Nizwa with kids

What to do in Nizwa with kids? Nizwa is a nice town to visit in central Oman and is best known for the traditional goat market that takes place here every Friday morning. So if you can make allowances in your itinerary for this Friday. Besides the Nizwa goat market, there are several other fun children’s activities in Nizwa and the Nizwa area. In this blog, we list all the children’s activities in Nizwa.

Best travel time Nizwa with kids

Nizwa has a desert climate and therefore the summer months can be very hot. From May through September, temperatures can even exceed 40 degrees. We visited Nizwa with our daughter in May and by then it was very hot. It is therefore best to visit the city as early as possible during these months. One advantage is that the goat market is always early, so it’s not so hot yet. Then you can spend the rest of the day swimming.

In general, there is very little rain in Nizwa, so you don’t have to skip certain months because of the rain. Do check in advance when exactly Ramadan is, as it can be difficult to eat during the day and the opening hours of many attractions are different than normal.

Nizwa with kids

Transportation to and in Nizwa

From the capital Muscat, you will drive to Nizwa by car in about 1.5 hours. You can park all around the city very well and the parking lots are free. However, roads in the center can be a bit on the narrow side. The center of Nizwa is great to explore on foot. This center is not that big. If you want to see the sights around Nizwa then a car is still very handy.

We rented a car at Muscat airport and used it to explore Oman in 12 days. We rented this car through the rental company Sunny Cars. We generally always rent a car through Sunny Cars, as most insurance and also the deductible are often included in the price. To rent a car in Oman through Sunny Cars, take a look here.

Nizwa with kids

Children’s activities Nizwa

#1 Goat market Nizwa

Nizwa’s goat market is the city’s biggest attraction. This goat market is in the center of Nizwa in a separate section. If you walk into downtown on a Friday morning, you can hardly miss it. The goat market starts around 7 and we will make sure we are there around 6:30. Then it is still nice and quiet and we walk around the men in robes and the goats beforehand.

We notice that this market is not purely for tourists and that people really come here to buy and sell goats. The number of tourists is also not very bad. 90% of the attendees are local, which does give it a very authentic feel. For kids, there is plenty to see. There are plenty of places near the market where you can stand and basically you can see it fine in many places. Therefore, being here super early is not a big deal either.

At some point, someone opens the goat market and the buying and selling begins. The vendors walk around in a circle with the goats and the goats are looked at closely by the vendors. Buyers look at how fat the goats are and whether the goat’s teeth are in order. The goats are sometimes treated a bit roughly by the buyers and sellers and our daughter feels sorry for the goats.

We spent a total of about an hour at the goat market and then visited the various souqs. These market stalls are well attended on Friday mornings, when the city is a huge photogenic destination. You can buy all kinds of products and souvenirs here. After our tour of these markets, we walk back to our hotel for breakfast. We enjoyed taking a closer look at this market.

Nizwa with kids

#2 Water park Nizwa

As we mentioned earlier in this blog, it is very hot in Nizwa during most months of the year. A day at a water park is therefore certainly not a punishment then. We therefore stayed an extra day in Nizwa so as not to travel too quickly through the country either. The water park is a little outside the city center a 15-minute drive away, and you can park your car in front for free.

We had taken into account the water park’s dress code, yet it was not enough for Sanne. She was wearing shorts that were not long enough. You should actually be covered up to the ankles as an adult woman. As a result, Sanne was not allowed to swim, which was a bummer. Therefore, be sure to bring plenty of covering swimwear, as they are very strict here.

We did find the prices of the water park to be hefty. Even Sanne who could only watch (because she was not allowed to swim) still had to pay a decent entrance fee. The water park itself is certainly fun to visit for a morning or afternoon. They have an area for the youngest kids with a water playground and for the older kids they have several fun slides. This is subject to length restrictions, by the way. Most slides require kids to be taller than 120 cm.

In addition to the various slides, they also have a lazyriver where you can enjoy bobbing in the water with a tire. Our daughter really liked the water park and had a great time on the various slides. For more information on entrance fees, different slides and opening hours, take a look at the Nizwa water park’s website.

Nizwa with kids

#3 Nizwa Fort

In the center of Nizwa, you can also visit a beautiful fortress. We found the entrance fee to the fort quite hefty, but the inside of the fort is very beautiful and photogenic. You have several rooms you can visit in this fort and it’s always a nice thought that people used to live here.

The fort has been completely renovated and the fort also has a garden, which you can walk through. This garden does not suggest much, but for kids there is some kind of swing and some games they can do. In all, we had seen the fort in just under an hour.

What to do in Nizwa with the family

#4 Bahla Fort

The Bahla Fort is a half-hour drive from Nizwa, and we visited the fort on the way from Jebel Shams to Nizwa. We found the Bahla Fort to be the most beautiful fort we visited in Oman. You can park your car in front of the fort and then walk from the car to the fort entrance in a minute.

We visited the fort in the middle of the day and by then it was quite warm. Therefore, the advice is to visit the fort as early in the morning as possible. You have several rooms you can see inside the fort and we also found this fort very photogenic. We spent a total of about an hour at this fort. You pay a small entrance fee to the fort.

Bahla Fort with kids

#5 Jabreen Castle

The Jabreen Castle is located near the Bahla Fort about a 10-minute drive from each other and therefore these two attractions are excellent to combine. We ourselves found the Jabreen Castle a little less impressive than the Bahla Fort, but it is still a beautiful castle to walk around.

You can also take an audio tour here if you like, which will give you even more information about the different rooms in the castle. In this castle you also have some more decorated rooms with stuff, which also gives you an even better impression about the palace. In part, it does resemble a museum. We spent about 45 minutes at this castle. You can also park your car in front of this castle.

Jabreen Castle with kids

Family-friendly restaurant Nizwa

You can have a bite to eat and a drink in the center of Nizwa with kids just fine. You don’t have super many nice tents, but we found two tents really recommended. We discuss them below.

Tamrah restaurant: this restaurant is located in the center of Nizwa and the photo below says enough about the fantastic view you have here. We also liked the food here very much. However, the restaurant does not open until the evening, but if you are looking for a place in Nizwa to have a nice dinner with the family, Tamrah restaurant is highly recommended!

Family-friendly restaurant NIzwa

Athar Cafe: If you visit Nizwa with kids not during dinner but still want to enjoy the same view, you can go for a drink at this cafe. Our daughter really liked the chocolate brownie here, so we sat here every afternoon having a drink with a pastry. The view is similar to the Tamrah restaurant, only here you are one floor below.

Family-friendly restaurant Nizwa

Family-friendly hotel Nizwa

You can stay in Nizwa with kids just fine! There are several nice family-friendly accommodations in the area. We list below in the different price ranges accommodations in Nizwa that are well rated by families with kids. Press the blue link for more information!

Budget hotel: Date Palm Inn

Mid-range hotel: Nizwa Hotel Apartments

Luxury hotel: Mazarah heritage inn

For the full list of family-friendly accommodations in Nizwa, take a look here.

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