Preparing for world travel with kids

Preparing for world travel with kids! Herewith the ultimate roadmap!

And then there is your family’s decision that you want to go on a world trip and the real preparation for the world trip will begin. Of course you need to prepare many things in advance, but most things are especially fun to figure out.

What countries do you all want to go to when traveling with your kids? What sights will you and your family definitely not want to skip?

Most travelers have been doing this for years in advance. We ourselves have now been on three world trips and are already busy looking at where we all want to go on world trip number four with our daughter.

Since when preparing for a world trip you may well recognize a certain sequence of steps in planning all those world trips, we have listed the ultimate roadmap for you below.

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Preparing for world travel with kids

Step 1: How long away and where to go?

First, it is important that you and your family get your bearings on where you all want to go and for how long.

The biggest factor that will come into play here is your budget. If you have 20,000 euros budget, for example, you can more easily travel around Asia for a longer period of time than you will go to Australia, for example. We’ve already written a blog about how we actually earned our world trip together in one day.

List the countries you have always dreamed of. Basically, when picking countries, you don’t even have to consider your kids that much, as you can travel with your kids in most countries just fine.

Of course, you won’t be traveling around Iraq with your kids anytime soon, but you won’t be doing that without kids either. List the countries you want to visit and see if you can make a nice itinerary out of it.

Important when creating an initial itinerary:

  • Are there flight connections between the different countries you want to visit
  • What is the climate during the period you want to visit the country. This is especially crucial when traveling with kids. You don’t want to sit inside a country all day because you are just visiting the country when the rainy season has started. Look at what is recommended online as the best travel time, look at how much rain falls in the month you want to go, what the temperature is and what the chances are of hurricanes occurring in the month you visit the country. This will prevent a lot of trouble.
  • What are the costs of a country globally. If you visit mostly low-cost countries, you may be able to travel longer or need to save less. Also check out our travel blog on the cost of a world family trip.
  • What is there to see in the countries and how easily you can travel between the different attractions in a country. This will give you an idea of approximately how much time you will need for each country and what the travel time will be.
  • What vaccinations and visas do I need per country.
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Preparing for world travel with kids

Step 2: arrange work and school

Before you start booking things already, you will check with your employer and the kids’ school some time in advance what is possible.

Prepare well in advance for such things and consider in advance if there are several options you can propose.

Maybe there are arrangements at your work that you can take unpaid leave for a certain amount of time.

We do recommend that you actually have a certain period of time completely free and that you do not promise the company that you will check your mail every night, for example. Traveling for a longer period of time, on the contrary, gives the feeling of freedom and you naturally experience it less that way.

In addition, you must assess what you will do if, for example, your employer does not want to cooperate. Will you have enough money to resign then, and what are the chances of returning to work after your world trip. Think about this carefully in advance.

You should also make good arrangements with the kids’ school. In this travel blog, we wrote down everything about the kids’ compulsory education.

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Preparing for world travel with kids

Step 3: airline tickets

If by now you have your kids’ school and work arranged, you can start looking at what the cost of airfare is.

You can generally do this in the period from a year to about three months before you actually go. We have written a separate blog about finding cheap airline tickets.

To what extent you will record everything will also depend on your family. One family will only book an outward ticket and start figuring out everything else there and the other family will book everything in advance.

We ourselves like to have everything pre-determined, as it means you have less “work” on your world trip. You then don’t have to search for accommodation and can fully focus on enjoying your trip.

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Preparing for world travel with kids

Step 4: create route by country

Now that the first plane tickets are booked, you can start making an itinerary around the country and see what all you want to see. The advice here is that you should travel a lot more leisurely with kids than without, and that it’s more about the family experience than having all the highlights of a country ticked off.

If you’re taking a longer trip, it’s wise to travel a little more leisurely anyway, otherwise you’ll be completely wrecked after two to three months.

The advantage of a longer trip is precisely that you have time to explore a country at leisure.

If you want to know what the highlights of a country are, check out itineraries from organized tours and from other travelers who have already been. They often know best what to like and what not to like in a country, and they have already immersed themselves in it.

Always consider for yourself what you like. What do you like as a family? Is that mainly lying on the beach, hiking, soaking up culture or a combination of these.

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Preparing for world travel with kids

Step 5: What is there to do?

Now that you have now picked out a number of destinations for each country, it is important to start looking at what you can do here for each destination.

Especially with young children, it is also important where, for example, there are playgrounds and where your kids can swim.

For each destination, make sure you create a whole document in advance with things to do at the destination. You obviously don’t have to end up doing everything, but then you’ll be aware of what the options are.

Also look for alternatives by destination if, for example, it were to rain at the destination. This gives you an alternative program for your kids if rain is forecast for an entire day.

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Preparing for world travel with kids

Step 6: Book accommodations

Again, of course, this depends on what you want as a family. There are advantages and disadvantages to booking accommodations in advance.

Thus, one disadvantage is that you have less freedom. In some places in New Zealand we could have stayed a little shorter in retrospect, but we didn’t suffer very much.

The advantage is that you can figure everything out at your leisure at home and therefore don’t have to keep searching for accommodations on your trip.

You can read about what to look for in accommodations in this blog. In addition, the best accommodations are generally already fully booked if you do not book anything in advance and only go to inquire on the day if you and your family can stay at the hotel in question.

In addition, many booking websites like offer options to cancel a few days in advance, again increasing your freedom in this.

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Preparing for world travel with kids

Step 7: visas, vaccinations, medications

Make sure you look carefully at which countries you all need visas for and how to get them.

Some countries will give you a visa on arrival and some require you to apply for a visa in advance. At you can find all the information about this and also have visas arranged for your family.

In addition, make an appointment with the GGD to see if you need vaccinations for some countries. Also check to see if your health insurance will cover this.

If you have known for some time that you need certain vaccinations, you can also choose your health insurance provider at the beginning of the year based on these reimbursements.

In addition, it is important that if you take medication that you go to the pharmacy in advance to get a supply for a longer period of time and you may need a statement from the doctor, otherwise you may have problems with your medication at customs.

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Sightseeing Medellin

Step 8: administration at home

Which subscriptions can we temporarily discontinue since we don’t use them anyway.

You can call the various companies and see if you can temporarily stop certain subscriptions, for example. Often there is quite a deal to be made and it saves you a lot of unnecessary expenses during your trip.

You might also be entitled to additional healthcare benefits because you will earn much less while traveling.

In addition, look at your bank. When we went traveling around the world, we closed an account with KNAB bank because withdrawing money abroad through this bank was a lot cheaper. In addition, it is handy to have a credit card with you just in case.

Tip! Take pictures of all kinds of passes, too, and make sure you can find them somewhere online.

Step 9: farewell party

You’re going to miss the people around you for a while because you’re going to do something really cool with your family, so plan a farewell party and celebrate life!

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