Movie park Germany with kids

Movie Park Germany with kids: all the information at a glance!

What to do in Movie Park Germany with kids? There is plenty to do for young and older kids at this amusement park located just over 1.5 hours’ drive from Utrecht. The amusement park is also great to visit during a city trip to family-friendly cities such as Düsseldorf, Essen, Dortmund or Duisburg. Basically, you can already see much of the amusement park in one day with the family! We visited this fun amusement park with our daughter and list all the information about amusement park Movie Park Germany with kids for you!

Movie Park Germany with kids
Movie Park Germany with kids

Movie Park Germany with kids: general information!

The amusement park is all about the movie world and Nickelodeon characters such as Spongebob and Dora. If your kids watch a lot of Nickelodeon then they will know many of the characters in the amusement park.

Purchasing amusement park tickets is best done online. At the park itself there is sometimes a long queue and then you can just stand in line for half an hour with your kids. Be sure to check online in advance for discounted tickets. This could just save you a lot of money if you keep an active eye on this. You may also have free admission to the park with a season ticket from a Dutch amusement park or zoo, for example. For example, season ticket holders of the Efteling may enter Movie Park Germany once per calendar year for free.

Movie Park Germany with kids
Movie Park Germany with kids

The amusement park also has an app you can download where you can see a map of the park and get your bearings this way. We had also downloaded the app in advance and liked that this way we could orient ourselves well in the amusement park. Unfortunately, the app does not list the wait times for the various attractions like the Disneyland Paris app, for example.

You may not be allowed in some attractions in Movie Park Germany with kids because they are too small or too young. Then, if you as parents do want to enter this attraction, you can use the park’s babyswitch principle. This means that as parents, you need to stand in line once and the parents may alternate when one of the two has been in the attraction. You must tell one attraction employee this in advance and the other must stand by the exit in advance.

Movie Park Germany with kids
Movie Park Germany with kids

Movie Park Germany with kids: speedy pass

If you want to spend your time at Movie Park Germany with kids well, you can buy a speedy pass with your entrance ticket. This is actually a fastpass where you don’t have to wait in line for as long at attractions. They have different types of passes, and with that comes different prices each time.

For example, you have a speedy pass baby, where you may enter the attraction through the fast entrance a total of five times. These are only the attractions for young kids. You also have a Silver, Gold and Platinum pass. With the Silver pass you are allowed to stand in the fast lane once at 13 attractions, with the Gold Pass you are allowed to stand in the fast lane once at all attractions, and with the Platinum Pass you can do so indefinitely.

When we visited the park at Easter, the crowds were not too bad and we actually did not have to wait long at many attractions. Learn more about the possibilities of options related to the Speedy Pass on the theme park’s Dutch-language website.

Movie Park Germany with kids
Movie Park Germany with kids

Movie Park Germany with kids: extreme attractions

The amusement park has more than 30 different attractions for young and old and these are divided into six different themed areas. For example, you have the themed areas: Federation Plaza, Hollywood Street set, Nickland, Santa Monica Pier, Streets of New York and The Old West.

The park classifies attractions into three categories: extreme, moderate and mild.

Extreme: There are as many as 15 attractions that are labeled extreme. Most of these attractions also come with a minimum age and height requirement. We briefly discuss the attractions below.

Star trek Operation Enterprise: this roller coaster is centered around Star Trek and is located in the Federation Plaza themed area and you will make a few loopings over the head here. Kids here must be at least 7 years old and at least 130 cm tall.

Area 51 top secret: Why this attraction was given the title extreme is beyond us. Here you go in a boat through a world of aliens. In this attraction you can enter Movie park Germany with kids from 90 cm and up. We found this to be one of the most fun attractions you can go on at Movie Park Germany with kids.

Crazy surfer: this is a big carnival ride where you go up and down a track while spinning in circles. Kids from 6 years old with a minimum height of 120 cm are allowed in here and we thought this was a good attraction to get well nauseated during your visit to Movie park Germany with kids. In the end, this was actually not so bad.

Dora’s big river adventure: the famous trunk attraction, where you go down from a height in a trunk and plunge into the water and you can get wet in the attraction. This attraction is for kids 6 years and older with a minimum height of 120 cm.

Fairy world spider: these are coffee cups that spin around on a dial. You can control how fast you spin around by turning the wheel in the center of the cup. This is also an attraction you shouldn’t go in too often if you don’t want to get nauseous. Kids under 100 cm must be accompanied by a parent in the attraction.

Ghost Chasers: also really a fairground attraction that we have seen many times before. You ride in a cart along a course that keeps making sharp turns. You can enter this attraction at Movie park Germany with kids if your children are at least 6 years old and 120 cm tall. Our daughter loved this attraction!

Movie Park Germany with kids
Movie Park Germany with kids

The High Fall: in this attraction you go to a height of 60 meters and then fall down 90 km per hour. Your kids must be at least 10 years old and 145 cm tall for this attraction.

Jimmy Neutron’s Atomic Flyer: in this attraction, you hang below the runway and travel down a 290-meter track at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour. Of course, the attraction makes all sorts of turns so that you get shaken up good. Kids 4 years and older who are at least 95 cm tall may enter this attraction accompanied by a parent.

MP Xpress: again, this is a fast roller coaster and again you hang under the rails. The roller coaster goes 80 kilometers per hour and kids as young as 10 years old who are at least 130 cm may ride it. At times during the ride when you look down, your feet dangle 30 meters above the precipice. If you want to ride a spectacular roller coaster in Movie Park Germany with kids, don’t miss this one.

Excalibur: this is a whitewater course where you have a chance of getting wet with a round boat. The attraction can be compared to the Piranha attraction at the Efteling. Really a fun attraction, where you also get to see a lot. Kids from 110 cm and up are allowed in this attraction.

NYC Transformer: if you want to get well nauseated in Movie Park Germany with kids, this is also definitely a good option. A kind of swing ship that goes over the top fairly often. Kids here must be at least 140 cm tall and ten years old. Fortunately, our daughter was too young for this, but it did look pretty spectacular!

Movie Park Germany with kids
Movie Park Germany with kids

Sidekick: In this swing ship, you don’t go over the top, but spin around with a disk the whole time. Like the NYC Transformer attraction, this is one for a strong stomach. The minimum length for the attraction here is 145 cm.

Time Riders: this is an attraction where you go on a time journey. Before you get into the actual attraction, there is plenty to see and it also has a bit of the feel of a haunted house. Eventually you end up sitting in some kind of cabin and seem to be traveling through time, and of course there is considerable use of special effects. Kids from 110 cm and up are allowed in this. Our daughter also thought this was a really fun attraction!

Van Helsing’s Factory: this is a haunted house full of vampires, ghosts and monsters. It is a combination of a roller coaster and a haunted house, as you still reach speeds of 40 km per hour in your cart. This attraction is only open to kids 12 and older who are at least 120 cm tall.

The Bandit: This is the only wooden roller coaster you can go on with kids in Movie Park Germany. The roller coaster goes 70 kilometers per hour and you reach a height of thirty meters, where you have a nice view of the amusement park. Kids as young as six who are 120 cm tall are allowed in here. This was our favorite attraction and the wait time was only five minutes, so we went in it twice in a row!

Movie Park Germany with kids
Movie Park Germany with kids

Movie Park Germany with kids: average attractions

Average: You can go to Movie Park Germany with kids in 7 attractions rated as average. We briefly describe these attractions below.

Avatar air glider: in this attraction you have to lie forward and in the attraction you fly in circles, so to speak. Despite the attraction being described as average, kids must still be at least 120 cm to enter the attraction. Four people can lie side by side in the attraction. Definitely a special attraction because it’s something different for once.

Back at the Barnyard Bumpers: these are the bumper cars you also know from the carnival. Kids under 140 cm are allowed on this attraction only when accompanied by a parent.

Backyardigans mission to Mars: this is a children’s roller coaster, where kids as young as 90 cm accompanied by a parent are allowed in. You’re in a spaceship and you’re going over an orbit outside. Of course, this roller coaster goes a lot slower than the roller coasters that were in the extreme category.

Luney Tunes 4D: You can watch a 4D movie of the Road Runner and Coyote here, where the Coyote keeps trying to catch the Road Runner. No age or length restrictions apply to this film. We thought this was a fun movie, but a bit on the long side.

The Lost Temple: at this attraction, you supposedly go 700 meters underground in search of a temple. You first walk a very dark trail, where there is already plenty to see and eventually you come to a room where you are shown another kind of movie about Dino’s. Kids of 100 cm and over are allowed in this attraction under supervision.

Splat-o-Sphere: this is a 30-meter-high carousel and kids as young as six years old with a minimum height of 120 cm are allowed in it. From here you have a great view of Movie Park Germany with kids.

Stormy Cruise: small rocking ship with a boat that spins around. Kids of 105 cm and over are allowed in here under supervision. Definitely a fun attraction for small kids that is not too violent.

Movie Park Germany with kids
Movie Park Germany with kids

Movie Park Germany with kids: mild attractions

Mild: You can also have a good time at Movie Park Germany with kids who are still young as there are 10 different attractions that are described as mild. We briefly describe these attractions here.

Pier Patrol Jet Ski: with a jet ski you make laps on the water. Kids 100 cm and over are allowed in here under supervision. Our daughter found this a very fun attraction and was also allowed to go in here independently.

Skye’s High Flyer: this is a bench you often see at the carnival as well, which keeps spinning in circles from top to bottom. Kids under 135 cm must be accompanied by a parent in this.

Pier Side Carousel: this is a carousel, which kids as young as six years old and a minimum height of 120 cm are allowed in.

Rescue 112: We have also seen this attraction in several amusement parks. Kids stand on the back of a fire engine and can put out fires with water while driving around. In this attraction, all kids can enter unaccompanied by a parent.

Sea Swing: mini carousel that kids as young as 100 cm can ride on. Parents cannot enter this attraction as a maximum length of 160 cm is allowed.

Spongebob Splash Bash: If you want a little cool down on a hot day at Movie Park Germany with kids, this attraction is a good option. Here you are four people in a boat and you all have a water gun and you can shoot at visitors standing outside the attraction and visitors in other boats. Along the way, buckets of water also fall over and fountains spout. You can get pretty wet here, so especially on a hot day, this is a fun attraction at Movie Park Germany with kids.

Zuma’s Zoomers: these are hovercrafts that keep going around and around in a short circle and at the turn you keep shooting around the corner. Under supervision, all kids are allowed in here.

Teenage Mutant Turtles: License to drive: kids here can drive across a traffic square full of Turtles in electric cars. Kids can ride independently in these cars and parents can watch the kids here alone. Because they received entire instructions from an instructor beforehand, our daughter totally felt like she had to follow the traffic rules ;).

Santa Monica Wheel: a Ferris wheel, in which kids under 130 cm are only allowed in when accompanied. From the Ferris wheel you have a great view of Movie Park Germany with kids.

Adventure Tour: kids from 90 cm and up can drive down a track here in big cars and discover the world of Paw Patrol.

As you can see, you have enough attractions to have a good day at Movie Park Germany with kids. It just depends a bit on how big your kids are in how many different attractions they are allowed in. Be sure to check this out in advance before visiting the park with your family!

Movie Park Germany with kids
Movie Park Germany with kids

Movie Park Germany with kids: the different shows

You can take kids to several shows at Movie Park Germany. We briefly discuss the shows below.

Crazy Cops New York: This stunt show that lasts about 25 minutes is fun to go to. During the show, there is a lot of car and motorcycle racing in the open-air theater where the show takes place. For kids, this show is quite spectacular and a great time to rest your legs for half an hour during the show.

High School Superstar: this show lasts about 25 minutes and is in the form of a short musical. Lots of singing and dancing and here your kids must really be a fan of this, otherwise the show can be a bit long.

Let’s Party with Nick Toons: if your kids love to dance then this show is fun. The show is outdoors and lasts just over 10 minutes. Several dolls dance along to the music such as Dora and SpongeBob. At the end of the show, the kids can dance with the puppets for a while and then they leave.

The parade: there is also a parade through the amusement park every day featuring the amusement park’s famous characters and actors. Don’t expect a big parade here like you’re used to at Disneyland, but a small procession of cars and characters. The entire parade lasts five minutes, and you really don’t need to go wait on the side of the road for half an hour especially for this because then this parade will disappoint.

Movie Park Germany with kids
Movie Park Germany with kids

Movie Park Germany with kids: food and drink

There are more than 20 different dining options in the amusement park. These range from a small kiosk where you can pick up some food to restaurants where you can eat and drink at your leisure. Most eateries provide fast food and you should think of fries, a hamburger, pizza and ice cream. There are also joints where you can order sandwiches (Subway) or eat Asian food. Of course, there is also an option to bring your own food into the park and save money that way.

Furthermore, the park offers an all-inclusive package for visitors. You can book this on the website in advance and you will be allowed unlimited food and drinks at five different restaurants (Pizza Depot, El Sombrero, Van Helsing’s club, Bäckerei, Snacks and Drinks) in the park during the day. For alcoholic beverages, you still pay half the price in that case.

Movie Park Germany with kids
Movie Park Germany with kids

Movie Park Germany with kids: where to stay overnight

There are a number of accommodations that can be found around the amusement park. We have selected here three hotels that are less than ten kilometers from the amusement park and have rooms for at least four people. These are the following three hotels:

Budget: Montana Parkhotel Marl

Middle Class: Hotel Haus Kleimann-Reuer

Luxury: Hotel Gladbeck van der Valk

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