Marina Parcs Naarden: family-friendly accommodation!

Last weekend, we once again visited the family-friendly city of Amsterdam to do the necessary activities with our daughter again in our country’s capital. We have added these activities again to our very comprehensive blog about the city: Amsterdam with kids. During this weekend we stayed two nights in a Marina Parcs harbor lodge at Jachthaven Naarden and as a result of these overnight stays, we are writing this comprehensive review about our experiences with this accommodation.

Marina Parcs Naarden
Marina Parcs Naarden

Marina Parcs Marina Naarden

Marina Parcs’ accommodations in Naarden are all located at Jachthaven Naarden. We found this an ideal location to explore Amsterdam. The marina is about a twenty-minute drive from downtown Amsterdam. You can park your car for free at the marina in the large parking lot, after which it is a short walk to the lodges. This obviously saves on costs, since you can’t really park for free anywhere in Amsterdam these days (even at hotels often).

What makes this marina in Naarden so family-friendly is that you have a nice playground and you can also swim during the summer months. They then create a natural pool in the harbor, which is of course very nice for kids to cool off and play at the end of the day.

It is also possible to rent a bicycle at the marina and explore the surroundings of Naarden. Thus, you also have fortified Naarden lying here, which is worth exploring by bike.

Marina Parcs Naarden
Marina Parcs Naarden

The Haven Lodge

We had booked a harbor lodge for six people. This lodge has a bedroom for us parents and a separate room with a bunk bed for our daughter Sophie. You can sleep a total of a family of six in the lodge, as you also have a sofa bed in the living room.

In addition to the two bedrooms, you have a small bathroom, a kitchenette and a living room. You also have two sitting areas outside which is super nice. You have a seating area near the living room and a decent seating area on top with a large sofa, a chair and a small table. From here you also have a great view of the harbor.

We had the lodge named Bob Ross (the artist) and elements of this could be seen in the lodge (paintings and pillows with Bob’s head on them).

Unfortunately, it stormed almost the entire weekend when we spent the night at the lodge. This prevented us from sitting outside. We can imagine that especially in the hot summer months, this is really huge fun with the family and is a really nice place to sit. Because the boats are spaced apart, we also had no nuisance from the boats around us and slept wonderfully.

Marina Parcs Naarden
Marina Parcs Naarden

Eating and drinking at Jachthaven Naarden

How is food and drink arranged at Jachthaven Naarden. During the day we were in Amsterdam and so for lunch we also ate in Amsterdam. For breakfast, we ate in our own harbor lodge. From Marina Naarden it is a few minutes’ drive to several supermarkets and we also shopped for breakfast here at one of them.

Because you have a refrigerator as well as plates, cutlery and glasses, you can have a great breakfast at the lodge. Especially in the summer months, it is great to enjoy breakfast outside by the water.

For dinner, we ate at the restaurant at Naarden Marina: PorterHouse Naarden. This is a nice and cozy restaurant, where you can eat good food. Be sure to make a reservation in advance, because when we spontaneously walked there the first night, the restaurant was already completely full. For the evening after, we could still make a reservation. We liked the food here and you also have a cozy seat!

Marina Parcs Naarden
Marina Parcs Naarden


We enjoyed our overnight stay in Marina Parcs’ Havenlodge at Marina Naarden Marina. Jachthaven Naarden is in a fine location near the big city of Amsterdam and has plenty of facilities for kids such as a natural pool and playground.

In addition, the restaurant offers delicious family meals. We found the lodge itself a nice place to stay, and we can imagine that in the summer months it is even nicer if you can also sit outside on your own terrace.

For more information about the marina, lodges and restaurant, check out the Marina Parcs website.

This blog was created through a collaboration with the hotel in question.

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