Oudtshoorn with kids

Best travel time Oudtshoorn with kids

You can visit Oudtshoorn with kids year-round. In that regard, there is not much rainfall in Oudtshoorn during the year. Because of this, the summer months (November through February) are also great months to visit Oudtshoorn. From September through May, the temperature in Oudtshoorn is above 20 degrees, making it fine to walk around here in summer clothes.

Especially in the summer months mentioned above, it is also a good temperature for swimming in Oudtshoorn. The coldest months are June, July and August, when the temperature is between 15 and 20 degrees. Less weather for swimming, but fine weather for going out to an ostrich farm or cave, for example. In short, you can visit Oudtshoorn with the family just fine all year round.

Oudtshoorn with kids

Transportation to Oudtshoorn

Oudtshoorn with kids

Children’s activities Oudtshoorn

#1 Ostrich Farm

Oudtshoorn is known for its ostrich and is sometimes called the ostrich capital of the world. So we also visited Oudtshoorn during our tour of South Africa, and you have several farms with ostriches in Oudtshoorn that you can visit. The most famous ostrich farm in Oudtshoorn is the Safari Ostrich Farm.

At Safari Ostrich Farm you have hundreds of ostriches and you can book a tour here for about an hour. This farm we ourselves also visited. During this tour, you will travel around the grounds on a tractor with a trailer and receive information about the animals from a guide. Kids can feed the ostriches with the tray of food given to them.

Oudtshoorn with kids

Afterwards, you can have your picture taken with these animals and you can test how strong an ostrich’s eggs are by standing on them. In fact, you can stand on it as a kid without the eggs breaking. You can also have lunch at the farm in the restaurant and there is also a store where you can buy all kinds of products (obviously related to the ostrich).

This farm is located south of Oudtshoorn and by car you can get there in less than ten minutes from the center of Oudtshoorn. Another ostrich farm you can visit with kids is the Cango Ostrich Farm. You can then combine this with a visit to the famous Cango Caves which we discuss below.

Oudtshoorn with kids

#2 Cango Caves

The Cango Caves are the second attraction in the Oudtshoorn area, which is why many tourists visit this place. These caves are located north of Oudtshoorn and you can get there in about half an hour by car. At these caves with stalactites and stalagmites, you can book two different tours.

You can book the general tour in these caves and this tour takes about an hour. You will visit 6 different “halls” in the cave and receive explanations about the caves from a guide. The second tour is the adventure tour and this tour lasts 90 minutes. You go through all kinds of narrow passages of the cave here, and you have to actually crawl and lie on your stomach at times to move through this part of the cave. This tour is only suitable for kids 6 and older.

Another fun activity to do here in the area is ziplining. You can zipline down from various platforms with Cango Caves Zipline. In total, they have 4 different platforms you can get off of. This activity is suitable for kids ages 6 and up. At the end of the trail, a shuttle bus will take you back to the beginning of the trail.

Another activity to do on the way back from the caves with kids is Cango Wildlife Ranch. This is a zoo, where you can see different animals. You can also get extra close to certain animals here if you pay extra for it. It’s not very big, but you can have a great time here with kids for a few hours.

Oudtshoorn with kids

#3 Waterfall Tranquility and Peace

You can also visit a fun waterfall in the Oudtshoorn area with kids. Rust and Peace Waterfall is about a 15-minute drive from Oudtshoorn and the last part of the route does involve some off-road driving by car. That last stretch from the main road takes about 20 minutes to drive, where the road can be quite narrow at times. You pay a small entrance fee at a gate and then it’s a few minutes drive to the parking lot.

Then you walk to the waterfall in about 10 minutes. Generally, the waterfall is not very crowded and with a little luck you will have the waterfall to yourself. You can get close to the waterfall and it is a photogenic spot. The rocks near the waterfall can be slippery, though, so you have to be careful of that with kids.

At the parking lot of the falls, they have fine restrooms. You also have places to picnic near the parking lots. So you can take a snack and a drink to these waterfalls just fine.

#4 Safari Buffalo Drift

You can also go on safari in the Oudtshoorn area with kids. Just outside Oudtshoorn is the Buffelsdrift Game Reserve, and you can book several tours with kids at this game reserve. So you can take a jeep out to spot wildlife. This tour takes 2 hours and you can spot elephant, giraffe, buffalo, rhino, among others.

You can also spend the night in the game reserve. They have family tents here where you can spend a night in the park. Also, the restaurant located near the game reserve is very good and has won several awards. So a great place to have lunch or dinner with the family.

Kruger Park with kids

#5 Will walk

Near the Cango Caves you have Wilgewandel Holiday Farm & Restaurant located. This is a farm where there is a tremendous amount to do for kids. So you can very well combine a visit to the Cango Caves, with a visit to Wilgewandel. For example, you can go camel riding with kids at Wilgewandel. You then take a tour of the grounds.

In addition, you can go swimming at Wilgewandel. They have an on-site pool with as many as 7 slides. You pay an hourly entrance fee for this pool. Just keep in mind that the pool is only open during the summer months (from mid-September to the end of April). Kids can also slide down a 100-meter zipline at Wilgewandel. You pay separately for all of these activities, allowing you to choose what you enjoy doing and what you don’t.

It is also possible to take several rides on this farm. For example, it is possible to take a tour of the grounds with a kind of tractor train, and they also have carts pulled by two donkeys. Of course, the farm also has several farm animals, and you can buy food for these animals so that the kids can feed the animals.

In addition, it is possible to play miniature golf at Wilgewandel. The farm has a total of 18 different holes. In addition, kids can do archery, there is an obstacle course for kids, there are trampolines, rowboats and go-karts, and you can shoot paintball guns at the farm on weekends. In short, there really is an enormous amount to do at this farm and you can easily spend half a day entertaining the family here.

Oudtshoorn with kids

Family-friendly restaurant Oudtshoorn

You have several nice family-friendly restaurants in Oudtshoorn, where you can go for a bite to eat and a drink. Many of these family-friendly restaurants in Oudtshoorn also have something of a playground at the restaurant. Especially with young kids, that’s always kind of nice.

We already mentioned above the family-friendly restaurant Wilgewandel as a fun option in Oudtshoorn, and we list some more fun family-friendly restaurants below.

Die Smitswinkel: this family-friendly restaurant is located in the center of Oudtshoorn, and there really is a lot to see at this restaurant. From old cars to robots. In addition, this restaurant also has a playground for the kids. A great place to have lunch in Oudtshoorn at noon with kids.

Santa Fe Spur Steak: This restaurant is also located right in the center of Oudtshoorn. Kids can eat a hamburger with fries here It’s a bit like a fast food chain. Kids can also order ice cream with all kinds of colored candies here.

Wimpie: This family-friendly restaurant is also located right in the center of Oudtshoorn. This is another restaurant where you can have a burger and fries with kids, and this restaurant also has a small playground with slide for the kids. This restaurant is also a bit like a fast food restaurant.

Oudtshoorn with kids

Family-friendly hotel Oudtshoorn

You can stay in Oudtshoorn with kids just fine. You have plenty of family-friendly hotels in Oudtshoorn, and we list below accommodations in each price range that are super well-reviewed by families with kids. Click on the blue link to learn more about this family-friendly accommodation.

Organized trip through South Africa with kids

You can also make a nice trip along the Garden Route, among other things, but that everything will be arranged for you. You can then go out with a group as well as individually. For more information on this type of organized travel, check out the website of tour operator TUI.

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