Oman with kids

What to do in Oman with kids? Oman is a beautiful country that is very well travelable with kids. We visited the country for 12 days with our daughter and were amazed at the diversity of the country and the friendliness of the people. This country in the Middle East is not super discovered yet, but more and more families with kids are finding their way to this country and rightly so! We enjoyed the country immensely! In this blog, we list all the information you need for a great tour of Oman with kids.

Best travel time Oman with kids

You can visit Oman with kids all year round just fine. It hardly rains in the country and temperatures are above 20 degrees all year round. In the months of April through October, temperatures can exceed 30 degrees, and certainly July and August can be very hot. It is therefore best to visit the country with kids just before or after these hot summer months.

We visited Oman with our daughter in the month of May and then it was about 30 degrees every day. We found the temperature to be doable at the time, We had 1 day of rain. but that was also exceptional for the people there. Keep in mind also when it is Ramadan. Then it is best not to visit Oman, as it can be very difficult to eat during the day and many opening hours of sights, stores and restaurants are different. We visited the country of Jordan once during Ramadan and we did not like it.

Oman with kids

Why is Oman family-friendly

We find Oman to be really family-friendly. We put below the reasons, why you should travel to Oman with kids.

  • Oman is super safe: the country is considered one of the safest countries in terms of crime. We must say that we did not feel unsafe anywhere and we parked our car with our belongings publicly everywhere. We always do find that a really nice thing when we travel with our daughter that we don’t have to worry about crime.
  • The people are super friendly: we noticed right from the first days that the people in Oman are really super friendly and especially towards our 9-year-old daughter. Lots of people make fun of our daughter, and there have been several occasions when our daughter has received a candy from a stranger. We felt very welcome in Oman.
  • Oman has big supermarkets: you have huge supermarkets in Oman (from the Carrefour, among others), where basically everything can be bought. Therefore, you can buy specific things for kids like diapers just fine at the store.
  • You do not need a visa: if you go for less than 2 weeks. You don’t need 2 weeks to see most of the sights in Oman, so that probably eliminates the need to apply for a visa. We did not have to do this for our 12-day trip either.
  • Oman need not be expensive: A tour of Oman need not be expensive, as many of the sights can be visited for free. In addition, it is even possible to wild camp in most places if you really want to travel low budget. This makes a trip to Oman with kids a great budget trip.
Oman with family

Practical tips Oman with the family

In addition, there are some things to consider when traveling to Oman with the family. We list them briefly below.

Dress appropriately: Oman is a Muslim country and women must be covered in many places. We thought we had taken good account of this, yet it was not covered enough in several places. At the water park in Nizwa, Sanne was not adequately covered. She did have some sort of swimsuit with her, but it was not long enough at the knees.

Also at the mosque in Muscat, Sanne’s dress was white and yet not long enough and she had to put on a black dress over her dress. So check beforehand what the dress code is at different destinations. Appropriate clothing is advised in the various wadis, but we saw plenty of women wearing thongs as bikini bottoms.

At times, it’s also a bit of weighing up what you yourself think is appropriate. This does occasionally make it difficult, especially for women, whether they are dressed appropriately enough.

What to do in Oman with the family

Bring a world plug: outlets in Oman are different from ours in the West in some places. In some hotels we could just plug in our plugs, but buying a world plug for a trip to Oman with kids is definitely not a luxury.

Vaccinations Oman: Before traveling to Oman with kids, stop by the GGD if you do not have the vaccinations against DTP (diphtheria, tetanus and polio) and vaccination against hepatitis A (contagious jaundice). For stays longer than three months, vaccinations are also recommended for Oman against hepatitis B and rabies (= rabies).

We had already had all these vaccinations because of our world trip, so we didn’t have to get vaccinated at the GGD. But seeking advice from the GGD is always smart.

Oman with kids

Transportation in Oman with kids

In Oman, almost everyone makes the same round trip in terms of destinations and the distances between them are quite short. At most, you spend a few hours a day in the car. In addition, most of the roads are very quiet and easy to travel. We rented a car and visited all the destinations on our own. You can park your car anywhere for free and we found it a very nice way to travel the country.

We also visited the destinations Jebel Shams and this is the only destination, where we went off road by car and for which we rented a 4×4 car. These cars do cost a lot more, but we thought it was a very nice thought to hit the road with a good car! We rented our car through Sunny Cars and we actually always do that abroad if possible with this organization.

Our rental price included all insurance for the car and the deductible was also covered. So we really went out with peace of mind in Oman with our daughter. For more information on renting a car in Oman with Sunny Cars, take a look here.

Children's activities Oman

You can also visit the desert (Wahiba Sands) with this car, but we had someone from the hotel pick us up, because we found driving through the desert with our 4×4 rental car a little too exciting. In retrospect, this could have been done, but we also enjoyed the experience of being driven by a local to our hotel in Wahiba Sands. You then park the rental car in a parking lot just outside the desert.

Big advantage is that you can park for free everywhere in Oman and it is actually completely safe everywhere. The only thing to watch out for is bumps in the road. Sometimes then you are allowed 100 kilometers per hour on a road, but there is a speed bump in the road. Usually there are signs, which neatly indicate thresholds. You should also watch out for crossing goats and camels!

Transportation in Oman

How many days do you need for Oman?

We spent a total of 12 days in Oman and that was also long enough! If you want, you can visit most of the country’s sights in just over a week. But then you are traveling very hard. It’s nice to have a day of rest when you arrive by plane in Muscat anyway, and it’s also nice to do another day of swimming at the end of your trip in Muscat.

Family-friendly activities Oman

Our daughter also really loved our trip through Oman. Of course, not all activities are immediately super family-friendly, but there is plenty to do for the whole family. We list below several children’s activities in Oman.

Go snorkeling in Muscat: You can go super good snorkeling in Muscat at the Daymaniat Islands. You can see turtles, tropical fish, sharks and rays here. Our daughter absolutely loved this too. In the summer months, it is also possible to swim with whale sharks. Unfortunately, we did not see them that day we were there.

Go hiking at Jebel Shams: this is Oman’s Grand Canyon and a beautiful area for hiking. Our daughter enjoyed walking the path over the rocks. Just make sure you don’t walk too far and thus only walk part of the route. Especially if you are with young kids, it can be very tiring at some point. The later you go in the day the hotter it gets in the canyon too, so go early in the morning!

Visit Nizwa’s goat market: there is so much to see here for kids. You see a huge crowd of men in traditional clothing here, either wanting to buy a goat or sell a goat. Around the goat market you also have several souks and markets, where there is plenty to see for kids.

What to do in Oman with the family

Nizwa Water Park: this water park in Nizwa is great fun for kids to go to for a few hours. They have several spectacular slides as well as a lazyriver. For the youngest kids, they also have a water playground.

Dunebashing Wahiba Sands: our daughter thought this was perhaps the most enjoyable activity in Oman. You’re going to cross the desert in a jeep and this at times looks like a roller coaster for kids. You go down high desert mountains here under the guidance of a driver, and it impressed our daughter a lot that we even got stuck with the car. Of course the drivers are used to this and after some digging at the tires, we got loose again and were able to continue driving.

Visit several wadis: the wadis are fun to visit and also free. In Oman it is often hot and then it is great to cool down. Our daughter super enjoyed jumping off the rocks into the water at the wadis. Note as we have reported before in this blog that you dress appropriately.

Wadi Oman with kids

Family-friendly restaurant Oman

You can also eat out well in many places in Oman. Especially in the somewhat larger cities like Muscat and Nizwa, you have several nice family-friendly restaurants. By the way, in Muscat they also have several well-known fast food chains such as the Mc Donald’s where you can possibly eat with kids.

In other destinations, it can sometimes be more difficult to find a suitable restaurant (as in the Wahiba Sands desert, for example), but then you can often book dinner at the hotel. We had booked half board at 3 different accommodations, so we had breakfast and dinner at the hotel. And that was often a buffet and certainly delicious. There were also plenty of options for our daughter (who is not a very easy eater), so she was able to eat just fine in Oman as well.

Family-friendly restaurant Oman

Family-friendly hotel Oman

You can stay in Oman with kids just fine! You have some family-friendly hotels at every destination that you can book. We visited a total of 6 different destinations in Oman and there were multiple options at all of them where we could stay overnight.

Look below for the different destinations we visited for a list of family-friendly accommodations to give you an idea of what you can book with the family in Oman.


Jebel Shams


Wahiba Sands

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