Round trip Vancouver: 11 top activities with kids

What to do in Vancouver with kids? Western Canada is a great area to tour with the family. For most families, this tour begins in Vancouver. Vancouver is a great city to visit with kids. We stayed in Vancouver for 15 nights during our tour of Western Canada and we were not bored for a moment with our daughter. There are plenty of activities for every kid to do and we describe all the activities you can do in Vancouver with kids.

tour Vancouver with kids

Best travel time Vancouver with kids

The best travel time to visit Vancouver with kids is from mid-May through September. This is the summer period when it is generally nice and warm in Vancouver and also dry. You can therefore visit this city just fine during the summer vacations. The months of July and August are the warmest in Vancouver, when temperatures can be around 25 degrees.

Transportation to and in Vancouver with kids

We walked from our accommodation to downtown every day and always loved walking around the city like this. Occasionally we used public transportation. Consequently, downtown Vancouver is easily accessible by public transportation. There are buses, a Skytrain (subway) and the Seabus.

Package tour to Vancouver

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Children’s Activities Vancouver

#1 Climbing Grouse Mountain

From downtown (Canada Place), free buses run continuously to Grouse Mountain . A chairlift takes you up the mountain and offers a magnificent view of the city, the forests and the sea.

In addition, several times each day there is a free 45-minute Lumber Jack show on the mountain that is very funny and spectacular and definitely recommended for kids. Two Grizzly bears also reside here, which you can admire on the mountain.

Once on the mountain, you can choose to take an even smaller cable car higher up the mountain and take the cable car over the two bears. At the top of the mountain, you then have another opportunity to have a view of the mountains in a large windmill (Eye of Wind) at an even higher point. Grouse Mountain is a fun activity with kids for a half-day during your Vancouver tour.

If you go here yourself by rental car or cab, you can stop along the way at the Capilano Suspension Bridge , one of Vancouver’s most famous suspension bridges. Just keep in mind that it is quite pricey to visit this bridge and that there are free alternatives are. For more information about this bridge, click here .

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tour Vancouver with kids

#2 Cycling around Stanley Park

One of the best activities to do with kids in Vancouver is to rent bikes and take a tour around Stanley Park. You’ll bike along the Vancouver Seawall and on this 28-kilometer bike path you’ll have beautiful views of the city.

For parents with small kids, you can rent bikes with a cart behind the bike. The following bike rental companies in Vancouver around Stanley Park rent a bike with a cart:

  • Cycle City Vancouver
  • Ezee Riders Seawall
  • Spokes Bicycle Rental

Other companies that rent children’s bicycles and high chairs:

  • From City Bikes
  • Ezee Riders Robson

Companies that have carts, seats and children’s bikes:

  • Yes Cycle Adventures
  • Jo E Cycles

With most bike rental companies, you get a clear map of Stanley Park with all the facilities clearly marked on the map.

On the bike tour around Stanley Park, you will have views of Vancouver, the various beaches, the mountains, Stanley Park and the sea.

There are several playgrounds in Stanley Park, where you can stop along the way with your kids to take a break. Around some of the playgrounds there is also a restaurant. Cycle around the entire park and finish with your kids around the two playgrounds at Second Beach. Here there is also a large swimming pool, where you can swim for a few euros in warm weather. In addition, there is a restaurant here and you can picnic here.

Do watch your food here, as the birds are in the trees waiting for you to leave your picnic spot for a while. I (Joep) briefly went to call my daughter in the playground that we could eat, when half of the food had already been eaten by the birds).

tour Vancouver with kids
tour Vancouver with kids

#3 A day at the Playland amusement park

This amusement park is a combination of a fairground and an amusement park and is located in the middle of the city. Check in advance for length restrictions on certain attractions. The entrance fees are also based on height of the kids.

We certainly had a full day of fun here at the amusement park. If possible, try to go on a weekday so that it is a lot less crowded with school children.

tour Vancouver with kids
tour Vancouver with kids

#4 A day at Kitsilano Beach

We found the nicest beach in Vancouver to be Kitsilano Beach. This beach is in a nice neighborhood with a number of fine restaurants where you can eat well. In addition, there is a beautiful saltwater swimming pool at this beach, where you can swim and sunbathe for a few euros. You also have a beautiful view of the sea from here.

The beach at Kitsilano Beach is spacious and there is also a fun playground for the kids. There are plenty of grassy areas around this beach where locals enjoy the sunshine and where you can also picnic with the family.

tour Vancouver with kids
tour Vancouver with kids

#5 Go hiking in the Lynn Valley nature preserve

One of the most popular natural areas in Vancouver is Lynn Valley . This is partly because of the popular suspension bridge found here: the Lynn Suspension Bridge. This is a great activity for a few hours in the afternoon or at the beginning of the day.

You can have a very nice walk here with small kids. Our daughter loved climbing on the giant rocks and playing by the little river. However, the park can be very crowded on weekends, so make sure you go to this park on a weekday.

tour Vancouver with kids
tour Vancouver with kids

#6 Bad weather program: practice different occupations at Kidtropolis!

Practice different professions together with your kids in Kidtropolis. Our daughter loved it here so we went here twice during our tour of Vancouver. Definitely a great activity to do with small kids even in bad weather.

For each profession, there are matching clothes for the kids so they can even better slip into the role of a police officer, pilot or mail carrier. For entrance fees and opening hours of Kidtropolis click here .

tour Vancouver with kids
tour Vancouver with kids

#7 Go for a walk in Queen Elizabeth Park

This beautiful park in downtown Vancouver has stunning views of the city. Hundreds of flowers of all colors can be found here (Rose Garden) in this park. There are also plenty of grassy areas where you can picnic in the park with your family.

Tip: Vancouver slopes down toward the sea, so it’s a good idea to take into account where you get off the subway at many of the sights so that you walk the last bit downhill.

tour Vancouver with kids
tour Vancouver with kids

#8 Go in search of Whales

From Vancouver, you can book a morning or afternoon trip on a boat to go whale watching. Incidentally, this can also be done from Victoria . In fact, in Victoria you have many more organizations offering tours and the prices are slightly lower.

We found the four/five-hour trip on a boat a little too long for our four-year-old daughter, so I (Joep) made the trip alone and my wife and daughter went swimming for the day.

There are two organizations that offer whale watching tours in Vancouver:

  • Prince of Whales
  • Wild Whales Vancouver

The boats that go out are all in contact with each other, so the whales can be quickly tracked by boat. During the whale watching tour, you will see seals, raptors and usually whales.

If you would like to book this tour in advance online, please check here . For a comprehensive report on whale watching in Vancouver look here.

tour Vancouver with kids
tour Vancouver with kids

#9 Enjoy real Dutch pancakes for lunch or dinner.

Dutchman John Dys introduced the pancake to Vancouver in 1955 and since then there have been several pancake restaurants in the city. So if you feel like eating pancakes, a sandwich or a croquette with your kids, you’ve come to the right place.

tour Vancouver with kids

#10 See Vancouver with kids from above

To view this beautiful city from above, there are several options.

  • Vancouver Lookout. For example, in the hip Gastown neighborhood, you have the Vancouver Lookout. Here you have a tower with viewing platform, giving you a beautiful 360-degree view of the entire city. The entrance fee is pricey, yet we thought this was worth it.
  • Harbour air offers several flights over Vancouver, with the shortest flight taking 10 minutes. We did not do this ourselves because we thought it was a little too pricey.
tour Vancouver with kids
tour Vancouver with kids

#11 Take a walk among the squirrels in Central Park.

The squirrels in this park abound and are not at all afraid of humans. Therefore, you can easily feed the squirrels from the hand.

Despite what the name suggests, this park slightly outside downtown Vancouver. The park is easy to reach by subway, though.

There are also two large playgrounds in the park and you can easily spend a morning entertaining yourself with your kids here. There is also a swimming pool in the park where you can swim for just under 2 euros per person.

tour Vancouver with kids

Other children’s activities Vancouver

You can do several other things in Vancouver with kids. We list all the other children’s activities in Vancouver below.

#12 Indoor Playground 365 Fundays: we spent a day here and this is an excellent indoor playground. It is a bit of a subway ride though.

#13 Kerrisdale Play Palace: indoor playground with all kinds of jumping pillows.

#14 Vancouver Aquatic Centre: we spent two days here and this is a very nice pool. The pool has a rapid, slides for the little ones and several diving boards. For us as parents, this was the perfect activity to take a break from the other person so they could have a day to themselves.

#15 Telus World of Science: this museum includes an entire children’s section with science experiments.

#16 Vancouver Aquarium: located in Stanley park, this aquarium houses as many as 50,000 animals of the sea.

#17 Granville Island: visit the indoor market and there is also an indoor area for kids with stores, a small playground and play equipment. We didn’t think it was a big deal.

#18 Aqua Bus: take a trip across the water on these covered boats.

tour Vancouver with kids

Where to stay when touring Vancouver with kids?

We ourselves slept in a guesthouse in a family-friendly residential area with many playgrounds nearby. A similar property is the Douglas Guest house . Right in the center, great breakfast and in a quiet neighborhood.

Still prefer a hotel right in the center? Then we would go for the Sherathon Vancouver Wall Centre go.

tour Vancouver with kids
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