Munich with kids

What can you do in Munich with kids? We know the city mostly from the October festivals held in the German city, but there is enough to do for kids to keep you entertained for at least two to three days. Especially in the summer, the city has plenty of fun activities for kids. However, you do have to travel a few hours by train or car, which makes it difficult to visit the city from the Netherlands in a weekend. We list the most important and fun activities in Munich with kids for you.

How do I get to Munich with kids?

There are several ways to visit the city of Munich with kids. We list the various options below.

By car

You can, of course, drive to the city of Munich from the Netherlands. You will drive to this German city in about 7.5 hours with your family. This is without road works though (which you have almost by default in Germany) and without traffic jams. So quickly count on about 9 hours from Utrecht. For a city break, then, this is too long.

By Train

It is also possible to travel to Munich by train. From Amsterdam central, the fastest train gets you to Munich city center in about 7.5 hours. You then change trains once in Frankfurt.

By plane

Plane is obviously the fastest mode of transportation to get to Munich. By plane, you fly to Munich from Amsterdam in one hour and twenty minutes. You have several airlines that fly daily from the Netherlands to Munich.

For a list of all airline tickets to Munich check here.

Munich with kids #1: Deutches Museum

This is the largest science and technology museum in the world. It is a huge museum and there is enough for kids to do that you can have at least a half to full day of fun here. The museum cannot be compared to the Universum in Bremen and the NEMO in Amsterdam, because it is much grander and here you are dealing with real machines and vehicles. For example, the museum has entire boats and airplanes for you to view. In addition, the setup is a little less childish than the science museums in Bremen and Amsterdam.

The museum has as many as six floors and a basement. For kids ages three to eight, they have a separate Kinderreich department. This section does have a lot more play content. Kids here can climb and play a life-size guitar, play with blocks, pull themselves up on a pulley and more such activities. There is also an area for workshops where kids can paint and craft.

Your kids must really like that kind of museum, because it does take a lot less play for them. Therefore, for very small kids, the museum may not be so suitable. We can also imagine that one family may be fed up with this place after a few hours and another may not have enough for one day. The price for a family ticket to the museum is not super high. Especially if you compare it to other museums in the Netherlands.

Munich with kids
Munich with kids

Munich with kids #2: Englischer garten

This huge city park is about a 15-minute walk from downtown. The cross-section of the park is about 6.5 kilometers and to walk from one side of the park to the other takes about 1.5 hours. The park is larger than, say, Central Park in New York.

Therefore, if you want to see a lot of the park, it is advisable to rent bikes with your family. A good place to rent bikes is at Mikes Bike Tours. In addition to regular bikes, they rent children’s bikes, bikes with child seats and electric cargo bikes. We have already rented a cargo bike in several cities and our daughter always really enjoys being transported around a city this way.

There are a number of attractions in this city park. These include a Japanese tea house and a Chinese tower. This Chinese tower located in the middle of the park is part of a large beer garden and has more than 7,000 places to grab a bite to eat and a drink. Another special feature of the park is that in several places near a river (Eisbach) that runs through the middle of the park there is the possibility of surfing on artificial waves that have been created.

Another fun activity you can do in the park is to rent a pedal boat on one of the lakes with your family. Especially with nice weather, this is a fun activity. In addition, there are no less than four different playgrounds in the city park, so enough entertainment to keep you entertained here for at least half a day in Munich with kids.

If you want to enjoy lunch with your kids by the lake in the park, this is possible. At Seehaus restaurant you can have lunch on the waterfront terrace.

Munich with kids
Munich with kids

Munich with kids #3: Olympiapark

The city of Munich has not one cool city park but two! The second city park is the Olympiapark, which lies on the site of the 1972 Munich Summer Games. The park is located in the north of the city and public transportation will get you there in just over 20 minutes. You can do several things with kids in this hilly park.

Thus, there is also an opportunity to take a boat out on the lake here. In addition, here you have the 181-meter-high Olympia Tower, where you have a 360-degree view of the city. A small tourist train runs through the park, showing you most of the park in half an hour.

A few minutes’ walk from the observation tower, there is also a small playground with a slide, walkways and houses, which is especially suitable for small kids.

Munich with kids
Munich with kids

Munich with kids #4: Bayern Munich stadium tour

Germany’s biggest soccer club plays in the city of Munich. Bayern Munich is one of the biggest clubs in the world and its stadium (the Allianz Arena) can hold more than 75,000 people. If your kids are absolutely crazy about soccer then of course you should at least book a stadium tour.

A stadium tour of Bayern Munich’s stadium can be booked daily, except on days when the club must play soccer at its own stadium. The tour will take you past familiar places such as the stands, the locker rooms, the players’ tunnel and the room where press conferences are held. The tours are guided and last about three-quarters of an hour. You can also buy a combination ticket of the tour of the stadium and a visit to the Bayern Munich Museum.

The museum contains a lot of information about the soccer club and, of course, you will also find all the prizes won. There are also activities for kids at the museum. For example, kids can see how fast their reflex is as a goalkeeper, there is an indoor soccer field and kids can make their own cup. Set aside at least an hour for the museum. For more information about the tour, the museum and prices check out the club’s website.

The best of course is to see Bayern Munich’s stadium during a match of the club. When in Munich with kids, see if the club has to play soccer at home and then book tickets for a game online in advance.

Munich with kids
Munich with kids

Munich with kids: other attractions

In addition to the sights described above, there are other fun sights and activities in Munich with kids. We list the best ones for you.

#5 walking through the city: taking a nice walk with your kids through the city center is always a must. In the center of Munich, the most famous square is Marienplatz and this main square of the city has plenty of cozy terraces where you can have a drink. You will also find beautiful buildings such as the Neues Rathaus. A nice square to walk to is Gärtnerplatz (7-minute walk from the main square), where there are all kinds of nice hip restaurants and stores. This small city park is located in the hip neighborhood of Gärtnerplatzviertel. Also, the Glockenbach neighborhood that is a little further south (about a 10-minute walk) is a hip neighborhood with fun places to go.

#6 Climbing tower churches: in the center of Munich you have two churches, the tower of which you can climb and get a nice view of the city. The Frauenkirche is the more famous of the two churches, only here it is a little unclear online whether you can climb the tower at this church or not. At the other church the St. In any case, St. Peters Church can certainly do this and you have a beautiful view of the city of Munich with kids. The churches are a five-minute walk away from each other.

#7 Sea Life Munich: if your kids love everything that lives in the water, this is a good option. Sealife is located in Olympia Park and features the familiar aquatic animals such as sharks, tropical fish and stingrays. Again, you can walk through a tunnel, where all around you is the aquarium and sharks are swimming above your head. On Sealife’s website, you can see when certain fish are fed.

#8 BMW museum: if your kids and you love cars then this museum is a good option for you. This museum is also located in Olympia Park. The futuristic building of course features lots of BMW cars, but there is also a junior campus for kids where kids can get interactive. It is also possible to take a seat in some of the cars, despite the small number of cars. Besides BMW, they also have cars from mini and Rolls Royce here.

#9 Bavaria Filmstadt: Here you can take a 1.5-hour tour and get a glimpse of what it’s like behind the scenes on a film set. There is also a 4d cinema for which you can buy tickets. Bavaria Filmstadt is located in the south of the city, and by public transportation you are about 45 minutes away from the city center.

#10 City Beach: if it is a hot day in Munich and you are looking to cool down, you can go to Flaucher Park with your family. In this park with a playground, there are a kind of stone beaches by the river, where locals in summer flock to the “beach. By public transportation, you can get to the park in just over 20 minutes.

Munich with kids
Munich with kids

#11 Müllersches Volksbad: Located in the center of town is this historic bathhouse. Wonderful area for a short swim in Munich with kids. There is also an outdoor place at the bathhouse where you can get something to eat and drink. There is also a Roman bath and a sauna in addition to the pool.

#12 Botanical Gardens: these gardens are located in Schlosspark Nymphenburg. By public transportation, it takes a little over 20 minutes from downtown to get to this park. The gardens look beautiful with lots of colorful flowers and admission to these gardens is free. The park itself is also a must for walking and you can also check out Nymphenburg Castle here. In addition, at the edge of this park there is an excellent playground with various play equipment.

#13 Hellabrunn Zoo: if you want to go to the zoo in Munich with kids, you can! In the south of the city half an hour away by public transportation, you will find this zoo. The price of the zoo is very reasonable when compared to zoos in the Netherlands. The most famous animals do feature in the zoo such as the elephant, giraffe, tiger and lots of different species of monkeys. There is also an aqarium with tropical fish and sharks. On the website you will find the times that some animals are fed, when there are shows with the sea lions, among others, and when different caretakers explain specific animals.

#14 Hop on Hop off bus: if you want a quick way to visit the city of Munich with kids, the hop on hop off bus is an option. You have two different routes that the buses run that both take an hour. You have the city tour and the Olympic park tour. The buses run year-round and during the tour you can get information about the city in the English language. Especially in the summer, it is wonderful to sit in the double-decker bus at the top with the open roof and see the city from the bus.

#15 Therme Erding: you can also go to a water park in the city of Munich with kids, only you are an hour away by public transport (three quarters of an hour by car). You have a huge number of slides here, a wave pool, tropical pool and outdoor pools. Especially if the weather is bad, this can be a great alternative program in Munich with kids.

#16 Bike tour of the city: you can also discover the city of Munich with kids from a bike. The Dutch company Baja Bikes organizes bike tours of Munich with an English-speaking guide. They have children’s bicycles for children as young as four years old, and child seats are also available, so the kids can also join this bike tour just fine.

We ourselves did a bike tour of Paris with BajaBikes and we found it to be a really super fun introduction to the city. In total, this bicycle tour takes three hours. For more information on bike tours, check out BajaBikes’ website.

Not recommended: the toy museum: this toy museum is located right in the center and is housed in a tower. The name of the museum sounds good, but it is nothing. Mostly old toys, which you can only look at and within half an hour you are outside again. If you have a short time in Munich with kids definitely skip this museum!

Munich with kids: car rental

If you are going to do the above described activities in Munich with kids, then a car might come in handy. Basically, there is public transportation in the city, but having your own car can obviously be an option. We actually find the cars from Sunny Cars are always top notch!

You actually have all costs included in the price here and are insured for most things (including your deductible). We have had problems with this in the past with other rental companies, because all kinds of costs are added at the destination. With Sunny Cars, you know that’s not the case and that’s a nice feeling. You can additionally cancel the car 1 hour before your reservation free of charge. You can also rent a car in Munich with kids from Sunny Cars.

Check out the different rental cars here.

Where to sleep in Munich with kids

You can stay in Munich with kids just fine! There are plenty of accommodations that accommodate families with kids. We have listed the best options in each price range. For more information on the particular hotel, just click on the blue link.

Budget hotel: Hotel Eder

Mid-range hotel: AWA Hotel

Luxury hotel: VI VADI Hotel Bayer 89

To search for other hotels in Munich with kids click here for the whole list of hotels.

Further information Munich with kids

Munich card: there are two cards you can purchase in advance if you are going on a city trip to Munich with kids. You have the Munich Card and the Munich City Pass. With the first card you mainly get discounts, while with the second card there are a lot of attractions accessible for free. Check in advance what sights you want to take in Munich with kids and then see if one of the tickets is advantageous for you and your family. All information about both cards can be found here.

If you are visiting the city of Munich with kids by car, you will need an environmental sticker. These can be ordered from the ANWB website and will be sent to you within 5 days. To do this, you need to enter the car’s registration number and report code (found on the registration certificate) and then the correct color will be selected.

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