Meknes with kids

Best travel time to visit Meknes

The best travel time to visit Meknes with children are the months around the summer months of July and August. In the months of April and May, the temperature begins to rise steadily and then it is around 25 degrees. Then in June it gets even hotter and temperatures head toward 30 degrees. In July and August it is very hot in Meknes and temperatures reach well over 30 degrees.

Especially with children, this is not an ideal temperature to take a city trip to Meknes. We visited the city in the summer months and did find it a bit too hot. Especially to walk around a city. Beginning in September, temperatures drop again, so September and also October are great months to visit Meknes with children.

Meknes with kids
Meknes with kids

Transportation to Meknes

For most tourists, a visit to Meknes is part of a tour of Morocco. Meknes itself does not have an airport and if you want to take a city break to Meknes and fly to the city, book a flight to Fez. From Fez, you can easily visit Meknes by train or cab. The two cities are close to each other, which is why many tourists visit the city of Meknes as a day trip from the other royal city of Fez.

If you have a rental car, you can easily reach the city, but it can be tricky to park the car in the center. By the way, there are plenty of parking options around town. It can be a disadvantage then, if you have a hotel in the medina, that you still have to walk quite a bit with your bags to the hotel. In the city itself, you don’t need any means of transportation and can walk just fine.

Children’s activities Meknes

#1 Medina of Meknes

As in most cities in Morocco, walking through Meknes’ medina is a must. We visited the medina of Fez before during our trip and then the medina of Meknes is a lot quieter and uncluttered. Yet in almost every Moroccan city, a visit to the medina remains a highlight of that city.

It is also fun to visit this medina with children, as children’s senses are greatly stimulated. There is all kinds of things to see, smell and hear. It starts when you want to enter the medina and go through the city gate Bap Mansour el-Aleuj. This beautiful city gate is richly decorated and is wonderful to take a closer look at.

The square in front of this gate is also well worth a visit. Especially towards the evening, there is plenty to see here and you have several street performers performing for the tourists. You also have restaurants and cafes here at the square with a rooftop terrace, where you can quietly watch the square while enjoying a drink. In short, a great place to walk around for an hour or 2. Then you’ve seen it too or you must really love shopping.

Meknes with kids
Meknes with kids

#2 Volubilis

From Meknes, you can easily visit the ancient Roman city of Volubilis. This city is about a 40-minute drive from Meknes, which is why a visit to Meknes is often combined with a visit to Volubilis. You pay a few euros (70 dirhams) for entrance to Volubilis for adults, and young children are often free here. You can choose to hire a guide to tell you a bit about the ancient Roman city and for this you will pay about 120 dirhams.

You get a pretty good impression of what the city here used to look like. This is also due in part to the good information accompanying the structures. We had a guide when we visited Volubilis, which gave us an even better impression of the city. The preserved mosaics on the floors are also very beautiful to look at and are perhaps the greatest sight of this city.

Volubilis with children
Volubilis with children

Be sure to visit this city with children (especially in the summer months) in the early morning or late afternoon, otherwise it is quite hot. There is also not that much shade at the ruins. We stayed in Volubilis for about 2 hours and then we had seen most of the city.

You can also check out the city of Moulay Idriss after this. This city is located a few kilometers from Volubilis. You can walk to town from Volubilis, but with small children, a cab would be more advisable. You can have a great lunch here at the village square of Moulay Idriss. There are a number of restaurants here. From Moulay Idriss you also have a beautiful view including Volubilis.

Moulay Idriss with children
Moulay Idriss with children
Moulay Idriss with children

Child-friendly restaurant Meknes

You can have great lunch or dinner in Meknes with children. You have several nice kid-friendly restaurants in Meknes. By the way, it is possible to cook for yourself, since there is a large Carrefour supermarket in the center of Meknes, which has a lot of different products. Still, the restaurants in Meknes are generally not expensive and it is always still possible to buy some at street stalls.

We went out to eat every day in Morocco and did not cook a single meal ourselves. Nor in Meknes. This is because most restaurants are very affordable. We list some child-friendly restaurants in Meknes below.

Aisha: This child-friendly restaurant in Meknes serves traditional Moroccan dishes and is located in the old medina of Meknes. This restaurant is a small family restaurant where they make very good food. The owners of the restaurant give guests a welcoming reception. Therefore, children are more than welcome in this restaurant.

Gout de Meknes: This restaurant is another authentic family restaurant. This kid-friendly restaurant in Meknes also serves traditional Moroccan dishes, and you can sit outside on the rooftop terrace very nicely. The restaurant takes into account the inferior water quality and therefore, for example, you do not get ice cubes in your drink, but the drink is very cold.

Child friendly hotel Meknes

You can stay in Meknes with children just fine. There are some nice kid-friendly hotels in town. All the accommodations we have listed here all have swimming pools. Especially with children, it is nice to be able to relax by the pool at the end of the day.

In addition, all these accommodations have a very high overall score from many reviews. Click on the blue link for more information about the hotel.

Organized trip through Morocco

Besides arranging everything yourself, you can have a travel agent arrange everything. You can then tour Morocco with a group or individually as a family. For more information on TUI‘s organized tours, take a look here.

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