Ouddorp with kids

What to do in Ouddorp with kids? Ouddorp is a village and seaside resort on the island of Goeree-Overflakkee in the south of the province of South Holland. You’ll find a cozy village center with several stores and restaurants, a beautiful expansive beach and lots of fun children’s activities! You can therefore have a great time for a whole weekend in Ouddorp with the family! In this blog, we list the best children’s activities in Ouddorp for you.

Ouddorp with kids

#1 Goat farm the Mekkerstee

You can go to a nice goat farm in Ouddorp with kids. Located on the outskirts of Ouddorp, goat farm the Mekkerstee is a fun family outing. In total, the goat farm has about 650 goats that you can view here. You can watch goats being milked (this is every day at 3:30 p.m.) and cheese being made at this goat farm.

In addition to the goats that roam here, there are other animals you can view here. For example, the goat farm also has chickens, horses, guinea pigs, a pig and a number of other farm animals. Outside there is a playground for the kids. In this playground, you have a climbing frame, a house and several other climbing equipment for kids to play with. In the summer, you can pick your own bouquet in the picking garden at this goat farm.

In the country store you can buy all kinds of fresh produce and artisanal ice cream (made from goat’s milk). Admission to the goat farm is free and you can have a great time here with kids for an hour (or 2)! Please note that the goat farm is not open every day. In fact, the goat farm is open Tuesday through Saturday.

During the summer vacations, the farm is also open on Mondays. So on Sundays the goat farm is closed, so please keep this in mind in your planning.

#2 RTM Ouddorp

You can also visit a museum in Ouddorp with kids. The RTM Museum Ouddorp is located at Brouwersdam, which is about 10 minutes away by car from Ouddorp. The RTM provided transportation between Rotterdam and the islands with boats, streetcars and ferries between 1898 and 1966. Since 1966, the RTM has been a transportation museum in Ouddorp.

Fun to do: take a ride on a restored RTM streetcar from years gone by. You then take this streetcar for a ride through the dunes of “De Punt” of Goeree, over the Brouwersdam towards Scharendijke (West-Repart stop). When you buy a ticket, the ticket for the streetcar ride is included in the price. The streetcar ride takes about an hour.

You have both an indoor and outdoor area, where you can see all kinds of old vehicles. Especially if you take the streetcar ride, you’ll soon spend a couple of hours at this museum anyway. Check the website of RTM Ouddorp to see what the opening hours of this museum are, as they can vary from day to day and the museum is open on only a few days.

#3 Playground de Flipjes

You can also go to a nice playground in Ouddorp with kids. Playground de Flipjes is easily accessible from the center of Ouddorp and you can park your car around the playground for free. Be sure to park your car in the correct spaces, as police regularly check for cars parked incorrectly.

This outdoor playground has various playground equipment such as trampolines, swings, seesaws and a large sandbox with toys. The entrance to the playground is only 2.50 euros and for this the kids can have fun for hours. Please check the Flipjes playground’s website in advance after opening hours, as the playground is not open on Sundays, for example.

At the playground there is also a small sales booth, where you can buy a candy, ice cream or some drinks.

#4 Bunker route

In nature reserve the Punt you will find the Bunker Route. This is a hiking trail through the dune area, where World War II bunkers can be viewed. Along the route you will find number signs to follow that provide information about the bunker’s original function. The hiking trail is about 1 kilometer long and therefore great to walk with young kids.

Ouddorp with kids

There are about 15 different bunkers on the route, which were excavated by volunteers not long ago. Kids can climb on the bunkers and you can look inside some of them. The starting point of the route is not that difficult to find, as you can see the first bunker on the side of the road. Here you can also park the car.

Each bunker has several information boards, so kids can also learn a little about the function of the bunkers, for example. When you have walked the entire route, you can also visit with kids the adventure forest the Punt, which is located nearby and where you can walk straight to from the route.

Here it is also possible to possibly picnic with kids at the picnic table located here. By the way, keep in mind that when it has rained that it can be muddy on the trail.

Ouddorp with kids

#5 Day at the beach

Ouddorp is by the sea and is also a seaside resort. Therefore, it is also highly recommended in the hot summer months to visit the beach in Ouddorp. Ouddorp aan Zee’s beach is vast and is nearly 18 kilometers long! We love the beach and a beach day is not to be missed. The kids entertain themselves for hours looking for shells and building sandcastles. The North Sea beach is considered one of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches in the Netherlands.

From Ouddorp you can also drive straight into the province of Zeeland and, of course, you can very easily visit the beaches in Zeeland. For example, the beach at Renesse is about a 20-minute drive away from Ouddorp. By the way, Zeeland also has plenty to do for families with kids. If you want more information about children’s activities you can do in Zeeland, read the blog Zeeland with kids.

What to do in Ouddorp

#6 Rent a bicycle

In the village of Ouddorp, we rented a family tandem and cycled on it to the Ouddorp lighthouse. The lighthouse is a national monument and was built between 1947 – 1950. There is a small parking lot near the lighthouse. You can park your bike there and then you can get close to the tower on foot. Admire the meter-high lighthouse that is still in operation.

Children's activities Ouddorp

Renting a bike is fun, but you can also rent an e-chopper or fatbike with kids, for example. At E-rental Sperling, they rent out these electric bikes and this is also a very fun way to explore the Ouddorp area with kids. Bloggers Joep, Sanne and Sophie rented an e-chopper in Goes and found this to be a super fun activity to do.

Another way you can explore the Ouddorp area with kids is in a duck. At Duckling Rental Stellendam, you can rent several ducklings and explore the area that way. They also have fun routes at this rental company in the area that you can drive the duck.

Family-friendly hotel Goes

Other children’s activities Ouddorp

You have more activities to do with kids in Ouddorp besides those described above. We list them briefly below.

#7 Deltapark Neeltje Jans: A 30-minute drive from Ouddorp is Deltapark Neeltje Jans. After the completion of the Delta Works, this information and amusement park opened. You will find an exhibit on the Delta Works but the park also has sea lions, aquariums and various water attractions. So bring your swimwear with you when you visit Namur!

#8 Water Jumping: If you are looking for a spectacular children’s activity in the Ouddorp area, you can go water jumping at the Sail & Surf Center the Brouwersdam during the summer. Here you slide from an 8-meter-high ramp into the water. This children’s activity in Ouddorp is for slightly older kids, though.

#9 Flamingo spotting: you can even spot flamingos in the Ouddorp area. In the winter, in fact, these are in the water near the town of Battenoord. Be sure to bring a camera with a zoom function, otherwise it can be difficult to get a good picture of these animals.

Ouddorp with the family

Family-friendly restaurant Ouddorp

You can eat out in Ouddorp and its surroundings with kids just fine. You have several nice family-friendly restaurants in the area. We list some of these family-friendly restaurants below.

By Marc: This family-friendly restaurant has a large terrace by the dunes. For the kids, there is a wooden climbing tower with slide in the dunes where they can have fun. In addition to lunch, drinks and dinner menu, they also have an extensive children’s menu.

Bistro Skål : If you are looking for a family-friendly restaurant near Ouddorp with an indoor playground, this restaurant is definitely a nice option! You have an indoor section here, which also even has trees growing inside by the playground. Also located near this restaurant is a natural lake, where the kids can swim, so be sure to also bring swimwear for the kids if you are going to eat here in the summer.

Family-friendly restaurant Ouddorp

Family-friendly accommodation Ouddorp

You can spend a great night in the Ouddorp area with kids. They don’t have super many family-friendly accommodations, but there are certainly some nice places to stay. We name a few options below.

Roompot Beach Park Duynhille : This beach park is a relatively new park, located behind the dunes of Ouddorp aan Zee in South Holland. The beach park is just a few minutes’ walk from the beautiful North Sea beach. At the vacation park you will find detached, luxury bungalows equipped with all amenities and suitable for families of up to 6 people. For more information about this beach park in Ouddorp, take a look here.

Besides this vacation park, you have two other options where you can stay in Ouddorp with kids. For example, you have Bed and Breakfast de Meulestee that offers family rooms. This Bed and Breakfast is rated 9.7 overall by families with kids, which is obviously very high. For more information about Bed and Breakfast the Meulestee, take a look here.

You can also rent a whole house in Ouddorp with 3 bedrooms for 6 people. For more information on renting this vacation home in Ouddorp, take a look here.

Children's activities Ouddorp

About the author: Sanne, Dimitri, Melle (7) and Vigo (5) love traveling and taking fun trips with the family. You can follow this family on their Instagram page Sanne_travel.

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