Railroad Museum review

Railroad Museum review: our findings in a row!

In this railroad museum review, we list all our findings about this family-friendly museum in Utrecht. The Railway Museum is perhaps the most family-friendly museum in the Netherlands and is certainly in our top 3 museums in the Netherlands. Of course, we have also included the train museum in Utrecht in our blog Utrecht with kids, where we have listed all the children’s activities in the city. Besides writing a review about the Spoorwegmuseum, we also provide some general information about this museum in Utrecht.

Railroad Museum review
Railroad Museum review

Accessibility Spoorwegmuseum Utrecht

The Railway Museum in Utrecht is easily accessible by both car and public transportation. We visited the museum by car and you can park your car in a parking lot near the museum. However, there are only 200 parking spots available, so on busy days there may be no spots left. You pay a flat fee per day here.

You can also visit the Railway Museum just fine by bus and train. From Utrecht Centraal take bus number 4, 8, 28, 50, 55, 73, or 77 and get off at the Stadsschouwburg bus stop and from there it is a short walk to the Railway Museum. The Railway Museum also has its own train station, so you can take the train from Utrecht central station to Utrecht Maliebaan and then you’re right at the museum as well.

Railroad Museum tickets

You can buy tickets to the museum very easily through the Railway Museum website. By the way, this is also possible at the museum’s own box office. Kids up to 3 years old are free, and from 4 years old you pay full price for the museum.

We ourselves had the Bankgiro Lottery VIP card, which allowed us free admission to the museum. We visited several museums during those weeks and then a lottery membership with the pass was advantageous. You also have free admission to the museum with a museum card.

Railroad museum discount

You have regular discount offers for the Railway Museum. For example, you often have several discount offers running for the Railway Museum. Members of the ANWB regularly receive discounts, and these discounts can sometimes be as much as 50% off. Especially if you have several family members, it can save a huge amount of money.

The Railway Museum also appears regularly on several websites that have deals exclusively with parties. So always search in advance on the search term Railway Museum and discount and try to get cheaper tickets.

Railroad museum from what age

The Railway Museum is suitable for kids ages 4 through 12. Kids around ten years old and up must be really interested in trains, otherwise it can already be a bit boring for this age group. Our daughter was 5 years old when we visited the museum and for this age the museum was extremely appropriate. As such, the museum specifically targets young kids.

Railroad Museum Utrecht
Railroad Museum Utrecht

The railroad museum

You can easily set aside half a day for the Railway Museum in Utrecht, but we can imagine spending an entire day there. We ourselves spent an entire afternoon walking around there, but by then had not seen everything when the museum was about to close. The museum is quite large and there are lots of different parts you can look at and do. Of course, everything does revolve around the train.

So you can get several guided tours, but you can also see most of it on your own. You can see the history of different trains that you can visit, you can visit a signal box, and there are also ever-changing exhibits on the history of trains (for example, on the transportation of Jews in World War II).

But kids can’t just watch, because outside, for example, there is a playground where they can play and also a little train, with which they can ride. The museum also has a theater, where kids can watch a show about the Orient Express. This show is played several times a day.

Another part of the museum is a Tech Lab, where kids can learn about train technology. Kids here can do experiments and experience how certain technology works. There are also several attractions, where kids get to drive a train themselves, take an elevator into the mines and also an attraction, where you ride a route in a small wagon.

There was also a place for kids to do crafts, so if you want to do all the parts of the Railway Museum, you will need quite a few hours.

Food and drink at the railroad museum

The Railway Museum has a restaurant where you can go for a snack and a drink. This is also where we had lunch ourselves. You can order both sandwiches and entire menus here, and everything is made fresh. We had some food and drinks here ourselves, so as far as that goes, this is a great place to go for lunch. It is also possible to bring your own food and drink to the museum.

Railroad Museum Utrecht
Railroad Museum Utrecht

Staying overnight in Utrecht

You can perfectly combine a visit to the Railway Museum with, for example, fun museums such as the museum of Miffy and the Speelklokmuseum. Or you can climb the Cathedral Tower, for example. You can therefore make a great city trip out of it, staying overnight in Utrecht with kids. We have already slept in wonderful family-friendly hotels in Utrecht several times and wrote the blog family-friendly hotel Utrecht about these hotels.

Family-friendly hotel Utrecht
Utrecht with kids

Railroad Museum review: conclusion

We really enjoyed our visit to the Railway Museum in Utrecht. We ourselves are not very big museum lovers, but there is so much to do here for kids that you don’t really feel like you are walking around in a museum either. We spent an entire afternoon walking around there and, in retrospect, would have liked to have spent a full day at the museum so we could see everything at our leisure. For more information on tickets, the various attractions and exhibitions, take a look at the Railway Museum Utrecht website. 

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