Plopsaland de Panne with kids

Plopsaland de Panne with kids is a fun day out for young kids. All the famous characters from Belgium’s Studio 100 are in attendance, such as Maya the Bee, Gnome Plop and Mega Mindy. This Belgian amusement park which is located near the Belgian coast can be reached by car from the Netherlands in just over two hours and is often combined by Dutch families with a few days of beach vacations on the Belgian coast. Following our visit to this most visited amusement park in Belgium, we put together all the information about this Plopsa Park, so you can get a good impression of what to expect in this park.

Plopsaland de Panne with kids: general information

At Plopsaland de Panne, most of the attractions are outside, but there is also an indoor section (Mayaland). This is a bit the opposite of Plopsa Indoor Hasselt, where the park is mostly indoors and only a small portion outdoors. Therefore, it is nice if the weather is a bit good. When we were there, the weather was variable, but generally fairly dry. There are a fair number of roller coasters for small kids, and some roller coasters have a length restriction. Unfortunately, Sophie was still very young when we visited the amusement park, so we did little of these roller coasters ourselves that day.

If you want to visit Plopsaland de Panne with kids, it’s a good idea to search for discount offers online in advance. These are frequent, and websites like Vakantieveilingen and Groupon often have promotions, where you can buy tickets at a big discount. Especially if you go with a whole family, this can certainly save a lot of money.

There is an excellent parking lot at the park, so you don’t have to walk too far to the entrance. At the park they rent wagon rentals for a fee and also lockers for your belongings. The park has also developed an app for inside the amusement park. In this app you can find current waiting times of attractions, start times of shows and get practical information about the amusement park. In addition, you can set the app to notify you when a particular show is about to start!

For more information on opening hours, prices and attractions, check out the amusement park’s website.

Plopsaland de Panne with kids
Plopsaland de Panne with kids

Plopsaland de Panne with kids: attractions

You can go on several attractions at Plopsaland de Panne with kids. In total, the amusement park has more than 30 rides for kids, including some fairly spectacular roller coasters for kids where there is also a length restriction. We discuss the main attractions.

Anubis The Ride: In this roller coaster you reach a speed of 90 kilometers per hour at a height of 34 meters. Kids as young as 125 cm are allowed on this roller coaster.

Dinosplash: you go in a trunk through a landscape of Dinos and you pop your trunk into the water from a certain height. In this attraction, you can get wet. Kids 100 cm and over may enter accompanied by a parent.

Balloon Race: This is a kind of hover carousel in the shape of a hot air balloon. Kids from 120 cm and up are allowed in here.

The Flower Mill: This is also a kind of hovermill in the shape of a flower. This attraction is inside Mayaland and kids 96 cm and older are allowed in here accompanied by a parent.

The Dragon: There is a dragon in King Samson’s castle and it makes a flight across the castle square. This roller coaster allows kids as young as 96 cm in height to enter under supervision.

The Big Wave: This is another spectacular attraction for kids. It is a kind of swing ship (Viking ship Halvar) which also spins around. As a result, you fly in all directions in this attraction and can get well nauseated. This attraction is accessible to kids over 120 cm.

Heidi the Ride: This is a wooden roller coaster that goes 70 kilometers per hour and reaches a height of 22 meters. From this attraction you have a great view of the amusement park. Kids of 120 cm and over are allowed on this roller coaster under supervision.

K3 Rollercoaster: the girls of K3 also have their own roller coaster. You go down a roller coaster in a K3 roller coaster and the theme of the roller coaster is also disco. Kids from 90 cm and up are allowed in this attraction.

ROX-Flyer: this is a hover carousel as high as 70 meters. Kids as young as 120 cm are allowed in this attraction. With a little luck, you can see the sea from this carousel at Plopsaland de Panne with kids.

SuperSplash: also in this attraction you go from a height into the water on a giant tree trunk. At as much as 70 kilometers per hour from a height of 30 meters, you bang your trunk into the water. You can also get wet at this attraction. Kids as young as 96 cm tall can get into this.

Victors Race: The last roller coaster you can ride with kids at Plopsaland de Panne is Victors Race. In a kind of spaceship you tear along a track. The length restriction here is 96 cm.

In addition to these big attractions, you also have plenty of playgrounds and attractions for smaller kids. For example, you have several playgrounds, a petting zoo, a carousel, several large slides, teacups going down a track, attractions with frogs, bunnies and water lilies, several climbing devices such as a climbing tree, flying bikes, a small swing ship, Flop’s Forest (boat ride through a gnome forest), Mega Mindy Jetski, small bumper cars, pedal boats and some more attractions with water.

You can also go to shows of Bumpa, Maya the Bee and Gnome Plop in the park. When we were there, K3 gave a performance in the park. But we think that was more of a one-time thing, rather than this girl group performing structurally at the amusement park. All in all, you can easily spend a day at Plopsaland de Panne with kids. We were there right when the park opened and left the park almost by closing time, even though we couldn’t get into most of the major attractions due to Sophie’s height.

Plopsaland de Panne with kids
Plopsaland de Panne with kids

Plopsaland de Panne with kids: plopsaqua

It is also possible to swim with kids at Plopsaland de Panne. There is a large water park near the amusement park called Plopsaqua. The water park is in the theme of Wicky the Viking. For example, here you have a storm pool with a pirate ship from Wicky the Viking and a Wicky Play Village, with all kinds of water equipment such as falling buckets of water.

The water park has both indoor and outdoor sections and several fast-paced slides. One of the most spectacular slides is the Sky Drop, where you are placed in a capsule and take a 20-meter free fall. However, a minimum length of 140 cm applies here. Furthermore, the water park has a disco pool, a disco slide, whirlpools, a sauna, a slide you have to go down with a tire, a wild river, a paddling pool and several other slides.

You can also have a great time here for a day, which means you can have a great weekend trip to Plopsaland de Panne with the family, visiting the amusement park one day and the water park the next. For more information on the water park’s prices and hours of operation, check out its website.

Plopsaland de Panne with kids: food and drink

You can eat great food at Plopsaland de Panne with kids. There are several eateries and most of them sell fries and burgers. Still, there are other options in the park. For example, at Mr. Spaghetti at the village square also eat spaghetti and macaroni. If you want to eat elaborately, you can do so at restaurant Prinsessia. Here you can eat a three-course meal, choosing from five different dishes with each course.

There is also a restaurant in the water park (Viking Snack). You can get mostly fast food here, such as fries, snacks, burgers and pancakes. Of course, it is also possible to bring your own food in both parks.

Plopsaland de Panne with kids
Plopsaland de Panne with kids

Plopsaland de Panne with kids: staying overnight

It is possible to stay overnight at Plopsaland de Panne with kids. In fact, the park has its own hotel and campground. The Plopsaland hotel is located next to the amusement park and you can walk from the hotel to the entrance of the amusement park within a few minutes. Some rooms in the hotel are themed, such as the Maya the Bee suite or the K3 suite. These rooms are completely in the style of the relevant Studio 100 characters. Families of up to six people can book a room at the hotel.

Guests of the hotel have free underground parking and breakfast is included in the price. You have access to the amusement park and water park during the days you stay at the hotel. This is included in the room rate. The campground is a few minutes’ drive from the amusement park entrance. Here you have spots for your own caravan or tent. The campground has a playground for small kids.

Plopsaland de Panne with kids
Plopsaland de Panne with kids

Plopsaland de Panne with kids: alternative accommodation

Of course, it is also possible to stay overnight near Plopsaland with kids at accommodations other than the amusement park itself. We list some for you that are within a few kilometers of the park and are a lot less pricey.

Budget: Budget Room Adinkerke

Middle class: B&B Kudita

Luxury: Hotel Donny

For a list of all accommodations around the amusement park check here.

Plopsaland de Panne with kids
Plopsaland de Panne with kids

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