket (2 adults and 2 kids). The path is about 800 meters long and 42 meters high.

The path winds through the trees and along the way you will find fun facts about the area. You can take a side path that leads to a very cool playground: Abenteuerwald Saarschleife. You pay extra for this, but it is highly recommended, especially with young kids! For more information on Abenteuerwald Saarschleife briefly here.

We walked on, however, because at the end of the path you go up and up to 42 meters! In the shape of a spiral you walk up and the view at the top is really beautiful! Here you have a view of the Saar River and right at the spot of the view the river makes a turn. We had beautiful weather when we climbed this viewpoint and therefore had a super good view of the river as well!

If you go on this trip, do check the weather beforehand. You don’t want to be above and that you see very little because of fog, for example. This hike up is also doable with a baby carriage.

Saarland with kids

#2 Cloef-Atrium

Next to the entrance to the treetop trail is the Cloef-Atrium. Here you will find a small information center with a tourist shop. This little store sells local produce and there is also a Biergarten here. This is a good starting and ending point for many hikes. There are plenty of marked trails you can hike here with kids.

You have hikes for every level here, and along the way you’ll come across plenty of spots to picnic or take a break. Among other things, we walked the route to the Dragon’s Teeth of the Höcklienenweg. This is an ancient line of defense. We also walked the 10-kilometer route to the ferry. Personenfahre Welles.

Saarland with kids

This route is quite a bit of downhill (and later so up again), but doable with teenagers. If you are with younger kids then this route can be quite challenging! Do put on sturdy shoes when hiking here. With a baby carriage, this route is not passable. Then it is best to take the kids in a baby carrier or let them walk stretches by themselves.

Once you arrive at the ferry you may call if the skipper is not there. It will get there as soon as possible. Super fun. The ferry will take you across the Saar River for free. For those who still have enough energy, you can hike on to Montclair Castle. We did not do this. We did picnic and later sailed back and then hiked (climbed) back to the starting point.

Saarland with the family

#3 Saarbrücken

A fun trip in Saarland with kids is to the city of Saarbrücken. There is plenty to do in this city for kids. Among other things, you can visit the Saarbrücken Zoo here. This zoo is a lot cheaper than most zoos in the Netherlands and you can park your car in front for free.

The zoo is not super big, but is a great activity to have a few hours of fun with kids. For opening hours, different animals and ticket prices, check out Zoo Saarbrücken’s German-language website.

If the weather in Saarland is not great for a day, Saarbrücken also has a great indoor pool for kids: the Calypso pool. You have several slides at this pool as well as lots of play equipment for kids. Therefore, you can have a great time here with the family for half a day when the weather is not so good.

The Völklinger Hütte near Saarbrücken is a huge steel mill that is no longer in operation. However, it is open to the public. The Völklinger Hütte, a fully preserved iron smelter, is a gigantic steel and blast furnace complex from the heyday of the iron industry and is among UNESCO’s world cultural heritages. Admission for kids is free at this complex.

#4 Luxembourg City

We also made another trip to Luxembourg City. This town is a 45-minute drive from Orscholz and here we visited, among other things, the Kazemats. This is an underground defensive stronghold with kilometers of corridors and is one of Luxembourg City’s main attractions. These subterranean galleries were built in the 17th century under Spanish rule and can be visited.

Besides the Kazemats, you have several fun playgrounds located in the center of Luxembourg City. A tourist train also runs through the city and you can possibly take the Hop On Hop Off bus to visit the various sights of the city. You can also visit the Natural History museum in Luxembourg City with kids.

For more information on Luxembourg City, check out the blog Luxembourg City with kids.

Children's activities Saarland

Other children’s activities Saarland

Of course, there are plenty of other activities to do in the Saarland region with kids. We briefly list these children’s activities below.

#5 Museum Gondwana: This is an interactive museum dedicated to dinosaurs. You really walk through the dinosaur’s world in this museum and you also have several dino’s here that you can see. There is also a playground at the museum. If your kids love dinosaurs, then you definitely can’t skip this museum!

#6 Tobogganing: you can also go tobogganing in Saarland with kids. You have a summer toboggan run at Warsberg. You pay per ride here, and if you have kids under the age of 8, they are only allowed down this toboggan run when accompanied by a parent. Kids who are 8 years or older are allowed down the mountain here alone, however.

#7 Saarburg: This village is also fun to visit with kids. You have a castle here that you can visit and from the castle you have a beautiful view of the area. You can also take kids here to a raptor show, a swimming pool and you can ride a tourist train through town. For more information about Saarburg, read the blog Saarburg with kids.

Saarland with the family

Family-friendly restaurant Saarland

You can also have a great meal in Orscholz with kids. Because we were in a cottage, we also “cooked” for ourselves, but we also ate at a restaurant several times. You have several family-friendly restaurants to visit here. We list some of these family-friendly restaurants.

Ristorante-Pizzeria Porta Romana: We had a delicious meal at this family-friendly restaurant. You can eat pizza here with kids, of course, and right next to the restaurant you will find an ice cream parlor with the best ice cream in the region. We tasted this, of course, and it was certainly delicious ice cream!

Restaurant Zur Saarschleife: when you eat at this hotel, the kids can play in the playground that belongs to this hotel. Ideal if you have to wait a while while eating.

Schnitzel To Go: Another fun dining tip is Schnitzel to go! On Moselstraße in Orscholz, there is this stall on weekdays. You can order a huge variety of schnitzels here, have them prepared and eat them on the go or, as we did, take them back to our cottage and eat them on our own balcony.

Family-friendly restaurant Saarland

Family-friendly hotel Saarland

You can stay in the Saarland area with kids just fine. You have plenty of family-friendly hotels you can book. We list some of these accommodations in different price ranges that are tremendously well-reviewed by families with kids. Click on the blue link for more information.

Budget accommodation: Steinhübel Uni-Nähe

Mid-range accommodation: UNO Hotel Posthof Saarlouis

Luxury accommodation: Saarschleifenlodge

Is there no suitable accommodation in the Saarland region among the above 3 options? Then check out the entire list of family-friendly accommodations in Saarland.

Family-friendly hotel Saarland

Vacation parks in Saarland

You also have several nice vacation parks in Saarland, where you can stay with kids. We list them briefly below.

Landal Warsberg: This vacation park in Saarland has several bungalows you can rent for families up to 6 people. The vacation park has a large playground, a mini golf course and a kids club, where kids can do all kinds of activities. In addition, you also have a swimming pool here at the park. The resort also has a restaurant, where they also have a special menu for kids. For more information about Landal Warsberg, take a look here.

Landal Hochwald: this is another vacation park from Landal that you can book with kids in Saarland. Again, at this vacation park there is plenty to do for kids. For example, the vacation park has an indoor swimming pool and a large indoor playground. You can also go bowling and miniature golf with kids here. In addition, near the vacation park is a recreational lake, where you can ride a pedal boat. In short, there is also plenty to do here for families with kids! For more information about Landal Hochwald, take a look here.

Children's outings Saarland

About the author: our family consists of two boys aged 10 and 13 (just turned 13) and we love to travel. Not really the standard trips. Lots of self-exploration, not too crowded, always in high season since I am a teacher. Affordability is important and yet a bit of luxury. And preferably as often as possible

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