Port Elizabeth with kids

#1 Bayworld

One of the best children’s activities in Port Elisabeth is a visit to Bayworld. In Bayworld, there are several things you can do with kids. For example, Bayworld is home to a museum and you can also visit various animals in Bayworld.

The museum located in Bayworld is the Port Elisabeth Museum. The Port Elisabeth Museum is one of the oldest museums in South Africa, and you can see various exhibits on dinosaurs, sea creatures, birds, costumes and all sorts of other curiosities.

In addition, Bayworld is home to Snake Park, where you and kids can view many different reptiles such as snakes, crocodiles and turtles. Also in Bayworld is Oceanarium, where you can see many sea creatures. Currently they are remodeling Oceanarium and the question is a little bit whether it is going to come back into Bayworld or move to a completely different place in Port-Elizabeth.

Port Elizabeth with kids

#2 Splash World

You can also go to a water park in Port Elizabeth with kids on a hot day. Splash World is located near the beach (Kings Beach) and has several pools and slides for kids. It’s not a super big water park, but definitely fun to go for a few hours with kids.

You have 5 different slides here, including 3 slides for the slightly younger kids. There is also a lazyriver, where you can enjoy bobbing with a band. There are quite a few lifeguards in the water park to keep an eye on the kids. You can bring your own food and drinks to this water park, but there is also a kiosk where you can buy some.

#3 Wildlife viewing

You can also go wildlife watching in the Port Elizabeth area with kids. You have several nature parks in the Port Elisabeth area that are worth visiting and can basically be done in a day tour. The most famous national park near Port Elisabeth is Addo elephant park.

Addo Elephant Park is half an hour away by car from Port Elisabeth and is known for the large population of elephants they have in the park. It is handsome if when visiting this national park you do not see the elephants. At this park, you can choose to explore the park yourself by car or with an organized tour. By the way, you can also spot the other animals of the famous Big5 in Addo Elephant Park.

Family-friendly restaurant Kruger Park

You can also take a day trip from Port Elisabeth with kids to the Kragga Kamma Game Park. This park is about a 24-minute drive away from Port Elisabeth, and you can also explore the park here either by your own car or on an organized tour (lasting 2 hours). It’s not a super big park, so you can easily explore the park in a day. The downside of this is that it does look a bit like a zoo and you don’t have as much of the real wildlife feeling with the animals.

A third park to explore with the family in the Port Elisabeth area is the Shamwari Game reserve. This park is about an hour’s drive from Port Elisabeth, and this park is rated tremendously well by guests who have been here. You also have several luxury 5-star accommodations here. So this is really the place if you want to go on safari in luxury.

Kruger Park with kids

#4 Boardwalk

A fun area to go to in Port Elisabeth with kids is Boardwalk. This is a large shopping center located near the beach and it is an area where it is fun to walk around. You also have several carnival rides here for kids and there is also a lake with boats, where you can take kids out on the water.

In addition, of course, you have several stores and restaurants here in this area. You can also watch a music show here in the evening with fountains lit up. When you walk around the area here, it does look a bit like Disney. You also have an arcade in the center which is not very big, where you can play games with kids.

Boardwalk is a place that is fine to drive to by late afternoon and have a bite to eat here in the evening with kids. However, there also seems to be a lot of vacancy and the online reviews are not all good about this place.

Port Elizabeth with kids

#5 Beaches Port Elisabeth

Port Elisabeth is located on the water, which is why you can spend a day at the beach in Port Elisabeth with kids. You have several beaches you can go to with the family around Port Elisabeth. You have a total of 40 kilometers of beach around Port Elisabeth. Well-known beaches to go to are Kings Beach, Hobie Beach, Humewood Beach, Pollock beach and Denville Beach.

Kings Beach is near Bayworld and Boardwalk, so you can combine these three children’s activities in Port Elisabeth in one day. It is the beach closest to the city and you have plenty of facilities for kids at the beach.

For example, near the beach there is a playground, a miniature golf course and also a go-kart track for kids. Of course, it is also possible to just go to the beach and swim in the sea at Kings Beach.

Other children’s activities Port Elizabeth

There are other activities you can do in Port Elizabeth with kids. We briefly list the best children’s activities in Port Elisabeth below.

#6 Baywest Mall: this is a fun shopping mall to go to with kids. Baywest Mall is located just outside downtown Port Elisabeth and you drive here in about 20 minutes. Besides shopping, you can’t go ice skating, bowling and to the movies at this shopping mall. In addition, the shopping mall has a food court, where there is plenty of choice for everyone in the family.

#7 Gravity indoor Trampoline Park: this trampoline park is located on the grounds of the Baywest Mall and therefore these 2 children’s activities in Port Elisabeth are great to combine. The concept is clear. Kids can expend their energy here on the various trampolines. Of course, this is also a great activity if the weather is a little less than perfect in Port Elisabeth.

#8 SANCCOB Gqeberha: this is a center that rescues penguins and the center’s goal is to not only save penguins, but also educate people more about wildlife. Admission is free and you can see volunteers working with these beautiful critters here.

#9 Donkin Heritage Walk: You can also take the family for a walk around downtown Port Elisabeth. You have plenty of historic buildings to look at in the city center. They even set up a route for this called the Donkin Heritage Walk. This route connects 51 historic buildings.

Still, the reviews of this hike are not all good, and in particular the safety of this hike regarding robberies. So inform well in advance at the Port Elisabeth tourist office, for example, whether you should do this hike with kids!

Family-friendly restaurant Port Elizabeth

You have plenty of nice restaurants in Port Elizabeth where you can have something to eat with the family. We have listed some great tips here, where you can have a great meal in Port Elizabeth with kids.

Vovo Telo: this is a bakery, which is great for lunch with kids. You have several branches in South Africa of Vovo Telo and the Vovo Telo branch in Port Elisabeth is located in the nice neighborhood of Richmond Hill. Kids can watch the bakers at work here, and you can eat sandwiches, pizza and pastries at this family-friendly restaurant.

Fushin: this is perhaps the trendiest restaurant in Port-Elisabeth and you can go here for Asian cuisine, especially sushi. This restaurant is also located in the Richmond Hill neighborhood and the ingredients are sourced from all over the world. If you want to go out for dinner, a visit to this restaurant is definitely recommended.

Something Good Roadhouse: this family-friendly restaurant is located just outside the center of Port Elisabeth about a 15-minute drive from the city center. This restaurant has a large playground located near the restaurant and the menu also features a special children’s menu. You can eat burger, pizza, tapas, salads and seafood at this restaurant.

Port Elizabeth with kids

Family-friendly hotel Port Elizabeth

You can stay in Port Elizabeth with kids just fine. You have several nice family-friendly accommodations where you can stay in Port Elizabeth. We have selected the best rated accommodations in Port Elizabeth by families with kids. All of these accommodations have a pool, which is always nice with kids. That way you can have a swim at the end of the day. Click on the blue link for more information!

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