Rome with kids

Rome with kids: 18 fun activities in a row!

Is a city trip to Rome with kids worth it? Basically, the city’s most famous sights are not exactly the most attractive sights for (young) kids. However, there are still plenty of activities to do in the city that are great for kids, allowing you to combine seeing things and doing fun activities with the kids during your visit. We list both the more boring sights (for kids) and the more fun activities in Rome with kids in this blog.

Rome with kids
Rome with kids

Rome with kids: not-to-be-missed sights

You have a number of sights in Rome that are hugely known to the general public and are definitely worth checking out during your city break to Rome with kids. We list them below.

#1 Colosseum: this is the most famous sight to visit in Rome with kids. This amphitheater is world famous and it has even been voted as one of the new wonders of the world today. The Colosseum is located right in the center and is easily accessible by public transportation. We visited the amphitheater by subway and if you get off at the Colosseo stop you are immediately face to face with this landmark.

You can buy tickets to this theater both locally and online. Especially in the summer months there can be quite a long line, so if you know when you want to go then buying a ticket online is recommended. Children under 18 are admitted free, so be sure to bring ID for kids. Your ticket to the Colosseum also provides access to Forum Romanum and Palantine. These are both also ruins of ancient Rome and are all located together.

If you visit the Coliseum with kids make sure to bring plenty of water as they don’t sell it on site. A stroller is also not convenient to bring into the theater itself. It’s best to visit the Colosseum as early as possible, so it’s not so crowded yet and it’s also a lot less hot.

Rome with kids
Rome with kids

#2 Pantheon: This ancient temple located a little further down the city impressed us a lot. Especially when you stand in front of it, it is a huge building and looks very impressive. Big advantage of this sight is that it is free to visit. The most impressive part of this temple is the huge dome that has a hole in it. As a result, light falls somewhere else in the temple every moment of the day.

So the large opening in the temple allows water to come in when it rains, but they had thought of something for that in the past. This is because the marble floor has small holes and slopes slightly, allowing rainwater to drain easily. It is fun to take a look at this temple and count at most 15 minutes to see this Rome landmark with kids.

Rome with kids
Rome with kids

#3 Trevi Fountain: You don’t need to allow much time in your schedule for this sight either. The Trevi Fountain is Rome’s most famous fountain and from the Pantheon you can walk to it in about 8 minutes. It is quite a fountain that is 20 meters wide and 30 meters high. It is a beautiful fountain with many beautiful statues and at the bottom of the fountain there are lots of coins.

This stems from a tradition, where it is said that if you toss a coin over your shoulder into the fountain, and then quickly turn around and watch the coin hit the surface of the water before it sinks, you will visit Rome again. If you throw two coins into the fountain, you will find the love of your life, and if you throw three coins into the fountain, you will even get married in Rome!

#4 Spanish Steps: these steps can be found in Piazza di Spagna and the steps can be combined well with a visit to Park Villa Borghese. At the Spanish Steps, you can sit on the steps and watch the crowds in the square. You don’t need to reserve much time for this sight either. At the bottom of the Spanish Steps you will also find the fountain Fontana Della Barcaccia.

Rome with kids
Rome with kids

#5 Vatican City: this is the last not-to-be-missed sight in Rome with kids. Vatican City is in Rome proper and by metro you can get there from the center in just over half an hour. Vatican City is the smallest independent state in the world, and tourists visit it because of St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. To visit Vatican City you will soon spend a few hours. Especially since it’s also a bit of a subway ride to get there. Again, it can be quite crowded and lines can form.

The Basilica is free to visit, so keep in mind that there may be a line. When we were there in the summer months, there was quite a line, but it also ran fairly well. You have to buy a ticket for the Sistine Chapel and the museum, and certainly the museum is huge.

You do have to wonder if this is very interesting for kids. If you are interested in this (the Sistine Chapel is beautiful) then it is better to do this once without the kids. If you want to visit Vatican City at a quiet time, do so just after opening hours in the early morning or late afternoon. In terms of days, the least busy days are Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Rome with kids
Rome with kids

Rome with kids: amusement parks

You can also visit a number of amusement parks in Rome with kids. We list the best parks below.

#6 Eden Park: this is a very small amusement park that you can visit in Rome with kids. The park is located in the western part of the city and the subway takes about half an hour. The park has a roller coaster, bumper cars, a swing ship, boats on water, airplanes, a ball pit and a spinning bench. This park is really for the youngest kids and is quite manageable. You can also park your car in front here.

#7 Hydromania: You can also go to a water park in Rome with kids. Located to the east of the city, Hydromania has slides for both young and older kids. The water park has a number of fast slides, from which you can get off with a belt or without aids. There is also a swimming pool with waves in this park. They also have a beach area with beds, so you really feel like you’re on the beach.

In addition, you have a volleyball court and a soccer field as well as a 25-meter pool. There is also a children’s pool (Mermaids Rock) and you have a Jacuzzi pool. As far as that goes, you can have a great time here for a whole day at this water park. If you are vacationing in Rome with kids a bit longer, it is fun to do this as a change for a day. Just keep in mind that the entrance fees for an entire family are not low.

Rome with kids
Rome with kids

#8 Cinecitta World: south of Rome a half-hour drive by car from the city center is this large amusement park. The amusement park has more than 35 attractions for young and for older kids. The theme park’s six fastest rides also have a height restriction, so check the website in advance to see which rides your kids can all get into (a link to the website is in blue near this text).

Since the park can get crowded during the vacation season, they also work here with a fastpass that you can buy extra and thus spend a lot less time standing in line. In addition to the various attractions, the park also has several spectacular shows you can go to with your kids. You can easily spend a whole day with the family at this amusement park as well.

#9 Zoomarina: this park is a combination of a zoo, swimming pool and amusement park. For example, the park has two swimming pools, with several large slides also opening onto them. Several shows are also held with animals such as a dolphin show and a show with tropical birds.

In addition, at this park you also have a number of attractions such as a roller coaster, a white-water ride and a dinosaur park. This park is also located south of the city and it is about an hour away by car from Rome.

#10 LunEur Park: this amusement park also located south of the city is suitable for young kids. You also have several attractions here such as a roller coaster, a Ferris wheel, a track with cars, a swing ship, a carousel and a few more such smaller attractions. In addition to these attractions, they also have a small water playground, where kids can cool off.

Rome with kids
Rome with kids

Rome with kids: museums

Rome obviously has a lot of museums in the city, but we will limit ourselves here to those that could possibly be of interest to families with kids.

#11 Explora Children’s Museum: this is the most fun museum in Rome with kids as it is all about this target group. The museum is divided into different age groups and the exhibits are interactive. It’s a bit like a science museum where kids can do experiments. The museum’s motto is also learning by doing.

Keep in mind that to manage crowds, the museum works with two-hour time slots. So you should count on spending two hours in this museum with your family. The museum is also not super large, so those two hours are enough to see everything in the museum.

#12 Technotown: This is not really a museum, but more of a place that hosts various workshops for kids as young as six. You can think about building robots with Lego and Light Painting (drawing with light). It is in Italian, of course, but the staff speaks English if all goes well. However, there are varying reviews of the workshops. Some say it is great for kids and others say it is mostly in Italian.

Rome with kids
Rome with kids

Rome with kids #13: Villa Borghese Park

A good place to unwind in Rome with kids is the Villa Borghese city park. Especially for kids, it’s a fun park. For example, you can rent family bikes in the park for four people, where the kids can ride in a seat up front. You can then drive through this park for an hour. A tourist train also runs through the park if you don’t feel like pedaling.

In the middle of the park there is a large pond, where kids can rent a rowboat and take to the water. The park is very nicely landscaped anyway and there are plenty of statues and fountains in the park. Of course, several playgrounds can also be found in the park.

The park also contains a zoo (Bioparco zoo) with quite a few animals, including elephants, rhinos, lions, crocodiles and snakes, among others. However, this zoo is somewhat outdated and you can see that in the animals’ enclosures.

Rome with kids
Rome with kids

Rome with kids: other children’s activities

You can do even more in Rome with kids. We briefly name the rest of the activities below.

#14 Hop on Hop off bus: one of the fastest ways to see a city is always a ride on the city’s Hop on Hop off buses. Like most major cities, Rome also has these buses driving around that run a route through the city past all the city’s famous landmarks.

It is certainly a relaxing way to quickly visit a city, but generally a pricey one as well. The subway for a day is a lot cheaper and even there you get to most of the places the bus passes. Of course, you will see a lot less because you are traveling underground. You get around the whole city by bus and that way you can also visit different nice neighborhoods in Rome.

#15 Cycling around the city: you can also explore Rome with kids by bike. There are plenty of rental companies that rent bikes for you and your kids. It is also possible to take a bicycle tour of Rome with a Dutch guide. Baja Bikes organizes bike tours in Rome for kids. Children eight years and older can ride on their own and kids under eight can ride on the back of parents. The tour takes about three hours and passes by many of the city’s well-known landmarks. For more information on these bike tours in Rome with kids, take a look here.

#16 Day at the beach: you can also spend a day at the beach in Rome with kids. The beach closest to Rome is Ostia beach. For a day at the beach in Ostia, take the train from Ostiense Station (near the Pyramid) to Ostia Lido and you’ll be there in about 35 minutes. Just keep in mind that this resort can be quite crowded during the summer months.

Of course, there are more beaches you can go to from Rome with kids but they are a bit further away from the city. If you have a car at your disposal, Paradise Beach and Fregene beach are good options.

#17 Ice Cream Parlor Giolotti: Italy and ice cream are inseparable, and one of the best ice cream parlors in town is Ice Cream Parlor Giolotti. This ice cream parlor is a few minutes’ walk from the Pantheon. Keep in mind that there can be a line, but the ordering system is quite efficient, so you won’t have to wait too long.

#18 Piassa Navona: this is a beautiful square in the center of Rome, where you can have a bite to eat and a drink on one of the terraces. The square is full of life and there are also two beautiful fountains in the square itself. You can get your kids here to have one of the artists standing in this square draw pictures.

Rome with kids
Rome with kids

Package tour Rome

Of course, you can arrange a trip to Rome with kids just fine on your own, but sometimes it can also be easy to book a package tour. Here you book the flight including hotel right away. You can then often choose which airport you want to fly from in the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium. For more information on a package tour to Rome, take a look here.

Rome with kids: Roma Pass

When you go on a city trip to Rome with kids, of course you want to see a lot and visit many things. It may then be advantageous for your family to purchase a pass in advance, which gives you free admission at certain attractions and substantial discounts at others.

For example, you have the Roma Pass. Here you have several options and several fit this society. For example, you have a pass that allows you to visit the first sight for free and gives you discounts at the rest of the list of sights. You may also use public transportation for free during the duration of the pass. In doing so, you have a pass for 48 hours and for 72 hours.

Look carefully in advance to see which attractions and sights you all want to see and whether a pass will benefit you. By the way, there are more such discount passes on the Internet. So it can save money to look into this beforehand.

Rome with kids
Rome with kids

Rome with kids: car rental

If you are going to do the activities described above on Rome with kids, then a car does come in handy. Basically, there is public transportation in the city, but we still really like having our own car. We actually find the cars from Sunny Cars are always top notch!

You actually have all costs included in the price here and are insured for most things (including your deductible). We have had problems with this in the past, because all kinds of costs are added at the destination. With Sunny Cars, you know that’s not the case and that’s a nice feeling. You can additionally cancel the car 1 hour before your reservation free of charge. You can also rent a car on Rome with kids from Sunny Cars.

Check out the different rental cars here.

Where to stay in Rome with kids?

You can stay in Rome with kids just fine. The city has a huge variety of accommodations. When we book accommodation in a big city, we like the fact that we are in a hotel and that it has been reviewed by enough other tourists. We then look only at accommodations that score at least an 8 from many reviews. Based on this, we have listed a number of options in Rome in different price ranges.

Budget hotel: MEININGER Roma Termini

Mid-range hotel: Hotel Amalia Vaticano

Luxury hotel: Otivm Hotel

For a list of all accommodations in Rome with kids check here.

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