Maldives with kids: what can you do there?

Low budget Maldives with kids: what can you do on the island?

We have already described in this blog that the Maldives with kids does not have to be expensive at all. It entirely depends on how many excursions you book in the Maldives with kids. We booked two different excursions ourselves, which we will also describe below, and we will further go into what else you can do in the Maldives with kids.

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Maldives with kids

Maldives with kids #1 Relaxing at Bikinibeach.

This is the beach located on the budget island of Maafushi where sea and beach conditions are ideal for kids. The sand is white and the water is very calm and clear. You walk the first 100 meters into the sea and then you are only up to your knees in the water.

There is also a swing on the beach, where kids can swing. Near the rocks are many crabs, which is also an excellent activity to spot them from the sea and the rocks. In addition, the sea is wonderfully warm, making this a great place to spend a few days relaxing with your family.

Near Bikinibeach are also a number of huts, from which you can book various water sports activities, such as jet skiing, surfing, Sup’ing, water skiing and the famous boat with banana.

Maldives with kids
Dolphin Maldives with kids

Maldives with kids #2 Go snorkeling or diving for a day

There are very many snorkeling trips offered in the Maldives with kids, but one of the cheapest and also most popular is the snorkeling trip to Turtle reef. For this half-day tour, we paid $30 and our 4-year-old daughter $15.

The trip went to two different snorkeling spots, we went to a part of the sea where many dolphins swam and we went to a desert island, where we ate lunch and where we could also snorkel and relax on the beach. Lunch, snorkeling gear, towel, water and juice, an umbrella and a CD with photos and videos, were included in the price.

We liked this tour very much. Our daughter was able to snorkel with us because we brought her life jacket and her own goggles and we saw lots of different fish (including the Nemo fish) plus turtles.

On the uninhabited island, you can take beautiful photos with the family of the white beaches and clear waters. The duration of the trip was ideal for our daughter as it was only half a day.

In addition to snorkeling at Turtle Reef, snorkeling trips are also offered to Banana Reef, Shark Point, Maavelaathu, Biyadhoo Reef and Coral Garden. There is also an opportunity to snorkel with dolphins. Prices again depend on how many people you go on the boat with, but if there are more than 7 people who also book the trip the cost will be between $20 and $35.

In addition, it is also possible to go snorkeling at night with a small group of up to 4 people and it costs about $50 per person.

There is also another option to go snorkeling in the Maldives with kids near the Whale Shark, but count on $100 per person and a minimum of 10 people. Especially if you go snorkeling in the Maldives with kids, the costs can then quickly add up.

Also, the various organizations offer picnics on various remote islets, but we found just the combination we got with our trip to Turtle reef ideal. We went snorkeling, picnicking and to see the dolphins and all in half a day.

For families with older kids, scuba diving is also an option to do on Maafushi. The prices of these are a lot higher, though, and you can choose different options and how often you want to dive. For an entire day including equipment, you quickly pay $150. You can also book packages where you go diving for several days and it is even possible to get your Padi. Just keep in mind that this will require several days.

Maafushi island Maldives with kids
Snorkeling with kids Maldives

Maldives with kids #3 Go for a day at a resort

You can book a trip with your family to one of the resort islands at any hotel and also at several agencies on the island of Maafushi. Almost all of these agencies and hotels have the same resorts they book a trip to.

Prices vary slightly by agency, so check with several agencies for prices. For example, at some agencies kids are free and at others you pay half the money for kids.

You have to share transportation to the island with a number of people, and it goes without saying that the more people who go on a tour, the lower the cost of transportation. In the end, most agencies and hotels work together and all the tourists from the different hotels and agencies end up on the boat together anyway.

Assume about $30 what the transportation will cost per person to bring and pick you up from Maafushi to the resort island. In addition, there is a difference in what you get at the different resorts. At one resort everything is included (food and drinks) and at other resorts this is added on.

A summary of resort entrance fees when we were there in 2019:

  • Anantara Resort to $488
  • Adaaran Club Rannalhi to $70 (all inclusive)
  • Biyadhoo Island Resort à $85 (all inclusive)
  • Fihalhohi Island Resort à $74 (all inclusive)
  • Fun Island Resortt at $61 (lunch includes drinks with lunch)
  • Olhuveli Beach Resort à123 dollars (all inclusive)
  • Holiday Inn Kandooma to $150
  • Rihiveli Beach Resort à $56 (lunch includes drinks with lunch)
  • Adaaran Prestige Vaadhoo at $75 (all inclusive)

We ourselves looked at two things before choosing a day trip to a resort: the price and the pictures that were present of the different resorts. We really wanted to go to a resort with the well-known cottages on stilts, so we chose the Fihalhohi Island Resort.

This resort was about a half-hour boat ride away and after we got the straps to order drinks and a voucher for lunch, we had a very nice day here. Our daughter loved catching crabs on the beautiful beaches and we enjoyed the beautiful view of the beach all day while enjoying a delicious drink.

Maldives with kids family traveling
Maldives with kids family on trip relaxation

Maldives with kids #4 Enjoy the sunset from the island of Maafushi

For about $25, you can book a cruise, where you can admire the setting sun from the water. A lot of money, as you can see the sun setting beautifully from the harbor on the island of Maafushi and it costs absolutely nothing. Watching the sun set is certainly a beautiful sight, so make sure you are ready with your camera by early evening to take beautiful pictures of your kids with a setting sun in the background.

Maafushi Maldives with kids
Maldives with kids family on trip sunset

Maldives with kids #5 Go for a day of fishing on a fast boat

This trip is especially suitable for families with older kids who enjoy fishing. On Maafushi, you can book several fishing tours. For example, you can go fishing at night and they offer tours called Big Game Fishing where you get to hunt really big fish. This involves catching fish weighing more than 50 kilograms, sometimes taking up to an hour for the fish to board the boat.

Night fishing including barbecue is about $30 if you are more than 7 people on a boat and Big Game Fishing is a lot pricier and there you pay around $70 per person if you are more than 7 people.

Maldives with kids
Sunset Maldives with kids

Maldives with kids #6 Dine on the beach by candlelight

The last activity offered on Maafushi are dinners on the beach, where they put you at a table with lots of candles. It depends on what menu you take what the cost is, but count between $30 and $55 per person for dinner. Of course, this is an activity more suitable for families with older children, rather than young kids.

As you can see, you don’t have to be bored in the Maldives with kids. If you want to read our mini travel guide on the Maldives click here.

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Maldives with kids

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