Saarburg with kids

A weekend trip to Saarburg with kids is a great idea. This southern Mosel town has enough to do for kids to keep you and your family entertained for a few days. We already wrote about Saarburg in our blog about the Moselle region with kids and that the city is definitely a must visit with kids. The most famous activity with kids here, though, is the toboggan run. But the area has even more to offer than that. We list the best activities and attractions in Saarburg with kids for you.

Saarburg with kids #1: the toboggan run

Saarburg’s toboggan run is one of the most famous activities you can do with kids in this place. The toboggan run is 795 meters long and you can reach speeds of more than 44 kilometers per hour. Of course, there is a brake on your cart, allowing you to control the speed. Kids under the age of eight are only allowed down the toboggan run when accompanied by an adult.

A ride on the toboggan run costs a few euros, but it is also possible to buy an inexpensive ten-ride ticket right away. Take a look at the toboggan run’s German-language website for a video of the run and information on the toboggan run’s opening hours and prices.

Extra tip: Near the toboggan run is also a pancake restaurant, which has a large play area inside the restaurant. If you have older kids, the toboggan run also has a large terrace where you can have a drink outside. Can your kids have fun all afternoon on the toboggan run and you on the terrace. Please note the toboggan run is only open during the summer months!

Black Forest with kids
Saarburg with kids

Saarburg with kids #2: baumwimpfelpad

If you want a short walk to a lookout tower, the treetop trail is a nice route. This trail that is only 1,250 meters long runs between trees and eventually arrives at a 42-meter-high observation tower, where you have a great view of a bend in the river and the surrounding area. During the route along the trail there is all kinds of information about the environment and nature.

This treetop trail is located in the town of Saarschleife, and from the center of Saarburg you can drive there by car in just under half an hour. At the beginning of the trail there is also a restaurant with a terrace where you can have something to eat and drink. For more information on entrance fees, hours and directions, check out the treetop trail website.

In addition, at the end point, you can walk back by a different route and you will come across a huge playground, where you can play for a fee. There is enough play for kids here to keep you entertained for a few hours. For more information about this playground, check out its website. All in all, you can easily spend half a day entertaining the family at the treetop trail!

Saarburg with kids
Saarburg with kids

Saarburg with kids #3: Cable car up the Warsberg

Near the toboggan run, it is also possible to take a cable car further up the mountain to get an even better view of Saarburg and the surrounding area. You go up the mountain in a chairlift, and you’ll have great views of the surrounding area along the way. At the end of this cable car is restaurant Bistro Woods, where they have a really fun playground outside.

Again, an ideal place to have lunch and a drink, for example, while the kids are playing in the playground. There is also a play area inside. Also, the cable car is only open during the summer months!

Saarburg with kids #4: Saarburg Castle

Like most castles around the Moselle, Saarburg Castle is built on a hill. It is possible to walk from the center to the castle, but it is a tough climb and especially not recommended with small kids. It is also possible to drive there by car in a few minutes from downtown.

You can climb a tower of the castle for free via steep stairs to the top (this is definitely doable with kids) and then you have a beautiful 360-degree view of the town of Saarburg and the surrounding area.

Saarburg with kids: other activities

#5 Birds of prey show: it is also possible to go to a 1-hour birds of prey show in Saarburg. On the grounds, you can also admire the various birds in cages, as well as a number of other small animals. The show is held twice a day, so check the website in advance to see what time the shows start that day. This raptor show is also only held during the summer months!

#6 Waterfall in downtown: right in the center of the city you will find a waterfall. You can’t really miss the waterfall when you visit Saarburg, as there are also a lot of terraces around it. This is a great place to grab a bite to eat and a drink in downtown Saarburg. 

#7 Swimming Pool Saarburg: If the weather is warm, in Saarburg with kids you have the opportunity to go swimming outside. The pool has several pools outside, diving boards and a slide. The pool also has a nice view of the castle and the surrounding vineyards and costs only a few euros admission. An ideal activity for a few hours of entertainment. There is also an indoor pool at this pool, which you can use when the weather is just less. Check the pool’s website in advance for opening hours and entrance fees. 

#8 Tourist Train: if you want a fun way to discover Saarburg in a short time, you can take the tourist train through the center. This little train makes a thirty-minute round trip through the city, and along the way you get information about the area. 

Saarburg with kids
Saarburg with kids

Where to sleep in Saarburg with kids

Since there are few suitable family-friendly hotels in the town of Saarburg itself, we have selected a number of hotels that are less than a ten-minute drive from the town. 

Budget hotel: Waldhotel Albachmühle mit Albacher Stuben

Middle class hotel: Hotel St Erasmus Mein Genuss- und Wellnesshotel

Luxury hotel: Hotel Igeler Säule

To search for other hotels in the Moselle region with kids click here for the whole list of hotels. 

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