Oberhausen with kids

Oberhausen with kids: top 5 sights!

You can have a great weekend trip to Oberhausen with kids. The city has just enough activities to keep you entertained for two full days in the city, which is an hour and a half drive from Utrecht. In addition, the city is less than a 15-minute drive from the family-friendly city of Duisburg, where you can also easily spend a weekend having fun with kids. In short, plenty of reasons to visit the city on a weekend from the Netherlands. We list the best sights and activities in Oberhausen with kids for you.

#1: Legoland discovery center

For all kids who love lego, the LEGO Discovery Center is a perfect day out! Here, of course, everything revolves around LEGO. You can tell that as soon as you arrive at the Discovery Center by the large LEGO giraffe parked out front. The entrance to the building is also completely in the style of the toy cubes. Kids are given a stamp card upon entry, where they can earn stamps in seven different areas.

You walk from one area to another. So you start in a factory section where they show how the Lego bricks are made, then you walk on and kids in a cart with a laser gun can try to hit all kinds of Lego pieces for points. In the next room, there is a mini LEGO island. Here the stadium of soccer club Dortmund, Düsseldorf airport and Düsseldorf harbor have been recreated. At all the structures, every few minutes it becomes day and night and all kinds of things move, such as cars, for example.

At the LEGO Ninjago Labyrinth, kids have to walk through an entire course of laser beams. At LEGO Racers, you can make cars out of LEGO and test them on a track. There is also a lego carousel, a 4d cinema and an indoor playground in the shape of a pirate ship.

It is also possible for kids to attend a workshop to build a particular model from LEGO. Kids receive a certificate upon completion. There is also a restaurant in the middle of the Center and around the restaurant there is plenty of play opportunities for children, so as parents you can eat and drink at your leisure while your kids are playing. You can imagine that you can easily spend half a day entertaining your kids here. For opening hours, admission prices and the various activtivities of the LEGO Discovery Center, check out the center’s website.

Oberhausen with kids
Oberhausen with kids

#2: Sea life

A three-minute walk from the LEGO Discovery Center, sits Sealife Oberhausen. At Sea Life, you can admire many marine animals in the various aquariums, such as sharks, rays, tropical fish, turtles, seahorses and many other types of fish. Also at Sea Life, kids are given a stamp card where they can collect stamps during the walking tour of the building. At the end of your visit, you can turn in your stamp card and receive a gift.

Sea Life is divided into several worlds. For example, you have themes like the Rhine River and the Amazon, there is a pirate ship, a U-boat, a stalactite cave and, of course, beautiful underwater tunnels that always look impressive and it seems like you are walking through the water, so to speak. There is also an outdoor area where you can still admire the otter.

There are also some interactive elements during route, but they are not very much. Also, most of it is in the German language. At the end of the trail there is also a restaurant, where you can have some food and drinks. For more information on opening hours, different animals and admission prices, check out Sea Life Oberhausen’s website.

Oberhausen with kids
Oberhausen with kids

#3: Aquapark oberhausen

This large water park is also near Legoland and Sealife. For example, from Legoland, you can walk to this water park in 5 minutes. Upon entering the pool, you get tokens, which you can use to take a locker in the pool, and with the bracelet of the particular locker you can also pay at the poolside eatery. We found this to be a very convenient system.

The pool has a paddling pool for the youngest kids. There are also four slides for the older kids, one of which requires you to go down the slide with a large tire. There is also an outdoor area by the pool, where in the summer you can also sunbathe in the grass or on one of the beds set up around the pool.

If you are going to Oberhausen for a weekend with kids, this is a great activity to entertain yourself for half a day. Following our visit to the water park, we wrote the blog Aquapark Oberhausen with kids, in which we list all the information about this water[ark.

Aquapark Oberhausen with kids
Aquapark Oberhausen with kids

#4: Kaisergarten park

If you are looking in Oberhausen with kids for a nice city park, Kaisergarten is a very suitable park. The park is located in the center of town and, of course, has a playground. The park is not super big, but you can have a great walk around the lake which is in the park. There is also a small tent here, where you can have a drink on one of the picnic benches.

The park also has a petting zoo of sorts (the name zoo is too big a word for what it represents), which you can enter for free. You will find various farm animals as well as wolves, deer and otters. The park is not super big, but you can have a great time here at the end of the day for an hour or two.

At the park there is also a very cool bridge over the river. The Slinky Springs to Fame is a special bridge with lots of different colors. It’s fun to walk across the bridge with your kids while you’re at Kaisergarten park.

Oberhausen with kids
Oberhausen with kids

#5: moviepark germany

This large amusement park is a 15-minute drive from Oberhausen. It is an amusement park where you can easily enjoy yourself for a day. The park is dedicated to the Nickelodeon channel’s cartoon heroes such as Spongebob, for example.

The theme park is divided into the following seven themed areas: Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood Street Set, Adventure Lagoon, Nickland, Streets of New York, Federation Plaza and The Old West. Because 25% of the amusement park’s visitors are from the Netherlands, the amusement park also has Dutch maps of the park, giving you a good overview of what to do in these different themed areas.

Movie Park Germany with kids
Movie Park Germany with kids

They have more than 30 attractions in this amusement park for young and also for older kids. The amusement park also has two large playgrounds. In Adventure Bay you have a large sandbox with climbing equipment, and the Santa Monica Pier has a playground entirely in the style of this theme. Here on the beach you have a wooden boat that kids can climb, clamber and slide on.

Be aware that certain attractions have a height restriction, so check the website beforehand to see exactly where your kids are allowed in. There are also several shows and even a parade through the amusement park. Following our visit to this amusement park, we wrote the blog Movie Park Germany with kids, where you can find all the information about this amusement park.

Movie Park Germany with kids
Movie Park Germany with kids

Oberhausen with kids: Christmas market

The city of Oberhausen is known for its beautiful Christmas market. There are a total of two different Christmas markets that take place downtown. You will also find a fairytale forest and a winter wonderland during this period.

There is also plenty for kids to do at the market during this time. For example, there is a very nicely decorated Ferris wheel, there is a carousel and there is a large ice rink where kids can slide down with a tire. The Christmas market usually starts sometime in mid-November and ends just before Christmas. A great time to plan a city trip to Oberhausen with kids during this period.

If you love shopping then Oberhausen is also a perfect destination for your family. In fact, the city has Germany’s largest shopping mall: CentrO Oberhausen. Located (how could it be otherwise) near Legoland (2-minute walk), the mall has 169 stores and 45 eateries. The mall has a nice waterfront promenade, where you can enjoy a drink and a meal on a terrace. One of the two Christmas markets also takes place at this mall.

Oberhausen with kids
Leipzig with kids

Where to sleep in Oberhausen with kids

Budget hotel: Hotel Oberhausen Neue Mitte affiliated by Meliá

Mid-range hotel: ANA Living Oberhausen by Arthotel ANA

Luxury hotel: Parkhotel Oberhausen

To search for other hotels in Oberhausen with kids click here for the whole list of hotels.

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