Rhodes with kids

Rhodes with kids: 5 top family activities!

What is there to do in Rhodes with kids? The third largest island in Greece, this Greek island has as many as 300 days of sunshine per year, making it one of the sunniest islands in Greece. It is not a super big island, so you can drive from one side of the island to the other in two hours by car. In about 4 hours you fly from Amsterdam to this Greek island. In this blog, we list five fun activities you can do in Rhodes with kids!

#1 Rhodes Town

Rhodes Town is the largest city on the island and definitely recommended for a day visit with the kids. There is enough to do in the city to keep you entertained for a whole day. If you are going to Rhodes in the summer vacations, it may obviously be better to avoid the hottest time of the day and go to this city, for example, twice in the morning or afternoon.

The old city center has several museums and palaces you can visit. For example, you have the archaeological museum that you should go to if you as a family love things from ancient times. Another museum that is a bit more imaginative for kids is the Grand Master’s Palace and St. Peter’s. Nicholas Fort. Both of these are castles located in the city and look impressive.

It is fun anyway to walk through the Old Town and also take a stroll to the city’s harbor. In the old port of Rhodes Town, you also have plenty of providers offering boat tours. Especially in the summer months, it is always nice to be out on the water with a boat. In addition, the city also has a beach close to the city that you can walk to and where there are several cozy restaurants where you can get something to eat.

In addition, the city also has several specific children’s activities you can do here. For example, you have a large aquarium located in the city, where you can view marine animals including sharks and turtles in forty different aquariums. By the way, this aquarium is also located in a beautiful historic building. You can also do a fun escaperoom in Rhodes Town with the family for variety.

#2 Lindos

Another beautiful town to visit on Rhodes with kids is the town of Lindos. This is a very famous sight on the island of Rhodes and this town is known for its many white houses. At the top of the town is an Acropolis, which is actually Greek for the highest point of the city, where a castle or fortress can then often be found. You can also visit this Acropolis in Lindos.

You can walk to the highest part of this place by yourself or use a donkey offered in the place. Personally, we would always choose to ignore these animals then and make it a sporting activity ourselves, but with small kids it may be an option. To visit the Acropolis of Lindos, adults pay just over ten euros entrance fee and for kids up to 18 years old, the entrance is free. From the Acropolis you have a beautiful view of the Lindos area and the sea.

Also highly recommended with kids is to visit the beach at the town of Lindos. You can walk from downtown to St. Louis in no time. Pauls Bay and this is a very nice bay, which is very suitable for kids. The beach slopes gradually and you have plenty of shelter here. You also have a great view from the beach over the Acropolis.

Rhodes with kids
Rhodes with kids

#3 Beaches plus water park

Most families with kids go to Rhodes because of the island’s climate and beaches. As we mentioned in the introduction of the blog, you have more than 300 days of sunshine a year in Rhodes, and especially in the summer months it is great to go to the beach or to a swimming pool. You have several nice beaches you can visit in Rhodes with kids.

For example, at the popular resort of Faliraki you have a wide sandy beach that has the Blue Flag beach seal of approval. This means that there are certain facilities on the beach and the beach meets various conditions. This beach is also in a bay and is also sheltered, making it ideal for kids as well.

Near the resort of Faliraki is also the only water park, which you can visit on Rhodes with kids. This is a water park that is especially great for younger kids with lots of different pools with play equipment in the water and various slides.

If you are looking for a very nice beach to visit on Rhodes with kids, Tsambika Beach is a nice option. It is located east of the island of Rhodes and on this beach you have several beach bars where you can go for a snack and a drink.

#4 Nature

You can also visit nature on Rhodes with kids, although again you should not have too high expectations of this. For example, you have the Petaloudes Valley, which is also known as the Butterfly Valley. This is a very famous sight on the island of Rhodes and every year more than 20% of all tourists on the island visit this valley, which is just over twenty kilometers from Rhodes Town. This valley is only open during the summer months and you pay a few euros entrance fee to enter the valley.

Another natural area is Epta Piges. This nature reserve is located on the eastern side of Rhodes and is known for its seven springs. You have several streams here and it can be a cooling place especially in the summer months. It is not a super large nature reserve and there is also a tunnel that is more than 180 meters long that kids can walk through if they dare.

You can also visit an ostrich farm on Rhodes with kids. The name is a bit biased, as it is actually a small zoo. It started out as a zoo, but with the expansions you can now call it a small zoo. You have here not only ostriches and farm animals, of course, but also monkeys, raccoons and dromedaries.

Rhodes with kids
Rhodes with kids

#5 Excursions on the island of Rhodes

From the island of Rhodes, you and your family can also take various excursions. For example, you can book an excursion to Antony Quinn Bay, where you can snorkel with the kids. Glass-bottom boat excursions are also offered throughout the island. This is a boat with (the name says it all) glass bottom, where you can very easily see the underwater world of Rhodes. Especially with small kids, though, this can be a godsend.

You can also book an excursion to Nissyros, where, in addition to lying on the beach, you can hike to the crater of a volcano. A very special excursion you can book on Rhodes with kids is the jungle tour by Nikos Papas. This guide will tour with you through the “jungle” near the village of Archangelos and give you all kinds of information (in poor Dutch) about the area. This excursion is also suitable for kids.

You can even visit Turkey from Rhodes in the form of an excursion. During the summer months, ferries travel to the Turkish resort of Marmaris. You will then explore the Turkish bazaar of this seaside resort with a guide, passing by various stores selling carpets, leather and fruit. You will also have some free time during this excursion to explore this Turkish resort on your own.

Where to stay in Rhodes with kids?

You have plenty of nice accommodations in Rhodes where you can stay with the family. There are several options, including an all-inclusive vacation, where your food and drinks are with the hotel. For deals, check out FTI’s Rhodes vacations. This is the third largest tour operator in Europe and this organization regularly has good offers for the island of Rhodes.

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