Rotterdam with kids

What can you do in Rotterdam with kids? We have visited Rotterdam several times in recent weeks, and we now know that with kids you can easily have a few days of fun in this beautiful port city. We also already included Rotterdam in our list of most fun cities in our blog South Holland with kids, in which we list all the province’s fun activities. In this blog we list all the sights and activities in Rotterdam with kids for you.

1. Blijdorp Zoo

You can take kids to the zoo in Rotterdam! Blijdorp Zoo is located in the middle of the city and consists of seven different sections (Oceanium, North America, South America, Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa).

The animals are in fairly new pens and have reasonable space. It will take you a while to see all the animals present in this zoo. Therefore, you can easily spend a day here with your kids. We were here for a full day and could have stayed a little longer in the zoo’s large playground.

In addition, there are a fair number of outdoor cafes at the zoo, so in the summer you have plenty of places where you can enjoy the sunshine for a while. Of course, there are also restaurants in the park where you can get something to eat with your kids. Activities are held throughout the year at Blijdorp. There are also volunteers walking through the park who love to tell kids about the animals at this zoo. Kids can also hold animal bones and tusks in some places.

This Rotterdam zoo is also a great place to play with kids. There are several playgrounds at the zoo, including one that is indoor and a very large playground, where your kids can easily have a few hours of fun. If you want to know more about this zoo, read our blog Blijdorp Zoo with kids.

For tickets to this Rotterdam zoo with kids, check here.

Blijdorp Zoo with kids

2. Plaswijckpark

One of the nicest parks to go to with kids in Rotterdam is the Plaswijck park. What a fun park for kids! Plaswijckpark is a park where kids can do many things and you can easily spend a whole day here if you are in Rotterdam with kids!

For example, there are several playgrounds in the park, there is a small zoo, you have a canal boat, kids can ride a train and there is a beautiful large garden, where kids can have a great time.

There is also a traffic garden, where kids can ride around on go-karts which our daughter always really likes. This traffic garden has all kinds of little buildings that kids can drive past and through. Our daughter had a great time here while we sat on a bench somewhere on the course. Because they can only leave the traffic garden at one entrance, it is very orderly! For the smaller kids, they have a smaller track with go-karts in addition to this traffic garden.

Even when the weather is bad, this is still a fun children’s outing in Rotterdam. For example, at the House on the Hill they have a really fun indoor playground! This indoor playground is different from most standard indoor playgrounds. Thus, it’s a bit of a mix of an Instagram museum and an indoor playground. In addition to kids having a lot of fun playing here, you can also take really fun pictures with your kids.

There is also another indoor area in the back of the park where kids can play with trains, toys and all kinds of different balls. Again, your kids will be busy for a while.

Scattered throughout the park you have several catering establishments where you can eat a pancake, fries or a sandwich. So basically you don’t need to bring anything from home!

We have been there in the winter and that was already a lot of fun, but in the summer you can also use the water playground, canal boat and pedal cars in the shape of a swan in this park, so you can easily spend a whole day in the park, when you are on a city break in Rotterdam with kids! We were there now in winter for a whole day! We will definitely go back there in the summer!

We wrote about this park the blog Playground Plaswijckpark Rotterdam, in which we also posted some more pictures of the park.

Rotterdam with kids

3. the Maritime Museum

You can visit a number of great museums for kids in Rotterdam, but we think the Maritime Museum is the best! The Maritime Museum really surprised us in a positive way! What a fun museum for kids!

Our daughter especially enjoyed the Professor Splash section immensely! Here, in this children’s hands-on exhibition, kids will get to know the Professor along with his friends who are going on a trip around the world by ship and the kids have to help prepare for this world trip.

That includes loading and unloading ships, scanning containers, determining the destination of travel, hoisting sails and cooking a meal in a wooden fishing barge. For kids, this is a great playground and they can get all hands-on with scanners, wheelbarrows and cranes. In between are real museum exhibits, making this a really fun museum for kids to visit.

The rest of the museum is also entirely devoted to kids. For example, there is an exhibition about sea monsters for children as young as 4 years old, there is an Offshore Experience for children as young as 8 years old, where kids have to guide a helicopter to a platform, and a kind of escape room (dealing drugs) for kids 14 and older. This really makes the Maritime Museum our number one choice in terms of children’s museums in Rotterdam.

In addition, kids can do a scavenger hunt in the harbor, where they have to look for all kinds of animals among and on the ships moored here.

We wrote about this family-friendly museum the blog Maritime Museum with kids, in which we share with you lots of information, photos and our findings about the museum.

Harbour Museum Rotterdam

4. Euromast

If you want to see the city of Rotterdam with kids at a great height then you really should go to the Euromast! The Euromast is an icon of the city of Rotterdam and we had been there before without our daughter. Still, we were eager to show our daughter the beautiful view of Rotterdam as well.

In addition, we had read on the website about the questionnaire you could do with kids here. This questionnaire is about all kinds of things about the Euromast and the answers can be found for kids on the route up. In addition, Euroscoop is great fun for kids to visit. It is a kind of attraction, which takes you toward the top.

You’ll see all kinds of lights at the beginning and then you’ll slowly make your way up, taking in a beautiful view of the city. In addition, you can look down through the glass under your feet if you dare. If you don’t dare do this, there is also a button that allows you to restrict the view under your feet. This is also a very fun part of the Euromast for kids!

For parents who fancy an exciting experience, there is also the option of abseiling down the more than 100-meter-high Euromast. This can only be done during the summer months. How tough do they think mom or dad is when the person does that?

It is also possible to have a bite to eat or a drink at the top of the Euromast. We have had lunch here twice now and both times we have eaten delicious food here. We therefore highly recommend a lunch or High Tea at the Euromast! For more information about tickets check here. We wrote about the Euromast in Rotterdam the blog the Euromast with kids.

Euromast Rotterdam with kids

5. Discovery Corner Rotterdam

If you want to get creative with kids in Rotterdam then Ontdekhoek Rotterdam might be a good option! The discovery corner, of course, as the name suggests, is all about discovery!

It seems when you walk into the discovery corner in Rotterdam that you are walking into a school building and in different rooms are different experiments you can do. All of the experiments include a tutorial explaining what is intended. These activities are for kids between the ages of four and 14.

In this workshop we made our own potato chips with potatoes, tried to stop fast flowing water with boulders, made popcorn with corn, made soap and at least ten other things. We quickly spent a whole morning here and definitely think it is a fun children’s outing in Rotterdam.

For kids, it’s nice that they can do a lot themselves (of course when baking and such with help from parents) and also learn something! And of course, it is also a great activity in Rotterdam with kids when the weather is not so good.

By the way, this discovery corner is not only in Rotterdam, but also in Hoogeveen and Zwolle.

Rotterdam with kids

6. SS Rotterdam

You can stay overnight in Rotterdam with kids on the steamship Rotterdam which is docked in Katendrecht, but you can also visit it to eat and drink or take the tour of the ship. We slept on the ship during a weekend in Rotterdam and we really enjoyed spending a night here.

Besides having great drinks and food at the Lido Terrace where they also have a paddling pool for kids, you can also book a scavenger hunt and tour of the ship. We particularly liked this tour of the ship. You walk around here with an audio tour and get a lot of information about the ship. There are also plenty of volunteers willing to provide you with additional information.

For extensive information on what you can do on the ship and how we liked our overnight stay on the ship, read our blog ss Rotterdam with kids, cruising on the quay.

SS Rotterdam with kids

7. Outdoor Valley

Families who love outdoor activities and are visiting the city of Rotterdam with kids should definitely visit Outdoor Valley in Bergschenhoek. Outdoor Valley is just over a 15-minute drive from the center of Rotterdam and you can have a whole day here with your kids.

We drive there on a weekday in the vacations and park the car for free in front. Outdoor Valley consists of two locations that are close together and can be reached on foot (20-minute walk) or by car (2-minute drive). You pay a one-time fee here and can then participate in activities organized throughout the day.

First, we go tubing. We think this is already a super fun activity. You go up on a belt with some kind of elevator and then you can go down over three different lanes. You can do this alone, but you can also connect the bands with a rope and then go down. A super fun activity and you go down pretty hard.

After this, Sophie plays at the net course located next to the tubing. Here you have several large balls and also different kind of slides, which the kids can slide down. After a little over an hour, we headed to the other part of the complex for the rest of the activities. In fact, Sophie is going to build a raft with the other kids and, of course, test it afterwards. And then she joins the mud race. In this the kids have to cross all kinds of obstacles via a course.

In that respect, during a city trip to Rotterdam with kids here you are really away from the big city for a while and we felt more like we were in the Belgian Ardennes. After the mud race, Sophie goes archery and goes zip lining across the water. All of these activities are supervised by Outdoor Valley instructors.

As the last on this day (it is already late afternoon by now), we take a round of canoeing. The three of us sail in a canoe and enjoy the nature around us. We thought it was a really cool day in the middle of nature. Obviously we were lucky with the weather, but we do think Outdoor Valley is highly recommended for families visiting Rotterdam with kids.

By the way, you can have a great lunch in the restaurant at Outdoor Valley Rotterdam at noon with kids. You can sit on the terrace here and they have various dishes (also for kids). For more information on all the activities you can do here, opening hours and prices, take a look at Outdoor Valley‘s website.

Rotterdam with kids

8. Villa zebra

Villa Zebra is one of the children’s museums in Rotterdam where kids can get creative. This children’s museum of Rotterdam is for kids between the ages of 5 and 12.

Indeed, at Villa Zebra the focus is on art making. This art is created by kids through various exhibitions.

When we visited the museum, there were two different exhibits for two different age groups (ages 2 to 6 and 5 to 12).

We visited the Sea the Sea exhibition, where kids could make their own artwork out of plastic from the sea. They could also create a work of art from all sorts of items washed up on the beach and send a letter by bottle mail. Again, a great activity in Rotterdam with kids when the weather is bad.

Rotterdam with kids

9. Rotterdam street art route

You can search for cool street art in Rotterdam with kids! In Rotterdam you have very beautiful and fun street art in the city center and we really enjoyed visiting some of these locations with our rented bikes.

At some of these artworks, you can be part of the artwork yourself which makes for some fun photos and where young kids enjoy being able to climb for a while (at least our daughter really enjoys this).

There are a total of six different routes through the city that you can walk (or bike). For more information about the different routes, click here.

For example, you can take many walks through Rotterdam with kids. For example, Open Monument Day Rotterdam has several walking routes through the city. One of these walking routes, for example, is the route of Garden Villages Rotterdam-Zuid.

Rotterdam with kids

10. Visit a cube house

Not a great activity, but fun if you are in the center of Rotterdam with kids anyway. The cube houses in the center of Rotterdam look very unusual from the outside and it is hard to imagine people living in those strange shapes.

Yet people live here, and it is also possible to look inside such a home for a few euros. This way you get a good impression of what such a home looks like on the inside.

Children's activities Rotterdam

11. Market Hall

A great place to eat in Rotterdam with kids is the Market Hall! The market hall is a landmark in Rotterdam, where it is fun to walk in for the architecture alone.

In this market hall there are lots of different eateries with lots of different foreign dishes. For example, we have eaten a delicious Indian meal here several times for lunch and for dessert a delicious ice cream scooped into a tasty waffle.

If you are curious what dishes you can all eat at this market hall, check out the market hall’s website here.

12. Water cab

There are several ways to visit Rotterdam with kids, but the water cab is a really fun option! Rotterdam is located on the water and if you want to take a boat ride with your kids, without being on the road for hours, it is definitely fun to take the water cab for a ride.

The water cabs are located at fixed spots along the water and a ride on the water cab will cost you a few euros.

If you take the water cab, for example, at the Maritime Museum to Hotel New York, you will be on the water for ten minutes and sail under the Erasmus Bridge.

13. Kids Marina

And also you can drive a boat yourself in Rotterdam with kids! Next to the Maritime Museum is a section of the harbor cordoned off for small boats for kids to sail.

The boats all have a different theme and all look different. The boats are powered by electric motors and can be easily controlled by kids. You can always rent the boats by 15 minutes. The boats are spacious enough so that parents can also join them.

Just make sure the weather forecast is good, otherwise the boats may not sail. Also check the website in advance to see if this water attraction is open, as there are days when it is closed.

Kinderdijk with kids

14. Tour of the harbor

Rotterdam is inseparable from its port and you can take a scenic cruise through the port in 75 minutes.

This way you can see the beautiful skyline of Rotterdam, the shipyards, docks and the modern transshipment of thousands of containers waiting in the port for their destination. Unfortunately, the weather when we were there was a bit gloomy, which still gives a slightly different view of the harbor than on a sunny day.

The tour boats are quite large and you can eat and drink on the boats themselves during the cruise.

15. Kralingse forest

Near Kralingse bos and Kralingse plas you can have a great time in Rotterdam with kids for half a day when the weather is good. On the west side of the lake is a beach with a pool for young children, and you will also find several pieces of playground equipment for young and older kids.

In addition, a petting zoo is located near this beach. This petting zoo is free to enter and you can feed various animals here. So you can walk among the goats and feed them with food you can buy at the farm. Around the Kralingse plas there are several playgrounds for kids.

You can also have great drinks and lunch by the water. We ourselves had lunch at brasserie Woodz and found it highly recommended. If you want more information about all the activities you can do around the Kralingse plas with kids read our blog Kralingse Bos with kids.

Kralingse forest with kids

16. Fun Forest Rotterdam

You can also go to a climbing park in Rotterdam with kids. Near the Kralingse plas is climbing park Fun Forest Rotterdam. This climbing park has several courses for kids and it depends on the height of the kids which courses they all get to do. Kids as young as six are allowed to climb in the forest here.

We climbed with our daughter, who is seven years old and 1.25 meters tall, and she got to do the first two courses in the park. What we love about this children’s activity in Rotterdam is that as a parent you can join in as well and it is also great fun for adults!

We always find a climbing park a fun activity to do and climbing park Fun Forest Rotterdam is also a must in this regard. We wrote about this climbing park the blog climbing park Fun Forest Rotterdam with kids, in which we give extensive information about this cool climbing park.

Fun Forest Rotterdam with kids

17. Kinderdijk

You can also visit Kinderdijk from Rotterdam with kids. From Rotterdam, it is fun to travel to Kinderdijk by water bus. You’ll be there in about a half-hour boat ride. It is also possible to go to Kinderdijk by bus from Rotterdam and you will get off in front of the visitor center.

You can buy a ticket online in advance, which will give you access to the various attractions. This we did and first we visit the visitor center and watch the short film about Kinderdijk. In this ten-minute film, you will get information about the history of the mills and also about their function.

Also, with the ticket you can go on a sort of hop on hop off boat that takes a tour of the mills and the boat stops at the two mills that are set up as museums. Here you can also look inside with the ticket and see how things used to be in a mill. By the way, when we were there, the weather was also beautiful and it was really enjoyable to walk around here.

Afterwards, we enjoyed some food and drinks on the visitor center patio. In total, we were in Kinderdijk for about half a day. Especially when the weather is nice, this is a very fun activity to do with kids in the Rotterdam area. We wrote about our visit to Kinderdijk the blog Kinderdijk with kids.

For more information on tickets, take a look here.

Kinderdijk with kids

18. Schieveen Adventure Farm

If you are looking for a nice petting zoo to visit with kids in Rotterdam then Belevenisboerderij Schieveen is a nice option! The farm is not super big and you don’t have super many animals, but for smaller kids you can have a great time here for a few hours. We ourselves drive to the farm on a Friday morning during the vacations and we can park the car at the farm for free.

We first look in the stables of the farm where there are a number of animals such as goats that the kids can pet. There is also a small maze here with hay bales where the kids can play. When we were there it was quite warm outside and then the farm also has plenty of opportunities to play around the farm. Basically, this is a free children’s activity in Rotterdam.

Furthermore, here you have play nature from the Oerrr Foundation. It’s not super big, but big enough for kids to have fun. For example, there are some ditches, over which several wooden trees have been laid and the kids can walk across them. It is also possible to catch small tadpoles with a landing net. You can buy a landing net at the farm.

In addition, there are lots of parents sitting around the water and you see especially many small kids playing nicely around this water. It is also possible to have a bite to eat and drink at the farm. First we had a drink with some goodies and later we also had lunch here, where you can choose from a sandwich, sandwich, pancake or omelet.

It’s not a very extensive lunch menu, but for us there were plenty of options to choose from. This is definitely a fun summer activity if you are visiting the Rotterdam area with kids!

Rotterdam with kids

19. Bouncevalley Rotterdam

If you are looking for a location in Rotterdam with kids, where they can enjoy themselves for an hour, then Bounce Valley Rotterdam is a great option. Even though the name suggests the location is in Rotterdam, this Bounce Valley location is in Capelle aan de IJssel. This park is popular with both young children and slightly older kids, and you book by the hour here.

We ourselves have now been to a Bounce Valley facility twice and we have experienced twice that one hour of jumping is more than enough. We were there on a hot day, so it can also get quite warm inside. Of course, parents can sit around the bouncy houses and it is possible to have a snack and drink. Popular among kids here is the lemonade bar, where kids (if you buy a glass from the bar) can drink unlimited lemonade.

Rotterdam with kids

20. The Schollebos

A nice park/forest to visit during a city trip to Rotterdam with kids is the Schollebos in Capelle aan de IJssel. We park the car for free near the Schollebos pancake restaurant. From here we walk in a few minutes to the nature playground located in the forest.

This nature playground is not super big, but it is fun enough to spend 20 minutes or so climbing and swinging from the cable car here. Then we walk through the forest and see that there are several huts built in the forest. After about ten minutes of walking, we come to a second playground in the woods.

At this second playground you have several pieces of playground equipment and also a small water play area. When we were there, there were many kids from daycare and our daughter played with several kids here. There is also a kind of free run course used mainly by the kids as a kind of playground equipment.

All in all, we spend over two hours in the Schollebos. We didn’t eat at the pancake restaurant, but that can obviously be a nice addition if you spend a morning or afternoon visiting this forest during your city break to Rotterdam with kids.

Rotterdam with kids

21. Adventure City Rotterdam

You can also go climbing in Rotterdam with kids. At Adventure City Rotterdam it is possible to go climbing both indoors and outdoors. Because of this, you are not dependent on the weather, as there is also a very large part of the course indoors. What we found so cool about this is that our daughter (who is taller than 1.30 meters) was allowed to climb all the courses here.

As a result, we even went climbing 20 meters high which of course is very spectacular for both parent and kid. In total, the indoor climbing park has four different courses made up of 30 elements and three outdoor courses as well. They also have all kinds of challenges inside, such as going to hang from a banana and that you can play a game of who gets to the top first. For very young kids, they also have a small course at 1 meter in height. This allows you to come climbing with kids as young as four years old.

Of course, there are also several ziplines, one of which is very long and goes from inside to outside. Also, our daughter took a free fall from twenty meters high which was also very cool. We had a ticket, which allowed us to climb in the climbing park here for two hours. These kinds of children’s activities in Rotterdam are also fun to join as a parent we think. For more information about the courses, prices and opening hours, check out Adventure City Rotterdam‘s website.

Rotterdam with kids

22. Remastered

A fun children’s activity in Rotterdam is the 60-minute experience of Remastered. In this experience, you end up in different worlds created with images and sound, which is very cool. Why it is also definitely a fun activity in Rotterdam with kids, because the worlds are almost fairytale-like, but also with lots of strange characters, which kids will definitely find interesting. Remastered is therefore recommended for kids ages six and up.

It starts in the lobby even before the experience begins. Kids here can color in a coloring page of a helicopter or UFO and have it scanned and then it flies on a big screen among the other helicopters and UFOs. They did this very nicely and this is guaranteed to be a hit with kids.

Then the experience begins and we walk through a waterfall and interact with fish in the first room. You can touch the walls and the fish respond. To get to the next room, we go very fast on an elevator and end up in the clouds. Then we enter several other rooms and end up in a different world each time.

It also includes a section that features art by artists such as Mondrian, Vermeer and Van Gogh. You’ll be well entertained for a whole hour, and as we mentioned earlier, this activity is also definitely great for kids. For more information on this experience, check out the Remastered website.

Rotterdam with kids

Other children’s activities Rotterdam

Of course, we ourselves have not yet done everything in Rotterdam either. There are still plenty of fun children’s outings in Rotterdam that we need to undertake ourselves. Below we give some more tips that you can further undertake in Rotterdam with kids:

#23 Miniworld: a kind of Madurodam but only of the city of Rotterdam (they are now expanding to include other cities). Kids can use buttons to turn certain lights on and off. If you are a lover of trains and the like and your kids enjoy looking at them especially, this could be a fun outing when it is raining outside.

#24 Buitenplaats Tropenburg: if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city of Rotterdam with kids, you can take a walk in this garden. A new scavenger hunt is created each year for kids.

#25 Fenix Food Factory: hip food market, where you can enjoy a craft beer or wine and some food, especially in the summer. When we were there the weather was not so good and there was not much to do. Still, sometimes small festivals are held here and on the videos of these festivals it looks very cozy with music and the like.

#26 Natural History Museum: at this museum you can see dead animals with a story. The museum has scavenger hunts for different age groups and also a special audio tour for kids. During school vacations, the museum also organizes a variety of workshops and other tours. Check the museum’s website for its schedule.

#27 Tax and Customs Museum: this is a small museum, where kids can scan luggage and track down crooks in the kids’ corner. The museum often has changing exhibitions. Check the website to see what exhibitions are available at the time you go to Rotterdam with kids.

#28 Bungelland children’s paradise Rotterdam: if you want to let your kids have a break and the weather is bad in Rotterdam, this indoor playground is a good option. This playground sits near the Alexandrium mall. In addition to a large indoor playground, you can also play laser tag and bowling here.

#29 Pancake Boat Rotterdam: a combination of a canal cruise and food. On this boat you can eat unlimited pancakes in Rotterdam with kids. You cruise the Meuse River for 75 minutes and in that time you can eat as many pancakes as you want.

#30 Playground: this is a playground in nature with natural materials. It is the oldest natural playground in the Netherlands. If your kids love playing outside in nature, then this is definitely a good option.

Family-friendly hotel Rotterdam

#31 Speelfabriek Rotterdam: this play workshop is somewhat similar to the Ontdekhoek Rotterdam we discussed above. This play factory is for kids ages 5 to 12. Kids can race race homemade race cars, they can draw pictures with sand, make soap, build marble tracks, test out homemade boats, ride a milkshake, bake fries and make a postcard for grandparents.

#32 Tram Museum Rotterdam: this museum houses almost all streetcars that have ever operated in Rotterdam. There are as many as 60 streetcars and 20 buses in this museum. From March through October, the museum is open every first Saturday of the month and also runs a commuter streetcar.

#33 Bicycle tour of Rotterdam: another way to explore Rotterdam with kids is by bicycle. The Dutch company BajaBikes, led by a Dutch guide, organizes special bike tours for families with kids. These bike tours last between 2.5 and 3 hours and you will pass all the city’s famous sights. We did the bike tour of Paris with our daughter with BajaBikes and we thought it was a very cool introduction to the city.

For kids, there are children’s bikes and high chairs, making them fine to join the organized tour. For more information on these organized bike tours of Rotterdam, take a look here.

#34 Splashtour: there are lots of different ways to see Rotterdam with kids from the water, but this is quite a spectacular option! First you ride the bus through the city and then the bus drives into the water. For kids, of course, it’s a spectacular activity that this can be done. The entire tour takes about an hour, so it’s definitely doable as a children’s activity in Rotterdam.

#35 GPS Audio Tour: if you are looking for a really cool activity to do in the Rottterdam area with kids then this GPS tour is definitely a must. This tour starts from Lisse and in doing so you will drive through the beautiful bulb fields in the summer months in a small car. We have done this children’s activity in the Rotterdam area and found it really cool to do. For more information on this GPS tour, take a look here.

Family-friendly restaurant Rotterdam

Lakehouse Rotterdam

A great place to eat in Rotterdam with kids is Lakehouse Rotterdam. We got this family-friendly restaurant in Rotterdam through as a tip from one of our followers on our Instagram channel, and when we visited Outdoor Valley we had lunch here (it’s a few minutes’ drive from Outdoor Valley).

Lakehouse Rotterdam is a very nice family-friendly restaurant and we would almost label it as fancy. The food is delicious and the nice thing about this waterfront restaurant is that it has a nice playground for the kids. When we visited, the restaurant was very busy and there were a lot of kids in the playground.

As a result, our daughter had a great time in the playground and we enjoyed a drink for two after dinner here. A great place to have lunch in Rotterdam with kids!

Family-friendly hotel Rotterdam

To get a good idea of where to stay in Rotterdam with kids, we booked three completely different accommodations in Rotterdam. As a result, we show you that there is something for everyone in terms of choosing accommodation. So we slept in a hostel, in a hotel and we slept in a large apartment overlooking Rotterdam. Below are our findings on these three accommodations.

Van der Valk Hotel Ridderkerk

During one of our city trips to Rotterdam, we slept at the van der Valk hotel Ridderkerk. This family-friendly hotel is located just outside the city of Rotterdam, and you can park your car for free right outside the door. The hotel has wonderful rooms for families and we had booked an Executive Suite. This was a beautiful room with a super large hot tub and steam shower. So a wonderfully relaxing room! In addition, you can enjoy fine dining at the various restaurants located near the hotel. We definitely recommend this hotel if you are taking a city trip to Rotterdam with kids. We wrote about the hotel the blog van der Valk Hotel Ridderkerk with kids.

van der Valk Ridderkerk with kids

Room Mate Bruno

If you are looking for a very cool colorful hotel with beautiful design during a city break to Rotterdam with kids then Room Mate Bruno is highly recommended! This hotel has wonderful rooms for families with kids and is very centrally located in the Kop van Zuid. You can be in the city center in a few minutes by public transport and near the hotel are also the Foodhallen, where you can have a very nice dinner with your kids. We really had a beautiful spacious room here with a balcony and a wonderful view of the water and the city skyline.

For more information about this hotel, take a look here.

We wrote about the hotel the blog Room Mate Bruno hotel with kids.

Room Mate Bruno with kids

Savoy hotel Rotterdam

You can stay at the Savoy Hotel Rotterdam with kids just fine. The hotel is super central in the city of Rotterdam, has nice spacious family rooms with a spacious balcony and in the morning they serve a delicious breakfast. From the hotel, you can easily walk to the various sights in the city. We found it a very nice place to stay, during one of our city trips to the city.

For more information about this hotel, take a look here.

We wrote about this hotel the blog Savoy Hotel Rotterdam with kids, in which we give an extensive review of the hotel!

Apartment at Urban Residences

Sometimes it is best to spoil yourself while traveling and we certainly did that in Rotterdam! We rented a beautiful apartment in Rotterdam through Urban Residences apartments with a stunning view of downtown Rotterdam! A super experience when you spend a weekend in Rotterdam with kids.

For more information on these apartments, take a look here.

For a comprehensive report with our experiences about this apartment, please click here.

Rotterdam with kids

Premier Suites Plus Rotterdam

If you are looking for a nice apartment right in the city center during a city trip to Rotterdam with kids, then the apartments of Premier Suites Plus Rotterdam are a very good option. The apartments are located in a building practically next to the city’s central train station. The rooms are luxurious and fully equipped and you have a beautiful view of the surroundings.

For more information about these apartments, take a look here.

We wrote the blog Premies Suites Plus Rotterdam with kids, in which we give a detailed review about these apartments in Rotterdam.

SS Rotterdam

We slept on this ship when we spent a weekend in Rotterdam. This former cruise ship has spacious family rooms and on board there is plenty to do for kids. For example, they have a restaurant with a paddling pool, a room full of playmobil toys, you can book a scavenger hunt and a guided tour, and there is a cool playground near the ship.

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The Coaster Rotterdam

During a weekend in Rotterdam with our daughter, we slept right in the center on boat The Coaster Rotterdam. We had a spacious cabin here, where we spent two days with the family. Of course, we used the Jacuzzi on the deck of the ship.

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The Coaster Rotterdam

Hostel Room Rotterdam

It had been years since we had slept in a hostel, but we immediately became nostalgic for earlier times, when we moved from hostel to hostel in foreign countries on our travels. The atmosphere in a hostel is often just a little more relaxed anyway, and especially with kids that’s nice. At Hostel Room Rotterdam, our daughter loved playing shuffleboard, table soccer and pizza in the downstairs room.

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Hotel The James Rotterdam

In this luxury hotel right in the center of Rotterdam, we experienced a very high level of hospitality. A device in the room that caused a whole starry sky to appear in the room, a little welcome bill and a chat with the general manager in the café, where we were having a drink. Often the feeling of hospitality is found in very small things, and they’ve got that right at The James Rotterdam!

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