Plettenberg Bay with kids

Best travel time Plettenberg Bay with kids

Plettenberg Bay’s climate has mild winters and warm summers, and in terms of rainfall, it is fairly evenly distributed over the months. The summer months of November through February are the most pleasant months to go to Plettenberg Bay with kids. It is then nice and warm and generally dry.

The winter months from June through August the temperature is between 15 and 20 degrees and then it can be too cold to go swimming, for example. Therefore, it rains a little more than in the summer months. Still, it is no reason to skip the coastal town during these months. There is still plenty to do in Plettenberg Bay with kids even in these temperatures.

Plettenberg Bay with kids

Transportation to Plettenberg Bay

Most families with kids visit South Africa by rental car, and with a rental car you also have the most freedom. You can then easily drive yourself anywhere and you can also take your kids into consideration. We rented a car 2x during our tour of South Africa and both times we did so through Sunny Cars.

Children’s activities Plettenberg Bay

#1 Robberg Nature Reserve

Most tourists visiting Plettenberg Bay come for the Robberg Nature Reserve. This nature park is located a few kilometers from Plettenberg Bay and you can have a great time here for an entire day with kids. The Robberg Nature Reserve is known in part for its large colony of seals that you have here. We loved seeing so many seals together.

You can take a boat trip here and in addition to these seals, it is possible to spot dolphins, whales and lots of different birds. In addition to a boat ride, you can also go on several hikes in the natural park. You can choose from three different walks here of 2 kilometers, 5 kilometers and 9 kilometers. Certainly the 2 and 5 kilometer walks are great to do with (young) kids.

The 9-kilometer hike does involve a lot of climbing and scrambling and is less suitable to do with kids. One advantage is that the routes are the same for the first part, allowing you to decide for yourself during the route which walk you walk and to how far you walk this walk.

Plettenberg Bay with kids

#2 Swimming with seals

Another really cool children’s activity in Plettenberg Bay that you can do at the Robberg Nature Reserve is swimming with seals. This excursion is suitable for kids as young as 6 years old and you will take a boat towards the seals and there you can swim with these creatures with snorkels and a wetsuit on. You will then go swimming with the seals with a guide for half an hour.

Because the seals are very curious and also occasionally get very close, it can be a bit of a scare with young kids. After all, they still want to bite playfully. In total, the tour takes 1.5 hours. So that includes instruction, changing clothes, sailing to the seals and the half-hour swim with the seals.

After the tour, you will also get the photos and videos of the guide with whom you take the tour. It is also possible to bring your own GoPro on this tour, even though it is not necessarily necessary. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to do this tour ourselves anymore during our trip through South Africa, but it is definitely still on the list to do if we visit South Africa again. For more information on these tours, take a look here.

Plettenberg Bay with kids

#3 Birds of Eden

About 25 minutes away by car from the center of Plettenberg Bay is Birds of Eden and here you can spot many different species of beautiful birds. It is one of the largest bird aviaries in the world. Kids can get a booklet where they can mark off which birds they see along the way.

You can walk an entire route by yourself along various paths made of decking through the park, but this is also possible with a guide. There are feeders for the birds in several places, which the birds flock to. You can have a great time here for an hour (or 2) with kids. There is a bar in the park, where you can have a drink and a snack.

Birds of Eden with kids

#4 Monkeyland

On the same grounds where Birds of Eden is located, you can also visit Monkeyland. Therefore, these 2 activities can be very well combined with each other. At Monkeyland, you and kids can see many different types of monkeys. It looks like a very big forest where the monkeys are. The monkeys were often rescued from laboratories and from people’s homes, for example.

You can walk around here with a guide, who can give you all kinds of information about the different monkeys in the meantime. You can also get very close to some monkeys, since they are in the same room as you. There are tables with fresh fruit at various points to lure the monkeys.

Along the way, you will also cross a high suspension bridge, where you should definitely not be afraid of heights. The guided tour takes about an hour.

#5 Canyoning

If you are looking for a spectacular activity to do in Plettenberg Bay with kids then Canyoning is for you. This activity is suitable for kids ages 7 and up, and you will do all kinds of activities in the water and near the rocks with a guide. In doing so, you will follow a course through the water and over rocks.

Other children’s activities Plettenberg Bay

In addition to the children’s activities in Plettenberg Bay described above, there are a number of things you can do with the family. We briefly list the other children’s activities in Plettenberg Bay below.

#7 Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve: in this safari park it is possible to see several large African animals in the wild. You can spot lion, giraffe, rhinoceros, hippo, elephant, zebra, water buffalo and several other animals on a tour in an open bus.

It is a fairly large park, but the park is not large enough to allow the predators to walk freely through the park with the other animals. Therefore, the predators are in separate sections of the park. With any luck, you can see the entire big5 of animals here in 2 hours. This park is about a half-hour drive from Plettenberg Bay.

#8 Elephant Santuary: you can also visit a park with elephants near Plettenberg Bay with kids. This park houses elephants in need of care. Still, we always find this ambiguous, because it also sometimes seems like it’s just a revenue model. Consequently, online reviews are very mixed. Some think it is a fantastic experience to be able to walk with the elephants and also feed them and others think it is a mistreatment of the elephants. Make up your own mind in this.

Family-friendly restaurant Kruger Park

#9 Adventureland: this water park is located between Knysna and Plettenberg Bay and at this water park you can spend a few hours cooling off during the summer months. It’s not a super big water park, but there are still several slides that kids can go down. In terms of slides, the water park is best suited for slightly younger kids, though.

#10 Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary: you can view many feline animals at this park in particular. Since you don’t see many lions in the wild in this part of South Africa, this park is a great opportunity to see them. You can take a guided tour here.

#11 Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary: you can also go to a park with wolves in the Plettenberg Bay area. The reviews are very good about this park. This is mainly because of the park’s passionate volunteers and that the park is not extremely commercially set up. You can take an hourly guided tour of the park.

#12 Puzzle Park: you can also go to a large maze in Plettenberg Bay with kids. This is a children’s activity, which will take you an hour and makes for a fun change during your trip through South Africa. Besides the maze (which you don’t get out of quickly), there are some other games kids can play here.

Family-friendly restaurant Plettenberg Bay

You can eat out in Plettenberg Bay with kids just fine. You have several good and family-friendly restaurants in this coastal town. We list some great family-friendly restaurants in Plettenberg Bay below.

Fournil Bakery: if you are looking for a nice restaurant for breakfast or lunch, this is a nice option. The restaurant is right in the center and has a terrace on a plaza. Fine restaurant for a nice sandwich, croissant or sandwich with a cup of coffee with it. You can also take sandwiches here.

Thyme and Again: This is another fine restaurant for breakfast or lunch. The restaurant is located a few kilometers outside Plettenberg Bay about a 10-minute drive from downtown. You can park your car in front and you can have a very healthy breakfast or lunch with kids here. You have several stores here and you can sit outside on the terrace. What also makes this restaurant so family-friendly is that there is a playground near the terrace where the kids can play.

Barrington’s: this restaurant is right in the center of Plettenberg Bay and has beautiful gardens. The food here is delicious and you can have a great dinner on the restaurant’s large outdoor patio.

Family-friendly hotel Plettenberg Bay

You can stay in Plettenberg Bay with kids just fine. You have several family-friendly accommodations in the city. We have listed the top rated family-friendly accommodations in Plettenberg below for different price ranges. Click on the blue link for more information.

Organized trip South Africa

You can also book several organized tours of South Africa through travel companies like TUI. You have all kinds of trips offered here, and you can choose to go on a trip in South Africa with a group or alone with your family. For more information on this type of organized travel, check out the website of tour operator TUI.

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