Potsdam with kids

Is it fun to visit the city of Potsdam with kids? If you like green surroundings with lots of city parks, then Potsdam is a great city for you. Most Dutch tourists combine a visit to Potsdam with a city trip to Berlin with kids. Potsdam is the capital of the state of Brandenburg and is known for its many palaces, parks and gardens. Therefore, you can easily have a day in the city with kids. We list the best activities and attractions in Potsdam with kids for you.

Potsdam with kids #1: Sanssouci park

The city’s most famous park is located against the city center and you can walk right from the center into this beautiful park. It is a huge park with several beautiful palaces and other buildings. You can take a very nice walk through this beautiful park with the family and you can easily spend half a day here. The park is a whopping 289 acres. You pay a few euros entrance fee to the park for the whole family.

The most beautiful palace you will find in this park is the Sanssouci Palace. King Frederick wanted a castle built outside Berlin in the 18th century, which is why he had Sanssouci Castle built. Surrounding the palace are beautiful gardens, which are great for walking. There is also a Dutch garden in the park including a windmill. Because Sanssouci Castle was not very large, King Frederick decided to build another palace nearby and this was the Neues Palais palace. This palace is about a 20-minute walk from Sanssouci Palace and also looks beautiful from the outside.

Other attractions in this park include the Orangery Palace and the Chinese Tea House. There are a number of eateries in the park. Also sitting in this park is the city’s Botanical Garden. Unfortunately, there is no large playground in the park.

A fun way to explore this huge park is by bicycle. Near the Potsdam train station, you can rent different types of bicycles. So you can rent children’s bikes, high chairs, cargo bikes where two kids can fit in the box and a bike with a cart. Especially for families arriving by train from Berlin, this is a very nice option to be able to rent a bike right from the station.

Potsdam with kids
Potsdam with kids

Potsdam with kids #2: filmpark babelsberg

In the southeast of the city just under 15 minutes by public transportation is Filmpark Babelsberg. The park has been around for 100 years and there are as many as 16 movie studios on the grounds. Of course, this entire park is dedicated to the movie. You can take a tour of the various movie studios here.

There are a number of small attractions for kids such as boats and, in addition, there are several shows you can watch, the stunt show being the most spectacular. There are also several restaurants on site, including one specifically for kids.

The park is open from mid-April through October, and the entrance fee is pretty hefty for what you get, though. Online reviews are very mixed about the park. Some have seen the park in a few hours and others entertain themselves for a whole day. For information on opening hours, entrance fees and attractions, check out the park’s website.

Potsdam with kids #3: green parks of Potsdam

The city of Potsdam is known for its green surroundings, and there are plenty of fun parks to go to with kids besides Sanssouci Park. For example, in the north of the city there is the park Neuer Garten, which borders the two lakes Heiliger See and Jungfernsee. There is also a palace in this park (Cecilienhof Palace). In summer, it is also a great place to sunbathe by the water.

Another large city park in the northeast of the city is Babelsberg Park. This park is located on Lake Tiefersee and again you can visit a palace (Babelsberg Castle). This park is a lot less crowded than Sanssouci Park, for example. A nice place is the beach (Stadtbad Park Babelsberg) located on the lake. Here is a beach with a number of amenities such as a slide, beach beds, a playground and a volleyball court. A great place to spend a few more hours in the afternoon on a hot summer day.

Furthermore, in the Groser Wieser Park in the north of the city you will find Biosphere Potsdam, where you can walk through a kind of jungle. You will find a number of different animals such as lizards, butterflies and various birds in this garden. However, the entrance fee here is on the high side for what you get to see.

Potsdam with kids
Potsdam with kids

Potsdam with kids #4: exploring downtown

The center of Potsdam is definitely fun to explore with your kids. The city has a historic downtown with plenty of nice restaurants and cafes to grab some food and drinks. Fun to check out is the Brandenburg Gate. At this beautiful city gate you also have right away the main shopping street the Branderburger Strasse. From Branderburger Strasse, it is a few minutes’ walk to the Hollandsches Viertel. In this Dutch Quarter, it’s like walking in an old town in Holland. You can eat poffertjes and pancakes here with your kids, for example.

If you don’t have that much time in Potsdam with kids, but want to see a lot of the city, the hop on hop off buses are a great option. In these open-top double-decker buses, you’ll ride a tour of the city in just over 1.5 hours, with the buses stopping at 12 different points around the city. During the tour of the city, you get headphones with English audio providing information about the city.

You can also book a guided tour of Potsdam by bicycle. So you can take a four-hour bike tour of the city with a Dutch guide. At the Heart of Berlin organization, they offer these bike tours and children’s bikes are also available. There is also another option for sporty families to rent a Kayak or SUP board in Potsdam. The starting point can be reached in six minutes by streetcar. You must then travel to Griebnitsee train station in Potsdam.

Germany with kids
Potsdam with kids

Potsdam with kids #5: day in berlin

Most tourists will visit Potsdam with kids as part of a city trip to Berlin, but if you only visit the city of Potsdam during your vacation then you should still visit Berlin for at least one day. By train you can be in the center of Berlin in 25 minutes from Potsdam, and here, of course, there is plenty to do for kids in this great city.

In Berlin, there is something for everyone. For example, you have some very famous sights like the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag and the Berlin Wall that are fun to visit. You also have several family-friendly museums on a variety of subjects. You can also go to the zoo there and to a kind of Legoland. We have listed a total of 22 activities and sights in our travel blog Berlin with kids. So a city where you can easily spend a few days when you visit Germany.

Berlin with kids
Germany with kids

Where to sleep in Potsdam with kids

Budget hotel: B&B Hotel Potsdam

Mid-range hotel: Kongresshotel Potsdam am Templiner See

Luxury hotel: Hotel Brandenburger Tor Potsdam

To search for other hotels in Potsdam with kids click here for the whole list of hotels.

Further information Potsdam with kids

Berlin Welcome Card: most tourists combine a visit to Potsdam with a city trip to Berlin, and like every major city, Berlin has a card, which allows unlimited travel on public transportation and gives you many discounts on many attractions in Berlin. This card also gives discounts at 26 different attractions in Potsdam. So check beforehand what all you want to visit in Potsdam with kids and whether this card is cost-effective to purchase for visiting Potsdam.

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