Marrakech with kids

A city break to Marrakech with kids is becoming increasingly popular! More and more families with kids are discovering this beautiful city in Morocco. In three days you can already explore the city just fine and put together a nice mix of children’s activities. We visited the city for four days and list all the children’s activities in Marrakech in this blog.

Marrakech with kids: is it safe?

Marrakech is definitely safe to travel to with the family. Of course, you should always keep an eye on your possessions. Especially when you are in the busy squares. Like most major cities, you definitely need to be alert, but it is no reason to avoid this Moroccan city. We never really felt unsafe during our trip through Morocco.

However, in terms of traffic, it can be busy (even in the medina of Marrakech, for example) and especially, for example, the scooters driving around. It is for this reason, though, that in most places you have to keep an eye on your kids because of the traffic. Walking with a baby carriage is also not pleasant everywhere and your kid is at the height of the exhaust from the engines. A baby carrier is therefore a better option in Marrakech.

Marrakech with kids

When to visit Marrakech with kids?

The best period to visit Marrakech with kids are the months before and after the summer vacations. In Morocco, it can be quite hot in the summer and then a city break can be quite hot. We did visit Morocco in the summer months because we were tied to the vacations and it was very hot at times. Especially in the crowded medinas, this was sometimes a challenge.

In addition, it is important to take a moment to check when exactly Ramadan is. We once made the mistake of visiting Jordan during Ramadan, and then it can be quite a challenge to eat anywhere during the day or get any food at all. Also, the times of sights, activities and restaurants are often different then.

That can make it hard to plan things. So check this beforehand if you are planning a city trip to Marrakech with the family.

Package tour Marrakech

Marrakech with kids

Children’s activities Marrakech

#1 Oasiria Swimming Park

A fun activity to do in Marrakech with kids is swimming at Oasiria swimming park. This water park is located slightly outside the city center and public transportation will get you to it in about 20 minutes. Especially in the summer months, it can be very hot and it is kind of nice to go for a swim as well. We always find that a nice change of pace between all the cultural activities.

This water park has several pools as well as several slides. In addition, the water park is very green and you also have grassy areas where you can sunbathe. There is also a lazyriver where you can float around in a tire. There is also a wave pool, where every half hour the water will undulate for 5 minutes. You also have separate pools with play equipment for younger kids. You can go here for a whole day with the kids just fine.

You can also rent a bed here. It can be quite crowded at the water park and the music can be loud, but if you go by the wave pool it is quieter. Bringing your own food and drinks is not allowed. Just keep in mind that the catering facilities do not open in the water park until around 12:30 p.m., so you do have to have breakfast somewhere else first thing in the morning.

#2 Bike Tour Marrakech

You can also explore Marrakech by bike with kids. There are several organizations that offer bike tours and these bike tours are also suitable for kids. For example, BajaBikes organizes a 3-hour bike tour of Marrakech. In doing so, you will also get to places in the city that you might not easily get to as a tourist.

We have been on several bike tours with BajaBikes and always find it a really fun way to explore a city this way with a guide. These bike tours are also suitable for kids. In fact, they have bikes for kids as young as 6 and they also have child seats, where the kids can sit on the back of the bike with the parents.

The distance of this bike tour is as much as 12.5 kilometers that you cover in about 3 hours and along the way you will stop frequently to get explanations from the guide. It is therefore a good idea to assess in advance whether your kids can ride this distance by themselves or whether they would be better off riding on the back with you. For more information on these bike tours from BajaBikes, take a look here.

#3 Medina Marrakech

One of the best places in Marrakech to walk around with kids is the medina. This is the oldest part of Marrakech and especially the souks here are fun to visit. The souks are narrow alleys where all sorts of things are sold. You will see dozens of stalls selling leather bags, spices, as well as pigs slaughtered and on display.

You can enjoy shopping here and we were definitely able to buy some nice things for a nice price, like some leather bags for example. Just make sure you haggle, because they start with a very high price and therefore you should definitely not accept the first offer. If you and your family love shopping, you can also go to one of the modern shopping malls, for example.

A well-known mall is the Menara Mall. Located in more modern Marrakech, this mall also has more expensive stores and restaurants. On the top floor of this mall, you also have a playground for kids. There is also a Carrefour supermarket here, where you can buy diapers for kids, for example.

Marrakech with kids
Children's activities Marrakech

#4 Djemaa el Fna square

Marrakech’s most famous square is Djemaa el Fna Square. This is Marrakech’s most famous landmark and in fact every tourist visits this square. Around noon, the square becomes car-free and in the afternoon the market also starts. Therefore, you should definitely visit the square even with kids in the evening. Then it’s a lot less hot and there’s plenty to see.

So people are walking around with animals, people are dressed up and trying to sell things in all sorts of ways. So also stay alert that you don’t just accept anything from someone, since they obviously want to receive money for this. Especially even with kids, it can be very impressive to watch all the activities in the square here.

You have a number of restaurants here with a rooftop terrace where you can have a drink. For example, on the square is the famous Cafe de France where you can have a drink. Reviews of the food and restrooms are not the best, so just have a drink here and enjoy the view of the square. Especially when you sit here toward the beginning of the evening and the sun is setting, it is a beautiful view of the square.

Marrakech with the family
Marrakech with the family

#5 Agafay desert

If you are making a city trip to Marrakech with the family and still want to spend a few hours in the desert, you can do so in the Agafay desert. This is the desert closest to Marrakech. You can ride a camel through the desert here, and you can book this as a tour from Marrakech.

Other children’s activities Marrakech

In addition to the children’s activities mentioned above, there are other activities you can do in Marrakech. We briefly mention the best remaining children’s activities in Marrakech below.

#6 Bahia Palace: one of the most famous sights in Marrakech is the Bahia Palace. This palace is located in the center of the city and from Djemaa El Fna square you can walk to it in about 20 minutes. You can visit this palace. The rooms in the palace and also the gardens are very photogenic.

Because it is a popular attraction, it can be very crowded. It is therefore best to visit the palace as early in the morning as possible when it is not yet so hot and crowded.

#7 Garden Majorelle: this is a very beautiful garden that you can visit in Marrakech with kids. It is a garden that is very photogenic and that is certainly because of the beautiful bright colors in the garden. At the villa in the garden there is also a terrace where you can have a great lunch with the family. You must purchase a ticket for this garden online.

You don’t have a ticket booth at the garden where you can buy a ticket. Expect to spend about an hour in here (if you don’t have lunch at the garden).

#8 Ben Joesufmadrassa: This is one of the most beautiful sights in Marrakech. It is a Koranic school, but the Islamic architecture here is beautiful. It can be crowded here, so arrive as early as possible to get ahead of the large crowds. After all, you can take beautiful photos with the family here. Admission is only a few euros and you can buy a ticket at the box office.

#9 Palooza Park: you can also go to an amusement park in Marrakech with kids. Palooza Park is located slightly outside the center of Marrakech and by public transport you will take about half an hour from the center. The amusement park is especially suitable for young kids and they have several attractions and also several dinos.

You can put money on a card and pay for various attractions that way. There is also a swimming pool at it. However, the online reviews are not all good and complain that it is quite expensive, the pool is not always open and that you do not get back the money left on your card.

What to do in Marrakech with kids
What to do in Marrakech with kids

Family-friendly restaurant Marrakech

You can eat just fine in Marrakech with kids. The city has dozens of restaurants and certainly has international restaurants as well. We always prefer to eat with our daughter at restaurants that are crowded, which makes it more likely that food is not expired, for example, and you are less likely to get sick from the food.

Also in Marrakech, you have some nice family-friendly restaurants in the city center. We name some of them below.

Aqua: If you want to eat something other than Moroccan cuisine for once, this Italian restaurant is a nice option. You can eat pizza and pasta here. You have a nice view of Djemaa El Fna square from here. You can also eat fries and a pancake here.

Marrakech sights

Family-friendly hotel Marrakech

You have several nice family-friendly hotels in Marrakech where you can stay. We list for you some family-friendly hotels in Marrakech that from many reviews have scored 9 or higher by guests who stayed there. We do this for the different price ranges. Click on the blue link for more information.

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