Morocco travel itinerary with kids

Morocco is a wonderful destination to travel to with kids! On a tour of Morocco with kids, you will encounter ancient royal cities, nature, beaches and, of course, the desert that lies within the country. We ourselves traveled Morocco for 15 days and in this blog we give an itinerary through Morocco that you can do with kids.

Best travel time Morocco with kids

The best travel time for Morocco with kids is basically around the summer months. Most parents with kids are often tied to the kids’ vacations, leaving a number of options open then. The best travel time to visit Morocco with kids is spring and fall. These are the months of April/May and September/October.

In northern Morocco, you can also basically travel around in the months of June/July and August, but if you head toward the desert, temperatures can soar above 30 degrees and it can be unpleasant to walk through a city with kids.

Also keep in mind not to visit Morocco during Ramadan, as it can be difficult to get food during the day and many attractions have different hours. This can make it a lot harder to plan a trip to Morocco.

Transportation in Morocco

Most tourists who tour Morocco do so by rental car or on an organized trip. There are options to travel around the country by buses and trains, but this is not ideal, especially with kids. You can also look into using cabs to travel from one destination to another, but that is a hassle and then a rental car can be a lot cheaper.

Morocco travel itinerary with kids

How long to Morocco

You can see a lot of Morocco in 2 weeks if you want to. Also, if you want to get a good impression of the country, you really do need two weeks. A week is then a little too short. With young kids, you can also easily go to Morocco for 3 weeks and then you can also schedule the occasional rest day and just lay on the pool for a day.

We did the itinerary below in 15 days and that was a lot of traveling though. Of course, you can also choose to do part of this itinerary and take, say, 2 weeks to do so. See for yourself which destinations appeal to you and then create the right itinerary for your family. by Morocco

Morocco travel itinerary with kids


We started our tour in Marrakech where we flew there and back. There are plenty of cities in Morocco that are flown to. You also have major airports in Fez, Casablanca and Agadir. Therefore, look carefully in advance to which place you can book a cheap airline ticket. In terms of travel time, it can save a few hours flying to Casablanca, for example, and then flying back from Marrakech.

We start our trip in Casablanca, where the magnificent Hassan II Mosque stands, which is one of the largest mosques in the world. You can take a tour of the mosque there, and the mosque is also beautiful inside. For kids, it is fun to go to the water park in Casablanca where they have many different types of slides and you can really have a whole day of fun.

Casablanca with kids


Rabat, along with the cities of Fez, Meknes and Marrakech, is one of the four royal cities of Morocco. In Rabat, it is fun to tour the old medina and get lost in the narrow alleys. There is also a nice neighborhood in the center: the Kasbah of the Oudayas. This neighborhood lies between thick walls and the walls are painted blue and white, which is why it is very photogenic.

In addition, while in Rabat, it is fun to take a rowboat to the city of Salé, which is practically adjacent to the city of Rabat. From this boat you have a beautiful view of the city of Rabat from the water. In Salé, you also have a medina and can visit a beautiful ancient Islamic school of learning. It is also fun to go to Chellah in Rabat.

Rabat – Meknes (2 hours away by car)

Children's activities Rabat


You don’t necessarily need to visit the city of Meknes and can skip it, but if you drive from Rabat to Fez, you’ll practically pass by the city, so it’s definitely fun to visit for a day. Meknes has a nice medina, where you can have a great stroll around. This medina is not super big, so you will have seen this medina in a morning.

You can then visit the city of Volubilis in the afternoon. This ancient Roman settlement is located near Meknes and you will drive to this destination in about 40 minutes. It is impressive to see that such a large Roman city used to stand here, and beautiful mosaic floors are still preserved in this city. Due to the heat, it can be hot to visit Volubilis, so you may choose to visit the city in the late afternoon and then spend the night in Meknes or drive on to Fez.

In Meknes, you have quite a few nice options in terms of hotels that are all well reviewed. Thus, we have selected one in every price range.

Meknes – Fez (1 hour away by car)

Meknes with kids


Fez, however, is a city that you should definitely not skip while putting together an itinerary through Morocco with kids. This royal city has the nicest medina of all Moroccan cities and this medina is definitely worth visiting. The medina is chaotic and also very large, so you quickly get lost. We also got lost several times in this medina, but there are always people willing to help you find your way back.

For kids, it’s one big outdoor museum with all kinds of things to see. If you visit the city of Fez with kids, it is also definitely fun to visit the tanneries you have here in the old town. These places are very photogenic and kids can see here the process of how the skins of different animals are made into leather

Fez -Erfoud (6.5 hours away by car)

What to do in Fez with kids


If you do not want to see only cities in Morocco, but also some more of Morocco’s nature, especially the desert, then one option is to drive from Fez to Erfoud. You will be driving quite a bit that day but on the other hand, from Fez to Marrakesh you are also 5.5 hours away by car.

By the way, the ride to Erfoud is certainly not a boring one. So you drive through the mountains and see beautiful natural landscapes. In addition, there is certainly a possibility that you will also see monkeys along the way, sitting by the side of the road. Erfoud is a kind of oasis near the desert and the place from where you can visit the desert.

Erfoud – Tinerhin (2 hours away by car)

Morocco travel itinerary with kids

Todra Gorge

You can hike in the Todra Gorge for a few hours if your family likes hiking. We only drove through the gorge and did not hike in the area itself. Of course, because of the heat, early morning or late afternoon hiking is recommended. because it can get very hot here especially in the summer months.

Tinerhin- Ourzazate (2.5 hours away by car)

Morocco travel itinerary with kids


The drive from Tinerhin to Ourzazate is also a very nice drive. Thus, you drive through the mountains by car and the route along the different villages is very beautiful. Along the way you will also encounter the Dades Valley It is a very photogenic place in that regard, as you can really see a green destination in between the red rocks.

Therefore, you should definitely stop here and take a walk through the village. There is plenty to see here and sometimes time seems to stand still here. In the village, for example, houses are made of straw and clay. In Ourzazate, you can visit one of the film studios with kids. Ourzazate is where many films are shot in Morocco.

Ourzazate – Marrakesh (3.5 hours away by car)

Morocco travel itinerary with kids


Marrakesh is the most famous city in Morocco and many tourists also only visit this city as a city break. Therefore, a visit to Marrakesh should definitely not be missed on your tour of Morocco with kids. Marrakesh’s most famous square is Djemaa el Fna square and especially in the evening hours, there is plenty to see here.

Near this square, it is also nice to visit the medina of Marrakesh. You can additionally spend a day at a fun water park in Marrakesh with kids. Especially for variety in this itinerary through Morocco, this is definitely recommended. You can also visit this city with an organized bicycle tour. Especially to get a first impression of the city, this is a nice option.

Marrakesh – Essaouira (2.5 hours away by car)

Marrakech with kids


The last days of this Morocco itinerary with kids can be spent in the coastal city of Essaouira. Essaouira is a relaxing coastal town, where you can rest from the hectic pace of this tour. We also ended our trip in this coastal city. The old town is fun to visit and is less crowded than the downtown areas of many other cities in Morocco.

You can also spend a day at the beach here, but we would definitely recommend choosing a nice hotel with a pool in this city as well. Most female visitors to the beach do not go on the beach in bikini, so it can be uncomfortable if you do as a woman.

Below we have listed some fine hotels with pools in Essouira that are all super well rated. Click on the blue link for more information!

Essaouira – Casablanca (4.5 hours away by car)

Organized trip Morocco

We ourselves booked an organized trip through Morocco. This was the first time for us and we found it convenient for once. You are driven everywhere in no time. By the way, you can also book organized individual tours. For more information on TUI‘s organized tours, take a look here.

Essaouira with kids
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