Mauritius with kids

Mauritius with kids: most beautiful places Mauritius!

Mauritius with kids is really super fun! We visited the most beautiful places on the island for two weeks with our 8-year-old daughter and found it really a very cool country to visit. The people are super nice, the roads are good to drive and you have a huge number of beautiful beaches and fun kids activities you can do on the island. In this blog we will give you great tips and information on what to do in Mauritius with kids.

Mauritius with kids
Mauritius with kids

Rent a car in Mauritius

Mauritius is a beautiful country to visit, but you will need a car to explore the island. The roads are fine and you can drive from one side of the island to the other in about 1.5 to 2 hours. If your hotel is a little convenient, then only once or twice will you have to make a really long trip in the car, and for the other trips it will be a whole lot shorter drive. 

Keep in mind that people drive on the left and people can park their cars in the middle of the road like this, which does occasionally get you held up. This is especially in the villages you drive through by car. We rented a car for two weeks through Sunny Cars and that’s because of the all inclusive formula they have, which means everything is fully insured (up to and including the deductible). 

Of course, you do pay a little more than another company, but we always find it a comforting thought that just everything up to and including the deductible is insured and we can drive around worry-free. For more information about a rental car, visit the Sunny Cars website. 

#1 Le Morne Beach

We visited 12 different beaches during our stay in Mauritius and some of the beaches we found beautiful! Ok, we have to be honest that the beaches are less beautiful than on the neighboring island the Seychelles, but still you have very nice white beaches here. The beaches near the various resorts are especially beautiful, as often the resort has also planted palm trees next to them, making it just that much more beautiful.

Our top 3 beaches in Mauritius are the following:

  • Le Morne Beach: absolutely our favorite beach. Beautiful white beach with tremendously clear water and when you are in the sea you can see the beautiful mountain Le Morne in the background. You have two large resorts here(the Marriot hotel and Lux Le Morne) where you can lie down with your towel just fine. We did have to lie slightly forward with our towel by the guards there, but really all beaches are just public property and you can lie anywhere you want. We found the beach here to be by far the most beautiful beach on the island.
  • Trois aux Biches: this beach is located in the northwest of the island and is also beautiful. Here again you have several resorts lying around where it is fine to stay. So we had another drink at one of the resorts and swam in the pool (which wasn’t actually meant to be, as you needed a day pass) and where we also spotted the only turtle on the island. We swam from the beach to where the turtle was spotted, but you can also do this with a tour.
  • Belle Mare: We also found this to be a tremendously beautiful beach around the resorts that sit here. You have hammocks by the sea and also the beach here is very white. Unfortunately, most of the resorts here are adults only, so you can’t have a drink at the resorts’ bar, but if you come just for the beaches then you’ll be fine here.

In addition to these beaches, we visited the following beaches: Mont Choisy, Grand Baie, Pereybere, Flic en Flac, Pointe d’Esny Beach, Blue Bay, Tamarin Beach and the beaches on the island of Ile aux Cerfs. Keep in mind that on the weekends the beaches can be very crowded and locals like to sit in the shade at the beach. Then it may be a little more difficult to park the car.

Mauritius with kids
Mauritius with kids

#2 Blue Bay

Surely the best place to snorkel on Maurtius is Blue Bay. You can already do this just fine from the shore and otherwise you can book a tour. We booked a tour on the beach here for a few euros per person and took a glass-bottom boat tour of the reef in about an hour.

In the process, there was also time for snorkeling. In doing so, you get to places that are less easily reached from the shore, so there is also the opportunity to see many fish without having to snorkel (especially with small kids, this can be easy).

After this tour, we spent some time on the beach at Le Peninsula Bay Beach Resort & Spaand it turned out that you can snorkel from the beach there as well. Seen many fish, starfish and coral. Much more than on the rest of the island. So for snorkeling, you really need to go to Blue Bay which is located in the southeastern part of the island of Mauritius.

Mauritius with kids
Mauritius with kids

#3 La Vallée Des Couleurs Nature Park

One of the coolest parks to visit is La Vallée Des Couleurs Nature Park. There is enough to do and see here to have a great time for a whole day with kids. We did different activities in different places on the island, but if you have little time, here you can do a lot of the island’s children’s activities in one place.

We drove an hour-long baby carriage car route here and viewed several waterfalls and the 21 color earth sight on the way. By the way, it was very cool to drive a route through the park in a group with a baby carriage, but this is not cheap either. You can also choose to explore the park on foot.

You can also take a small car down the mountain here (we did that here), walk across a Nepalese bridge and also zipline (we did the latter two activities elsewhere). There are also giant turtles running around, which of course is always very cool too and where you can take fun pictures with your kids. If you have little time with kids or don’t feel like sitting in the car every day, this is a very good option to go to.

Mauritius with kids
Mauritius with kids

#4 Island of Ile aux Cerfs

One of the most beautiful islands with very nice beaches to visit is the island of Ile Aux Cerfs. Tours are offered from many places on the east coast of the island to visit this island, and we were able to take a boat from our hotel (Friday Attitude) to this island for free.

We only had the disadvantage that it was quite cloudy the day we went, which made the beaches less of a feature. In the afternoon it also started to rain, but that is also quite normal on the island. And when it rains, it rains very hard.

The island is not big and you can walk here to different beaches on the island. What is also fun to do here with kids is parasailing. We found the price of parasailing very reasonable at a few tens for two people and it is really a very cool experience. From the air you have a beautiful view of the sea and the island and our daughter also found it a very nice experience!

Mauritius with kids
Mauritius with kids

#5 Casela Nature Park

Another park worth visiting is Casela Nature Park. You also have very fun activities to do in Mauritius with kids. So this is a kind of zoo, where you can also do all kinds of activities. However, we did find it quite pricey here. We only did activities here and not the safari, but paid for this.

What we did here was tobogganing, walking across a Nepal bridge and doing several ziplines. First we went tobogganing, which is a very cool course. One trip down the track is included in the admission ticket, and then you can purchase additional rides at the store located near the toboggan run.

Mauritius with kids
Mauritius with kids

Then we walked the Nepal Bridge. You have a wonderful view of the surrounding area here (if you are not afraid of heights). Of course, you are well secured, so nothing can happen in principle. After this, we did five zip lines which was a lot of fun.

Again, near the toboggan run, you have several giant turtles roaming freely and you also have several attractions and play equipment here for small kids. For us, in retrospect, we would have been better off doing all the activities at La Vallé Des Couleurs Nature Park, but just check both providers’ websites in advance to see what appeals most to you. If you have enough time (and money ;)) you can obviously visit both parks just fine.

So you can also go on safari by bus here, but we didn’t do that, so we can’t say much about what that’s like in this park.

Mauritius with kids
Mauritius with kids

#6 Chamarel Waterfall

You can also visit the Chamarel Waterfall in Mauritius with kids. You can visit this waterfall in conjunction with the 7 colors of earth. You drive your car past the ticket booth and then pay for entrance into the park. Then drive to the two sites in the park. We found the viewpoint for the Chamarel waterfall quite far away, but the waterfall is beautiful to see.

Then we drove on to the 7 colors of earth and here you can walk all the way around. Because we had seen something similar once before, we found it less impressive. They also have giant turtles here, but these are behind a fence, so you can’t get to them very well.

We combined a visit to this park with a visit to the beautiful Le Morne beach. One advantage of this park is that admission is not super expensive. In addition, on the way to this park we also passed through Black River Gorges National Park and here you also had a nice viewpoint, where monkeys could be admired (free of charge).

Mauritius with kids
Mauritius with kids

#7 Pamplemousse Park

We visited this botanical garden because, of course, we had looked on the Internet beforehand to see what there was to see, but we found this botanical garden a bit disappointing. From most resorts on the island, it is quite a bit of a drive to this botanical garden and we did not find it a super highlight.

You can take an hour-long hike here and we were there when the park opened and then it was very quiet in the park. Later when the tour buses came it became a lot busier. There are guides at the beginning of the park who can show you around, but we usually don’t find that much of a success with our daughter and viewed the park independently.

Here too you have giant turtles, but these turtles are also behind a fence. Highlights of this botanical garden are the large lilies in the water and the various beautifully colored flowers. You can clearly see here that you are in a tropical environment, as there are plenty of plants that you would also find in the jungle.

Mauritius with kids
Mauritius with kids

Family-friendly hotel Mauritius

We didn’t really look closely beforehand at exactly where we wanted to be on the island, so we just looked at what the most affordable option was. This ended up being the beautiful boutique hotel Friday Attitude. This hotel is beautiful and we had included both breakfast and dinner. This is definitely a tip, since the number of restaurants was a bit disappointing and thus we already had two meals at the hotel. We found this a very nice hotel to spend the two weeks and really do recommend it!

In retrospect, in terms of location, we would have preferred a few days near Le Morne Beach as well. The west side of the island has more activities and also some more eateries and the like. That you spend one part of the vacation in the west of the island and the other part of the vacation in the east. 

We give for both the west of the island and the east of the island for different price ranges a good option besides our own hotel(Friday Attitude) for families with kids. 

West side of the island of Mauritius:

Budget hotel: L’Oiseau de L’Ocean Tourist Residence

Mid-range hotel: Veranda Tamarin Hotel & Spa

Luxury hotel: Paradis Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa (here you are on the beautiful Le Morne beach)

East side of the island of Mauritius:

Budget hotel: La Koquillishe

Mid-range hotel: Friday Attitude

Luxury hotel: Constance Prince Maurice

Mauritius with kids
Mauritius with kids

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