Maritime Museum with kids

Maritime museum with kids: all the information at a glance!

The Maritime Museum with kids is definitely recommended if you are visiting the city of Rotterdam! We think this museum is one of the nicest museums in the Netherlands. Of course, this is why we have included this family-friendly museum in Rotterdam in our blog Rotterdam with kids, in which we have listed all of the city’s kids activities. As a result of our visit to this museum in Rotterdam, we write this review and put all the information on a riJ!

Maritime museum with kids
Maritime museum with kids

General information Maritime Museum Rotterdam

Accessibility Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum is located right in the center of Rotterdam, making it easy to reach by public transportation. By subway, you stop at Beurs subway station and then you are at the door of the museum.

Unfortunately, the museum itself does not have parking, but there are several parking garages such as Erasmus Bridge parking garage, Markthal and Museumpark that are located near the museum. Expect to pay quite a lot of money per hour then. By the way, you can also park your car in a P+R parking lot (for example, free at Kralingse Zoom) and then take the subway to the museum.

We ourselves parked our car at our hotel and rode a rental bike to bet museum.

Maritime Museum tickets

You can buy tickets to the museum online. Kids up to age 3 are admitted free to the museum. Kids ages 4 to 15 receive discounted tickets. In doing so, you can choose a time when you want to visit the museum. The museum does this so that visitors visit the museum spread out over the day, so it does not get too crowded inside.

It is also possible to purchase tickets at the museum box office. Of course, there is a chance that there are no tickets left for the time you want to visit the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam.

Family-friendly museum Rotterdam
Family-friendly museum Rotterdam

Maritime Museum discount

As we mentioned, kids ages 4 to 15 get discounted tickets. In addition, students and visitors with a CJP pass receive a discount on a ticket to the Maritime Museum. If you have a museum card, Rotterdampas, VriendenLoterij card or a Rembrandt card, you have free admission to the museum.

If you look online, you very often see discount offers for the Maritime Museum, sometimes offering discounts as high as 50% off the entrance ticket. At the time of writing this blog, we see several actions around the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam. So check ahead to see if you can order tickets cheaply somewhere, because especially with a family it can save a lot of money.

Maritime Museum for what age?

The Maritime Museum is suitable for kids ages four through 12/13. There are many play opportunities at the museum for young children as well, but there is plenty to do at the museum for older kids as well. This makes it great to visit the museum with kids of different ages. There is then something for everyone to do.

Shipping Museum Rotterdam
Shipping Museum Rotterdam

shipping museum Rotterdam

We really liked the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam! We visited the museum in the early morning when it had just opened and then it was nice and quiet in the museum. We visited the museum when our daughter was five years old, and we found the best part of the museum to be the Professor Splash section.

In this section, play is very central. The professor and his friends are about to take their ship on a trip around the world, and kids can help load and unload all the ships, catch fish, scan containers, determine the travel destination, hoist the sails or cook a meal in the galley of the wooden fishing barge.

Another section in the museum that is fun for young kids is the Sea Monsters section. It involves six different sea monsters, and again, kids can play and discover a lot. Living beings are also present in this section. This section is for kids as young as 4 years old, but it is temporary. So check the website for current offerings. In fact, the exhibitions change from time to time.

The Offhore Experience section is already for slightly older kids. Here, kids are on a platform and everything is about gaining energy. Here, kids can experience what it is like to be a drillmaster, crane operator, windmill specialist and helicopter pilot. This exhibition is suitable for kids ages eight and up. The The Harbour section is all about shipping and this is more of a real museum section as you would imagine a museum to be with lots of display cases and old maps. Still, you do have several interactive things here that are suitable for kids.

In the Destination Port City section, kids will explore through an audio tour. Kids step into a virtual subway learn more about the city of Rotterdam, its port and its people.

Shipping Museum Rotterdam
Shipping Museum Rotterdam

Museumhaven Rotterdam

Besides the Maritime Museum, you can also visit the Museumhaven in Rotterdam. Kids can do a scavenger hunt here and look for all kinds of animals. We really enjoyed this scavenger hunt through the harbor. There are also several workshops, where kids can take a look at a variety of crafts related to the Rotterdam port. We found Museumhaven to be a nice addition to the Maritime Museum and it is located next to the museum. When you walk out of the museum you are in this section.  

Food and drink Maritime Museum

You can also have great food at the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam. For example, you have several catering establishments in the museum. For example, you have museum cafe the Low Light where you can have a great lunch with kids. Among other things, you can eat sandwiches, soups and salads here, as well as a number of hot dishes such as a hot dog, a portion of kibble and fries.

In addition, you have Loeve in the museum where you can go for waffles, ice cream and coffee. There is also another coffee bar near the Professor Splash section. Then the kids can play and the parents can have a cup of coffee.

Harbour Museum Rotterdam
Harbour Museum Rotterdam

Staying in Rotterdam with kids

Rotterdam has super many fun kids activities you can do in the city and you can easily have a whole week of fun in this port city. We ourselves have slept in several hotels in Rotterdam and have also written extensive reviews about each one. We have also described in the blog family-friendly hotel Rotterdam all these hotels including pictures and a review, giving you a good impression of each hotel.

Harbour Museum Rotterdam
Harbour Museum Rotterdam


We really liked the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam and our daughter had a great time here for a whole morning. The museum is geared toward kids and there are plenty of kids’ activities to do at the museum. If you are visiting Rotterdam, we highly recommend the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam. For more information on tickets, exhibitions and the museum port, check out the Maritime Museum Rotterdam website .

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