Reasons to vacation with kids: 7 counterarguments debunked!

When we first told people we were going on a world trip with our 4-year-old daughter, most reactions were very enthusiastic. Yet you always have people who do have reservations and don’t understand why you want to travel the world with your kids.

This often comes from the fact that many people like certainty in life and find it difficult to relate to other people who do like adventure.

We have therefore listed some of these counterarguments to travel and put right underneath why we think these arguments are nonsense.

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#1 Pfff, did you guys win the grand prize? That’s hugely expensive, isn’t it?

This is one of the biggest reasons why families with kids drop out of going on an extended trip, because they think you have to be a millionaire to do it.

Traveling for an extended period of time is really affordable for a lot of people, and by prioritizing a little, you can really take that dream trip.

If you want to know how, even in 1 day, we earned six months of travel to Asia with our family without putting much effort into it, read the blog saving for a world trip with kids.

In many countries around the world, the cost of living is a lot lower than in our country and you can really get by with your family for less than 100 euros.

If you travel to countries with your family where the costs are low and you take into account certain saving tips from us, you can go on the dream vacation you want with your family within a few years. So definitely don’t let the money stop you.

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#2 My kids have to go to school, so for the next few years we won’t be able to go

That your kids can’t just go without lessons for a very long period of time is of course true, but there are plenty of ways to arrange this for your kids these days.

In a separate blog, we have listed everything related to your kids’ compulsory education.

Likewise, fortunately, most schools recognize that it can be enormously valuable for a kid’s development to spend some considerable time exploring the world.

This allows you as a parent to bring your own materials to teach your kids, but also allows remote teaching to the kids. We have already heard many stories from parents who have traveled for an extended period with the family and whose kid did not fall behind during this period.

Some parents even noticed that their son or daughter was significantly ahead of their school peers. You can imagine how much kids, in addition to studying school, learn from another countries very different culture.

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#3 Your kids don’t remember any of it anyway

Especially with young kids, they have a point, but is that a bad thing?

In our view, it’s all about whether your kid is happy, and especially with young kids, that’s especially when they’re with their parents and also getting attention from those parents.

How many kids are in school and daycare all week and see the parents for maybe a few hours a day. During a trip, you generally have all the time you need for your kids, which is what makes it so valuable.

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#4 Surely you won’t take your kids to that developing country (and then a specific country is often mentioned)

We totally fail to see why kids can go on vacation to France but not to Sri Lanka, for example.

Some people think that if something is unknown that it is immediately one big mess and very unsafe.

Even in these types of countries, you have hotels with fine facilities, which means you won’t expose your kids to very unsanitary and unsafe conditions.

Because these types of countries are often a lot cheaper than Western countries, you can often sleep in a 5-star hotel in that developing country for the price of a bad hotel here.

Because people are often ignorant about these types of countries, they often think it is hugely dangerous to travel here with your kids, and that is unjustified!

#5 I shouldn’t think about traveling from place to place with my kids

Kids are much more flexible than you might think. Of course, you should not take the night bus from destination to destination three times a week. With kids you travel a lot more leisurely than you would without kids.

On the other hand, you will travel through a country in less of a hurry, you are much more likely to connect with locals through your kids, and your leisurely pace of travel often saves you a lot more money.

Also, check to see if there is a night flight going to your destination, for example, and you’ll find that for most of the trip your kids are just sleeping soundly. We carried a separate airplane bed ourselves which worked great on the plane with our daughter.

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#6 When I go to France for two weeks we already take a lot as a family, let alone if we should go for six months.

In general, you don’t need to bring super much more on a six-month trip than on a trip of only two weeks.

In doing so, minimalist gear is a great starting point for travel. Suppose you miss items, you can always buy them at your destination. For our six-month trip, three of us carried two suitcases and did not lack anything during our trip

We even brought stuff with family back to Holland during our trip. For an overview of what you can take with you when traveling, we wrote the blog what to take with you on a world trip here.

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#7 I shouldn’t think about being on each other’s lips all the time

Yes that can certainly be exhausting at times, we cannot deny that. But those are often only brief moments, and there is always an opportunity to take a moment as a parent to do something for yourself.

For the most part, it is actually very valuable to be together as a family for an extended period of time and to do things together every day.

When we look back on our trip around the world, we think back on it with warm feelings and we will do so for the rest of our lives and we will gladly take those few moments.

All in all, we can’t imagine why you can’t travel with your kids. It is immensely valuable and you make memories for life. Therefore, never let what others think hold you back and just follow your heart!

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