Muscat with kids

What to do in Muscat with kids? Muscat is the capital of Oman and, for most families with kids, the starting and ending point of a trip through the beautiful country of Oman. We too started and ended our 12-day trip through Oman in Muscat. We stayed a total of 5 days in Muscat and did several activities in the city. In this blog, we list the best children’s activities in Muscat!

Best travel time Muscat with kids

We visited Muscat in the May vacation and then the weather was lovely most days. We did unfortunately have nothing but rain the last day we were in Muscat. Still, this seems to be an exception and we saw people at the hotel filming the heavy rain themselves. After that, the streets were also immediately flooded. After all, they are not used to so much rain in Oman.

You can therefore visit Muscat with kids all year round just fine. However, you should keep in mind that during the summer months (June/July and August) it can get very hot and then it may not be nice to walk through a city like Muscat. If you visit the city in the other months, you can do just fine!

Because of the hot weather, we mainly visited the city in the morning and lay on the pool in the afternoon. It was fine that way. You see when the sun goes down that’s when the city really starts to come alive and people come out. Then it will be cozy!

Also, always check if you are going to Muscat with kids if it is not Ramadan, as opening hours of attractions, restaurants and stores may be different and then it can be difficult to get somewhere to eat during the day. Ramadan falls at a different time each year.

Muscat with kids

Transportation in Muscat

We had rented a car for our tour of Oman and also moved around Muscat this way. Muscat is quite a city and especially in the morning and afternoon it can be busy on the city’s main roads. Keep this in mind! We almost arrived late on our snorkeling trip, as a 15-minute car ride took us almost an hour due to road congestion!

You can park the car almost anywhere in Muscat for free and safely, making the car an ideal mode of transportation through this city. We rented a car for our tour through Sunny Cars. We actually always do this abroad through this organization because all the insurance and the deductible are usually included in the price, so we can go on the road with peace of mind.

We rented the car right at the Muscat airport. For more information on renting a car in Muscat, take a look here.

Transportation in Muscat

Children’s activities Muscat

#1 Snorkeling at the Daymaniyat Islands

The most fun children’s activity you can do in Muscat is to spend a day snorkeling at the Daymaniyat Islands. This snorkeling trip lasted from 8:30 to 2 a.m. and we visited several places where we went snorkeling. We did this snorkeling trip with the organization MolaMola Diving Centre. We had to gather at Al Mouj Muscat port at 8 a.m. and from here we left by boat.

The Daymaniyat Islands are off the coast of Muscat and by boat it takes about 45 minutes to reach the islands. The islands are also a popular place to go scuba diving. During our snorkeling trip, there were also several tourists on board who went diving near the islands. In this protected nature reserve you have a beautiful underwater world, with many tropical fish, sharks, rays and turtles.

Perhaps the area’s biggest attraction is the whale sharks, which come here several months a year. The day before we did our snorkeling trip, a total of 6 whale sharks had been spotted near the islands. You can then swim with these huge beasts. Unfortunately, we did not see these friendly animals during our snorkeling trip. It’s still nature, of course, so it’s always exciting what you’re going to see.

Muscat with kids

We snorkeled in 3 different places and saw beautiful coral. We also saw several turtles, a large ray, a shark and, of course, lots of different tropical fish during the snorkeling trip. We were accompanied by a guide during the snorkeling trip, who obviously saw a lot more underwater than if we had had to do it without a guide.

What was very nice for our daughter was that the guide also carried a life preserver, which our daughter could occasionally lean on while snorkeling. As a result, they did not have to swim the entire time. Especially with young kids, this is nice, as swimming in the sea can be very tiring anyway.

In between snorkeling, lunch is also made by the staff and we can rest and enjoy all the food we get. Sophie occasionally jumps off the roof of the boat into the water. This is obviously super exciting for kids to do! After lunch, we headed back into the water.

We had a wonderful day away and really enjoyed the beautiful underwater world! However, you do have to make sure that you rub in well, because the next day, despite rubbing in, we were still a little burned. If you don’t have much time in Muscat with kids and can only do 1 thing in the city, we could definitely recommend this tour.

For more information on prices, different options and different packages, take a look at MolaMola Diving Centre’s website.

Muscat with kids

#2 Sultan Qaboos mosque

The most famous landmark of the city of Muscat is the Sultan Qaboos Mosque. This is a beautiful mosque in the center of Muscat that may also be visited by non-Muslims. This mosque is open every day (except Friday) in the morning for tourists from 8 to 11 am. Near the mosque is a large parking lot, where you can park your car for free.

At the entrance to the mosque, you are closely watched to make sure you are dressed appropriately. Sanne thought she was dressed appropriately with a long white dress, but this was still not enough. Therefore, she had to rent a black dress for a few euros, which she had to put on over her dress. With kids and men, they are a little less strict, but still you are supposed to be dressed covered.

The mosque is really beautiful and when we visited the mosque around 9 o’clock it wasn’t very busy. If you really want to visit this mosque with very few tourists, make sure you get to the mosque as early as possible. You can also see the mosque inside and the huge chandelier in particular stands out inside the mosque.

By the way, it is also possible to take a guided tour, but we ourselves did not do this. We spent about an hour at this mosque and then we had seen it.

What to do in Muscat with family

#3 Muttrah souk

If you’re visiting Muscat with kids, it’s also a lot of fun to visit the various souks in the city center. We parked the car near the fish souk. There we could park our car for free in the large parking lot. This souk is not super big, but the huge fish impressed our daughter.

Then we walk along the Muttrah Corniche to the Muttrah Souk. This is a walk of a few minutes, during which you have a nice view of the sea. We visited the souks after visiting the mosque, so temperatures were high around 11 or so. A better time would have been to go to the markets a little earlier.

The Muttrah Souk is fun to visit. It’s not a super big market, but there’s plenty to see. As you walk past the merchants and stalls, you are continually accosted (not in an annoying way, by the way). In that regard, it sometimes seems like walking into a fairy tale. Because the market is not super big, we also saw it in an hour. Of course, you can also buy nice souvenirs at the market if you like.

Muscat sights

#4 Royal Opera House

The last attraction we visited in Muscat was the Royal Opera House. This is just a beautiful building to look at and it is also a very photogenic place. You can easily park your car in the Royal Opera House garage and it is also possible to see the Royal Opera House inside. You do pay an entrance fee for this.

We did not do this ourselves, which is why we only spent 15 minutes here as well. If, like us, you only want to see the outside, you can do so for free.

Opera House Muscat with kids

Other children’s activities Muscat

Of course, we didn’t do everything in Muscat either, since we only stayed there for a short time. Therefore, below we briefly list some other children’s activities you can do in Muscat.

#5 Day at the beach: you can also have a great day at the beach in Muscat with kids. One of the most popular beaches in Muscat is Qurum beach. This is also the beach with various facilities. Another beautiful beach to visit in the Muscat area is Capital Area Yacht Club. This is also a bay with a beautiful white sandy beach.

By the way, you can also book a day pass to one of the beaches at one of Muscat’s major waterfront resorts. Then, of course, you have all the facilities and at some resorts you can also have a beer or a wine. In fact, you can’t do that in most places in Muscat.

#6 MarahLand: We actually wanted to go to this amusement park on our last day in Muscat, but unfortunately it rained all day that day. MarahLand is an amusement park, where you can enter for free and pay separately for the various attractions. They have 30 different attractions here and this amusement park is open from 4 in the afternoon until 12 at night. This is because of the heat during the day. Especially for variety, this can be a fun children’s activity in Muscat.

#7 Oman Aquarium: You can also go to a large Aquarium in Oman with kids. At the Oman Aquarium, you can see various tropical fish, as well as penguins. However, the entrance fee to the aquarium is on the hefty side.

What to do in Muscat in Oman

Family-friendly restaurant Muscat

You can eat fine food in Muscat with kids. Muscat is a big city, with a large selection of restaurants. In addition to its many restaurants, the city also has several fast food restaurants including, for example, the Mc Donald’s. Where we had a great meal is at Cafe Bateel near the Al Mouj Muscat port.

This is a super nice area to walk around and grab a bite to eat. You have several waterfront restaurants and cafes in the area and we found it a nice place to grab a bite to eat in the evening or have lunch in the afternoon. Cafe Bateel has a kid’s menu for kids and delicious pasta dishes for the rest. We had a wonderful meal here.

For the rest, we ate several times at our hotel Maani Muscat Hotel&Suites. Here we also had breakfast in the morning and it was super good. You could also eat delicious food near the pool or in the restaurant here for not too much money. Tourists not staying at the hotel can also grab a bite to eat here if they wish.

Family-friendly restaurant Muscat

Family-friendly hotel Muscat

As we mentioned in the blog above, we stayed in Muscat with our daughter at the Maani Muscat Hotel&Suites. We found this to be a very nice hotel. Initially, we had booked another hotel for the return trip in Muscat (because we do like variety), but we canceled that hotel and once again slept at the Maani Muscat Hotel&Suites.

The rooms are very spacious, there is a very nice swimming pool. the hotel is super clean and the hotel smells great everywhere and you can also have great food. Certainly the breakfast here was very extensive. We really liked this family-friendly hotel in Muscat. For more information, take a look here.

Family-friendly hotel Muscat

Of course, there are many other good family-friendly hotels in Muscat where you can stay with kids. We list for different price ranges the best rated hotels by families with kids. Click on the blue link for more information.

Budget hotel: Wyndham Garden Muscat Al Khuwair

Mid-range hotel: Al Murooj Grand Hotel

Luxury hotel: Kempinski Hotel Muscat

Don’t find a suitable accommodation in Muscat among the above options? Then check out the full list of family-friendly accommodations in Muscat.

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