Nuremberg with kids

You can visit the city of Nuremberg with kids just fine for a day or two without your kids getting bored. Located in the middle of Germany at a 6.5-hour drive from Utrecht, the city is also an ideal stopover if you are going on vacation to Austria, Slovenia or Croatia. The historic downtown was almost completely destroyed during World War II, but the city was completely rebuilt after this. We list the best sights and activities in Nuremberg with kids for you.

Nuremberg with kids #1: Nuremberg ZOO

This zoo is located just outside the center in the east of the city and can be reached by streetcar in 25 minutes. The zoo has some of the great African animals such as the lion, rhino, giraffe, zebra and several monkeys. You can also admire animals such as the polar bear, the kangaroo and the crocodile in this zoo. Several times a day there are also shows with dolphins.

Several areas of the zoo have play equipment for the kids, giving you a nice alternation between animal viewing and play. A children’s train also runs through the park past the animals. There is also a visitor area (Bionicum Ideenreich Natur), where kids can learn all about animals in an interactive way. The zoo is spacious and very green and you will need at least half a day to see the entire zoo.

As we know from most German zoos, the entrance fee is reasonable. The entrance fee at this zoo is about half the entrance fees of Dutch zoos. Furthermore, they also sell tickets for the whole family, giving you even more discounts.

Nuremberg with kids
Nuremberg with kids

Nuremberg with kids #2: Playmobil Funpark

This fun amusement park is not in Nuremberg itself, but about 20 minutes away by car from the city center (by public transportation a little over 40 minutes). Of course, this entire park is dedicated to Playmobil dolls. It is not really an amusement park as we are used to with all kinds of fast roller coasters, but more like a big play paradise for especially younger kids.

For example, there is a large traffic square where kids can go go-karting, there are small rowing boats for kids, there are several playgrounds, a bouncy castle, mini golf course and various water play equipment. So you can count on kids to get wet.

There is also an indoor area for kids to play with lots of playmobil. Also, there is a restaurant here, so an ideal place to eat and drink quietly by yourself while the kids are playing. This section looks very cool and is all Playmobil style. Furthermore, there is also a large indoor climbing park, so the park is still great to visit even in less weather.

Again, the price of the park is very reasonable. It is even possible to sleep near the park, as it includes a Playmobil hotel.

Nuremberg with kids
Nuremberg with kids

Nuremberg with kids #3: Wöhrder Wiese Park

This city park is a 15-minute walk from downtown and has several playgrounds for kids in the park. Furthermore, there is also a sunbathing area at this park, where people from the city flock in the summer to enjoy the sunshine and to play ball with the kids.

If you walk a little further from the center into this park you will come to the large lake Wöhrder See. There is also a beach at this lake, where it can be crowded, especially in summer, with families cooling off by the water. Also at this beach there is a small cafe (Café Strandgut), where you can have a nice drink on beach chairs.

On the lake it is possible to rent pedal boats and take a tour of the lake with your kids. Especially in summer there is a very pleasant atmosphere around this lake with dozens of boats on the water and around the water everywhere groups of people enjoying the beautiful weather.

Nuremberg with kids
Nuremberg with kids

Nuremberg with kids #4: Railway Museum

We have already written about the fun railroad museum in Utrecht in our travel blog Utrecht with kids, but the city of Nuremberg also has a railroad museum. This large museum focuses on the history of German railroads. The museum is located in the center of town and is therefore easily accessible on foot. Like the railroad museum in Utrecht, this museum has several trains you can tour.

This museum also has a small children’s train running around and a playground at the museum for kids. There is also a section of the museum dedicated to miniature trains, with a museum employee running the trains at certain times. The best part of the museum is the children’s section. Again, a small tourist train runs around inside and kids can also play with huge train tracks. To see the entire museum you will need half a day.

The museum certainly has similarities to the railroad museum in Utrecht and is much cheaper in terms of admission than the museum in Utrecht. The entrance fee for a family is less than a quarter of the price you pay in Utrecht.

Nuremberg with kids: other activities

#5 Nuremberg Castle: you can also visit a castle in Nuremberg with kids. Despite the museum inside the castle not being very interesting for kids, the castle looks beautiful from the outside and you can have a great walk through the castle gardens.

#6 Underground Corridors Nuremberg: If your kids are a little older, you might be interested in checking out Nuremberg’s underground corridor system. This medieval corridor system was also frequently used by people in World War II to escape the horrors of war. You can book several tours through the corridors here.

There are a few more museums in the city such as the toy museum, the natural history museum and the communication museum, where it is mainly looking at the exhibits and there are few interactive elements in these museums for kids. We therefore chose not to include these museums in our list of sights in Namur with kids.

Nuremberg with kids
Nuremberg with kids

Where to sleep in Nuremberg with kids

Budget hotel: B&B Hotel Nürnberg-City

Mid-range hotel: Hotel Fackelman

Luxury hotel: Hotel Agneshof Nürnberg

To search for other hotels in Nuremberg with kids click here for the whole list of hotels.

Nuremberg with kids
Nuremberg with kids

Further information Nuremberg with kids

Nuremberg card: like most major German cities, Nuremberg also has a card that allows you to travel for free on public transportation and the card also gives free admission to all museums and various attractions. In addition, they have a special card for children up to five years old and for kids older than five. Check in advance which sights you all want to visit in Nuremberg with kids and then see if the card is advantageous for your family.

Christmas market: Nuremberg is home to one of Germany’s most famous Christmas markets. The Christmas market is in town about a month before Christmas, and the entire old town radiates Christmas at this time. The Christmas market attracts as many as two million visitors each year and this is partly due to the many local delicious food and drinks sold at the market. For kids, there’s plenty to do at this Christmas market, too. For example, there is a carousel and kids can make their own gingerbread at a Christmas bakery. There is also a mini steam train that kids can take a ride on. They can also visit Santa at the market.

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