Museum Speelklok review

Museum play clock review: all the information at a glance!

In this Museum Speelklok review, we talk about our experience after visiting the museum with our daughter. We also included this family-friendly museum in our blog Utrecht with kids, where we describe all of the city’s children’s activities. In addition, in this review we provide some general information about the museum so that you have a good impression of what you can do at the museum.

Museum Speelklok review
Museum Speelklok review

Accessibility Speelklok Museum

The Speelklok Museum is located in the middle of the city of Utrecht and is easily accessible by both car and public transportation. If you come by car, there are several parking garages in the center (Springweg and Hoog Catharijne) where you can park your car. Keep in mind that the hourly parking fees are quite high. You can then possibly think about, for example, parking the car in a P+R parking lot and traveling to the city by public transportation.

The museum is also easily accessible by public transportation. So you can walk from Utrecht central station to the museum in about ten minutes, and otherwise you can also take bus number 2 from Utrecht central station towards Museum Quarter and then get off at Domplein stop. Then you are practically at the door of the museum.

Museum Speelklok Utrecht
Museum Speelklok Utrecht

Speelklok museum tickets

You can easily purchase tickets to the museum through the Speelklok Museum website. You pay a reduced rate for kids ages 4 through 12, and the museum also has family tickets, which allow you to get a discount as a family. If you have a museum card or a Friends Lottery VIP card, you can visit the museum for free.

We ourselves had a Friends Lottery VIP card so we had free admission to the museum. Kids ages 0 to 3 are admitted free to the museum.

Museum Speelklok Utrecht
Museum Speelklok Utrecht

Museum Speelklok discount

There are regular promotions around Museum Speelklok, giving you discounts for the museum. For example, through the ANWB website, members regularly receive discounts. So before you buy tickets, always make sure you search for discounts somewhere. Especially if you are visiting the museum with several family members, it can save a lot of money.

Museum de Speelklok
Museum de Speelklok

Review of the play clock museum

At first we didn’t really know what to expect from a museum dedicated to the musical clock. It is that we had free admission with our Friends Lottery pass, otherwise we might not have even visited the museum. Still, in retrospect we thought it was a very nice museum and certainly very suitable for kids.

First when we arrived at the museum we joined the tour of the museum. This was a tour of about three-quarters of an hour where we toured the museum and had the guide play various bells. We were with several other families and there was plenty of attention for kids during this tour as well.

At the different bells we were told cheerful tunes and for kids it is definitely interesting to see the different bells and organs. If there is a barrel organ in town our daughter also finds it interesting to watch and that was the case here. Having already seen many of the musical bells during the tour, we then went through the rest of the museum.

Again, this was also great fun for kids, as they have a scavenger hunt through the museum, where kids have to find the different monkeys hidden throughout the museum. Actually a very simple concept but for a 5-year-old kid a tremendously fun quest.

In addition, throughout the rest of the museum, there are plenty of things meant for kids. For example, kids can solve puzzles, stand in front of a picture with their face in a plate and create their own melody card that can be played back on an organ. So we were still in the museum for over 2 hours and had a very fun afternoon at this surprising family-friendly museum.

Food and drink at the Speelklokmuseum

You have at the museum the Speelklok Café where you can go for a snack and a drink. By the way, non-visitors can also visit the café. You can have lunch here with the kids, eating a sandwich, for example. Because the museum is right in the center of the city, you obviously have dozens of other options for eating and drinking in the area. We ourselves did not eat at the museum, so we cannot say anything about that.

Staying in Utrecht with kids

Utrecht is a very family-friendly city, with enough to do to keep you entertained for a few days. If you take a city trip then you also have to spend the night somewhere. We have since stayed in several fun and family-friendly hotels and have listed the different hotels in the city and looked at which hotels have family rooms, for example, and which hotels are well-reviewed by families with kids. In addition, we shared our own experiences and also shared all the positives and negatives of each hotel. For this overview, check out our blog family-friendly hotel Utrecht.


The Speelklok museum in Utrecht is definitely recommended if you are taking a city trip to Utrecht. The museum may not be as well known as the Miffy Museum and the Railway Museum, but it definitely deserves to be in this list of museums to visit with the family. 

If you go on a weekend trip to Utrecht like us, then you can easily visit the Miffy Museum and the Speelklok Museum on one day and visit the Railway Museum the other day. 

In total, we spent a little over two hours at the Speelklok museum. For more information about the museum, take a look at the Speelklok Museum website. 

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